LinuxGameCast Weekly 353: A Dame Good Time

GOG GALAXY 2.0 wishes Linux users peace among worlds! NVIDIA teases something Super, Proton grants DXVK wishes, and PCSX2 Finally gets netplay.

04:20 Positive review bombs
08:47 New Steam Chat mobile app
11:19 Steam Controller rumble support
13:28 Top Steam releases for April
16:42 Proton 4.2-5
18:45 Interstellar Marines
21:16 Streets of Rogue beta 77
22:42 Dead Cells Update 13
24:17 Valve Auto Chess
26:24 Total War: THREE KINGDOMS
28:24 Shameless self promotion
32:24 NVIDIA Super
35:24 DXVK 1.2.1
36:38 PCSX2 Finally gets netplay
39:22 GOG 2.0 will not support Linux
44:44 CHAIRQASITION: Clustertruck
57:52 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Positive review bombs

  • Some interesting ponderings regarding content vs context and how it can affect purchasing patterns
  • The short version is that for now, stuff like wat Ubi was doing in the wake of the Notre Dam fire won’t be counted as review bombs.
    • Although I did find it interesting that it didn’t really affect the score by a significant degree even if they did count the positive reviews as a review bomb
  • I’m sure positive review bombs in general will get this treatment.
  • How long until someone games this?
  • Like positively bombing a certain game which is seen as anyway competing with a second game for which the developers/publishers did something naughty?
  • Will VALVe actually take the time to do something about it?
  • Again, solve all this in one go by allowing reviews of developers / publishers.


Sup stud

  • 3 Apps seems a little much.
  • I genuinely think they would get better adoption if the link, chat and authenticator app all stayed in one download.
  • Even Facebook ditched the dedicated messenger app.
  • Hey, VALVe! You should be looking at what Epic is doing to poach games away from you not competing with Discord/WhatsApp.
    • You mean throwing money at publishers and not improving their platform?
  • Does anyone actually use Steam for chat?
  • I’m not hating but I might have had 7 or so conversations in 5+ years.


Steam beta brings the rumble

  • That only took what, three years?
  • 100% going to surprise someone leading to a Steamy controlla launch.
  • Also fixes DS4/DS3 rumble if you enable Steam Input on them.
  • Also maybe steve overlay doesn’t look like crap on vulkan titles now?


Top 20

  • Some human beings are subject to flattery and protagonism, the same kind of humans which might be looking to Epic to find these things in a less crowded market.
  • That’s a start, VALVe! Minimum effort and something you will easily be able to automate going forward, but it’s a start.
  • Kinda disappointing to see only two linux games in the mix.
    • Gotta rep that 1.3%.



  • Granting DXVK wishes.
  • I get the sense that a lot of these future proton updates are just going to be pulling the latest DXVK
  • Integration of Steam Sockets is interesting.
  • I wonder what the actual effect will be?
  • The Surge now runs at 2560×1440 at around 60 FerPS.
  • @1080p it went from around 60 to around 80, in most places.

Steam: Game Updates

Interstellar Marines

  • Reining Early Access champion.
  • I keep forgetting this game exists.
  • If you have to start an announcement with “rumours of our death” it’s dead.
  • According to steamcharts, the average players in game these days is 2.8.
  • It’s dead jim.


Streets of Rogue beta 77

  • Good time to ask the community to help test new stuff, since it’s in the tinyBuild bundle.


Dead Cells Update 13

  • Dead cells gets some balance updates based on player feedback
  • Basically boils down to some of the enemies were too good in the context where they’re encountered, so they got nerfed as a result
  • Also trying to make aggressive builds more viable

Steam: New Games

Valve Auto Chess

  • You made this, I made this.
  • China gets the standalone non-dota version, the rest of us get the dota-fied one
  • S’not the first time Valve has done something like this.
  • What with Dota proper and Narbacular Drop
  • We did mention that VALVe had bought this, so might as well release it officially and monetise the shit out of it.



  • New skin pack for the eighteen year old graphics engine.
  • I guess if you enjoy this genre and are on Linux, you probably need to create a shrine to Feral in your den.
  • Dat price tho!
  • $71 CAD is way more than I’d think anyone would reasonably pay for an outdated grand strategy game.
    • We both know the people hella into this didn’t even blink at the price.
    • Both of them.


Nvidia super

  • Slightly faster and cheaper Navi competitors.
  • About time they released Quake II RTX.
  • Give me a $100 TU NVENC device.
  • Anyway, I look forward to the new table / mobile.
  • I’m sure it’ll be super uninteresting.
  • That’s usually what happens when you’ve gone this long without competition.
  • Though, a 1650Ti with Turing NVEnc would certainly be welcome.
  • Everyone wants the 1650 Super thanks for asking. I don’t think we’re going to get it. Nvidia’s MO is “charge more for the features you actually want”


DXVK 1.2.1

  • I look forward to the Proton version which includes this version of dxvk, only just so I can finish The Surge.
  • That game takes a serious hit to the FerPS about half-way through.
  • It’s also almost unplayable in UHD as it is.
  • Well, hot damn! We usually get a week or so before Proton updates to include the new stuff.


PCSX2 Finally gets netplay

  • Someone finally got around to it
  • Doesn’t let you do couch multiplayer over a network, but you can at least hit the fan servers from some of the PS2 Online games


New GOG no Linux

  • Ya know what, I’m done buying shite on GOG.
  • That said I’m curious how their “open source” idea pans out.
  • Considering that until a few weeks ago you needed to email a guy for FTP credentials to push your linux binary, I’m not surprised at all
  • Even sadder still, the new galaxy is done in QT.
  • It’s basically just spite now
    • I don’t think it’s spite.
    • Genuinely think it’s ignore until go away.
  • Yup, GOG can rot until the Linux version of Galaxy is out.
  • It’s the most requested feature but FK us, amiright?
  • At the end of the day I’m not mad, nay, mearley disappointed.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Clustertruck
Devel: Landfall
Engine: Unity
Price: £10.99 / US$14.99 / CA$16.99

Wazzat: Clustertruck is a chaotic physics based truckformer. Jump your way through insane levels in a game of “the floor is lava” on top of speeding trucks driven by terrible drivers.


Does It Launch

  • Scream of nope.

Performance @ 1080

  • Hold 60 /w everything on 11 @ 2160.


  • Remember lawnmower mang?


  • Xclone worked OOTB.


Does It Launch

  • Hello unity scream of nope my old friend

Performance @ 1080

  • Runs OK on both the 580 and the 1080TI Holds 60


  • There are trucks, and trees and obstacles. You can see them all


  • I mean, the Dualshock worked, You may want to resort to wasd


Does It Launch

  • Unity screen of nope and pointless folders on my $HOME
  • It even throws in an extra fuck you, being that the folders have fucking nothing in them

Performance @ 1080

  • It holds 60 but, if you enable TSAA and the Ambient Occlusion, the FerPS do drop slightly during level transitions at UHD


  • Something is wrong with that blur filter that TSAA introduces.
  • Not enough to ding it a chair, but there are places on screen where it’s just not applied.


  • I almost want to ding it another chair for that mess of a controls tab on the Screen of Nope

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • It passed the “oh hell, I better get my legs out from under the desk” test.
    • Ya doing something right right there.
    • It’s a run, jump, die RNG borlinening on BS simulator done right.
    • Then the mutators show up!
    • No need for instructions and it even managed to elicit an emotional response.
    • Granted, that emotion was anger but it was the happy fun kind.
    • I was able to get right up to area two before using the controlla was merely extra hard mode that I lacked the skill to overcome.
    • Grabbed the gerbil and ended up in this odd stretched position because I had to keep my knees far away from the desk.
    • I managed to BS another level that way but had to tap out due to the contortion required.
    • Didn’t want to wake up tomorrow with no feeling in my left pinky toe, again.
    • It’s silly fun and since you can get it in this weeks Bundle for $7 we stinky, do it.
    • It’s probably going to be the best game during this month’s find games that leave folders in Pedro’s home directory challenge.
  • Jordan
    • It’s another one of these rage platformers that insists on being in first person and not showing you your feet
    • I’m sure there is some strategy that you can use to squeeze out second and stunts, but I haven’t stumbled on it yet
    • It’s a little enjoyable to run around, jump and slam into things and occasionally make it to the finish line, but after a while it just gets a little too fucky for my taste
    • And unlike something like perineum, I can’t really tell what the hell I’m doing wrong. Everything is wonderfully inconsistent
  • Pedro
    • Is it fun? Yes, it is!
    • This is one of those games that keeps me leaning all the way forward at the edge of my chair.
    • It’s very satisfying to be able to beat a level in the first couple of tries.
    • Unfortunately, like these past weeks, that stupid pointless folder it creates in my home directory is a nasty habbit that needs to fucking die.
    • Three weeks in a row and all three required differently named folders for me.
    • So, once again, another game loses a chair for its technical incompetence.
    • It is fun, though!

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:




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