LinuxGameCast Weekly 354: Alt F-Ford

Quake 2 RTX incoming! Unity Editor for Linux enters preview, D9VK gets a performance boost, and Iron Maiden is suing the makers of ‘Ion Maiden’. Then Vikings – Wolves of Midgard faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

03:31 A week with Valve Index
07:31 Brigador: Killers
10:49 Shroud of the Avatar 66
13:36 Ion Maiden sued
17:40 Vambrace: Cold Soul
21:01 Hand of Gilgamech
23:06 Super Cane magic
25:17 Byte driver
33:58 Quake 2 RTX
36:49 Announcing the Unity Editor for Linux
39:37 Endless Sky
41:30 D9VK 0.12
44:36 Artix
46:22 Blending Neverwinter Nights
50:07 CHAIRQASITION: Vikings – Wolves of Midgard
1:03:37 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

A week with Index

  • You have to really love toasters to lay down $999.
  • Then again, I thought Gen1 was going to be a dud and they couldn’t keep up with demand.
  • If this “review not a review” is to be believed, it is an improvement over the Vive{, Pro} and the knuckles controllers are an improvement
  • Which, as he succinctly put it, is the least you’d expect for a thousand dollar piece of kit
  • I guess $1000 is the minimum you’re dropping for a VR Headset which one “non-reviewer” says is the best.
  • The knuckles do look good, but right hand would pretty much not work with it.

Steam: Game Updates

Brigador: Killers

  • Well, they’re fixing the controls.
  • Which is good, cuz that was one of the big problems we all had with that game
  • The real question here is will we get continued linux support.
  • Lots of sequels like to drop that one.
  • Only took a whole sequel for them to finally admit not everyone was on-board with how it controlled.


Shroud of the Avatar 66

  • They’re putting in quite a bit of effort to attract and retain new players
  • I keep giving this a try and each time it runs like such reckless arse I tap the nope button.
  • Yeah, the performance is still crap!
  • That said, removing the pre-tutorial ethereal island which reeks of Richard Garriott furiously masturbating all over himself is certainly a plus.
  • Also, totally not the KKK…


Ion Maiden sued

  • I fear they drastically overestimate how much 3D Realms has in the bank.
  • Do they really have a case? I don’t think so.
  • Unfortunately that has little to do with winning.
  • If this is Iron Maiden’s last hurrah in some desperate attempt to remind people or introduce themselves to “the kids”, they picked the wrong game.
  • I’m sure 3D Realms is reconsidering the tongue-in-cheek homage of calling their game Ion Maiden, now.
    • Dipshit 80’s “metal” hair-band doesn’t have the same ring.

  • Ah trademark law. It’s almost like patent law, but way fucking dumber

  • Iron Maiden is within their rights and obligations to go after ION maiden, or else they risk losing their trademark, regardless of the fact that this is a colossal waste of time

    • In fact, the Daily Beast article mentions that it’s really the holding company that holds the trademark issuing the suit. I sincerely doubt Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain give a shit

Steam: New Games

Vambrace: Cold Soul: Weeb-est Dungeon

  • It’s Darkest Dungeons with a side of goth… and cat ears.
  • Weeb shit aside, it looks like it definitely could be up my alley. The design DNA is solid
  • It plays very much like Darkest Dungeon but with less of a feeling of completely fucking yourself over whenever you do the thing the game wants you to do.


Hand of Gilgamech

  • At least the other one had cat ears.
  • It’s Slay the Steamworld Spire.
  • I look forward to the sequel: Foot of Enkidroid
  • Seriously though, that looks exactly like slay the spire
  • I guess if you’re invested in the franchise, this might be enough for you


Super Cane magic

  • Aww, thought this was about Thai capital punishment.
    • I thought it was going to be a “different” kind of shooter
  • Once again, another game that doesn’t follow the multiplayer mantra
  • Cutesy Nuclear Throne?
  • And it’s local MP only… Is it locked to 30 FerPS as well?


Byte driver

  • Vector racing.
  • At least it’s not hipster-pixel.
  • Did you feel like Horizon Chase Turbo’s cars looked too substantial?


Quake 2 RTX

  • This was supposed to drop at the end of March.
  • It’s going to be open source and non-RTX cards are welcome to participate in the slideshow.
  • I look forward to the 14 possibly 15 FerPS I will get on the 1080


Announcing the Unity Editor for Linux

  • Oh look, an AppImage.
  • Seems the drive for the editor came from everyone but game developers.
    • Yes, industries that require actual workstations
  • It’s good to see that this is now a real boy product. Or a preview of one
  • No more having to dig in the forums to find the latest one?
  • Targeting Cent and the LTS ‘Buntus is a good call!


Endless Sky

  • Hello scons my old friend
  • It definitely builds and runs
  • However the tiny little asteroids view, fullscreen on a UHD monitor is still not a good time


D9VK 0.12

  • This is 100% gonan turn into a SuperTux vs Supertuxkart for me
  • Farily big release including vsync improvements and a bunch of AMD fixes
  • Fixes hair in Final Fantasy [some roman numeral]
    • Of course, final Fantasy VI: Adrian’s Revenge
  • Hey, the one person at Valve who listens to this show.
  • Get this in Proton.
  • Or DXVK, or, however that has to work out.
  • I look forward to not having a single thread pegged at 100% when playing old DX9 games.
  • Like the first Dark Souls!



  • I am 100% certain that is a red pikachu on that page
  • Comes in a handy dandy appimage. It runs
  • I don’t know what the hell an Artix is, but they seem to primarily make mobile and browser flash games games. This lets your run them under linux I suppose.
  • I’m almost sure I played one of the Adventure Quest games from these guys, back in the early 00’s
  • Though, it could have been any of them since they all look like they were drawn by the same person.


Blending Neverwinter Nights

  • Brought to you by Ubuntu Mate. Wimpy would be proud
  • NWN was one of those games back in the late 90’s early 2000s that shipped the editor tool they used to actually make the game (on windows at least). As such the modding community for it will very likely never die
  • This is a cool set of tutorials about how to make graphical assets that the game can use for your fanmade Dance with Rogues sequels
  • Yeah yeah, there will be fanmade bits but they sure as hell won’t be dance segments.
  • I mean, not without a pole.
  • Found this on the unofficial NWN page on Facebook.
  • Person who used to run one of the servers I played on created that group a long time ago.
  • It’s awesome to see people are still active and doing stuff for the game.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Vikings – Wolves of Midgard
Devel: Games Farm
Engine: Unity
Price: £22.99 / US$29.99 / CA$33.99

Wazzat: Vikings – Wolves of Midgard takes you to the Shores of Midgard, a world based upon the mythology and history of the Vikings, but with a fantasy twist.


Does It Launch

  • Yeah, it launches.

Performance @ 1080

  • About 120 @ UHD on the 2060


  • No glitches and they look alright.
    Well, not $29.99 alright but you get the point.


  • Fails to capture the gerbil cursor.
  • Oh hey, DS4 buttons.


Does It Launch

  • Yeah that multiplayer’s not working brad

Performance @ 1080

  • Holds 160FERPS+ On the 1080TI


  • Pretty decent. Nothing looks overly fucky


  • Oh hey, native DS4 button prompts
  • And it switches on the fly when you change input methods


Does It Launch

  • Oh look, a folder! And it has fuck all in it!
  • Is that why Multiplayer doesn’t work? Cuz it’s tied to Galaxy?

Performance @ 1080

  • During the Frost boss fight the FerPS came down to around 100
  • On the second place you go to bumping the quality Ultra@UHD and the FerPS came down to around 65
  • And I can hear the fans on the 1080 ramp up!


  • You’re not Diablo, let me rotate the goddamn camera!


  • Mouse control feels sticky!
  • It’s like the character has trouble not attacking the whole environment unless you click somewhere half a screen away.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • This game has a nanny bar and for the vast majority of you that’s all you needed to hear.
    • Tap that nope button fam!
    • On top of that the nanny bar gauges how cold your FK MOTHERING VIKING IS!??
    • Get, proper, fucked.
    • Seriously, when was the last time you heard a viking bitching about (of all things) being cold?
    • I could have believed a need to poop bar before norseman is a wee chilly bar.
    • Then again they might not be prover vikings since the voice talent is all over the place.
    • Quit paying attention when the dude from north London showed up.
    • I can overlook all that nonsense in a ARPG if it’s fun.
    • Welp, in single player it comes across as clunky, like, it was 80% finished when shipped.
    • I was hopeful for some online multiplayer shenanigans but apparently that shite simple don’t work.
    • Mix all that in with it being damn near impossible to play with key / gerbil combo due to not locking the cursor AND cursor blindness AND having to decypher DS4 glyphs with my xclone, yeah.
    • I don’t feel like iv’e really played a game here, nay, only tolerated a tech demo of sorts.
    • At 29.99 I Expect Hellblade, not heck stick.
  • Jordan
    • It isn’t a bad little RPG when you’re actually hacking and slashing
    • However, I was concerned when I found out that the third quest has you running around killing Cwangs. Or Svanungs. Whaterver. Can’t be a coincidence
    • Otherwise, it’s pretty bog standard ARPG fare
    • The one big strike against it is that the multiploayer is fucking borked!
    • I spent way too long with Sandy and foxy trying to get this fucker to connect, and it don’t
    • Like Diablo 3, you have to continually go and upgrade your merchants at your base to get them to craft better stuff. And like Diablo 3, your store is basically a slot machine. Which means grinding
    • Literally one of the first quests has you killing wolves. Not for pelts mind you, just out of spite
    • Your “class” gives you perks for using specific weapons, and you can mix and match if you want to vary your playstyle, but it doesn’t seem that worth it
    • The dodge and roll mechanic is a little odd, but other than that the fights are fine. Killing Cwangs aside
    • The lack of functioning online multiplayer is really what kills it though.
  • Pedro
    • Once again, this is a game I wouldn’t at all mind to keep playing if it weren’t for that stupid folder.
    • It’s an even bigger slap in the face, now that we’ve all seen GOG’s continued disregard for Linux.
    • That aside, this game came out to mixed reviews and to this day Mixed is the score on Steam.
    • And that mix is very much how I feel about it.
    • I love hack’n slahsers!
    • I loved Torchlight 1 and 2, and Diablo 1 and 2 before that. Though those were made by the same people, so that probably explains that.
    • I was totally down for a Viking themed Diablo style of thing, but Vikings fails on the simplest things.
    • Progression is tied to leveling up stuff in your village and you’re going to need to grind for most it, since you don’t get enough materials to upgrade anything on any of the missions.
    • Also, the stickiness of the controls I mentioned earlier, it starts to grate after a few minutes.
    • I wouldn’t mind the main character quipping so much about them being the best, if it wasn’t immediately undermined by them saying their hands are turning blue after being away from the fire for 30 seconds.
    • Also… that price!

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:

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