LinuxGameCast Weekly 370: Smash That RAM

France tells Valve to allow digital resales, Kernel 5.3 adds support for Navi GPUs, Proton matches Windows performance in some DirectX games, and teaching your mouse new tricks on Linux.

05:03 Steam beta Library
09:13 Glowing rare achievements
11:02 Proton can match Windows
14:09 Proton 4.11-5
15:53 French court okays digital resales
21:42 Dota 2 Bans
24:18 Dicey Dungeons 1.4
26:02 Natural Selection 2 reties Linux client
29:54 CHOP
31:45 Sin Slayers
33:18 Aeon’s End
36:20 Shameless self promotion \:D/
41:22 Navi 12 and 14
45:00 Kernel 5.3
46:34 ACO RADV compiler
48:23 Pulseaudio 13
51:36 GOTDOT in space
54:06 Blizzard DDos attacker located
56:11 Custom mouse macros
58:11 CHAIRQASITION: Tricky Towers
01:08:48 Hate mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Library update

  • It’s a bit shouty.
  • I like the dynamic groups / filter.
  • The whole experience right now is rather ununified but as a Linux user, bwahahahahaha.
  • Controller config is on the main page, but it still just brings up the mini big picture mode menu. Saves you a right click though
  • Had an issue with Tricky Towers crashing the overlay on beta butmore on that at 11.
  • I don’t hate it.
  • I look forward to them fixing either the GPU acceleration or lowering the CPU spikes when scrolling.
  • When it first dropped, I remember RTheren in Discord saying it got as high as 65% on one core just by scrolling.
  • One thing that the new library does is put all the community stuff in the main page.
  • Mind your scrolling on Skyrim, kids!
  • There’s also a lot of weeaboo shit around AudioSurf
  • And there’s a lot of memes around BABA IS YOU


Glowing rare achievements

  • Gotta give people that pavlovian stimulus
  • Seems like any achievement you get which less than 10% of people have, qualifies for the glowy outline.
  • I have a bunch of them in DiRT Rally and Mad Max, apparently.


Time to switch

  • As dotsujin and co continue to chug along on DXVK, this’ll start becoming more common
  • Not that anyone will actually switch though, but it’s nice to have as a talking point
  • The performance is certainly getting there, but as one of the commenters accurately points out, we also need the DRM/Anti-Cheat crap to work.
  • We’re not dealing with people running Linux, we’re dealing with people willing to install an operating system.


Proton 4.11-5

  • Apparently 4.11-4 had some controller problems
  • Also some performance issues on AMDGPU have been fixed when a controller is plugged in.
  • Playing games in semi-transparent windows…
  • That’s oddly specific of a use case.


Le Steamy resale (RTheren)

  • I guess you could transfer the license but good luck making Valve facilitate it.
  • Valve is going to appeal.
  • With only 66.99 million humans in space France (two Californias) you can’t rule out Valve tapping the nope button on .fr.
  • Another solution, Steam becomes a subscription service in France.
  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  • Of course valve is appealing this
  • But as venn mentioned, the reality of the situation means that something like this may not be possible given the various purchasing and pricing strategies used by games
    • IE ongoing subscriptions
    • Separate user license agreements and terms of service outside of steam
    • DLC?
  • So they want to go to court with the EU to stop people from shopping around
  • They intend to prolong this legal battle with France to avoid reselling (and setting a precedent).
  • Epic is syphoning games away from Steam.
  • The hell are you doing VALVe?

Steam: Game Updates

Dota 2 Bans

  • I do like how they’re being banned until the next Unix Epoch
  • Yeah, when I was first trying to reach the site it was down.
  • Guessing some kiddies got teh angry.
  • It’s doing the whole email / phone / ip track-o-tron for banning.
  • If you’re going to be a habitual dipshit you deserve exactly this.
  • If you have to type in your phone number to queue up for the ladder, you should know to play nice…er


Dicey Dungeons 1.4

  • Steve achievements and balance fixes abound!
  • Also some nice stuff like not punishing you for clicking the wrong thing in the stores
  • More balance optimizations are coming down the pipe soon enough


Natural De Selection 2

  • Use Proton.
  • I have fond memories of crashing to desktop.
  • At least they are honest about the Linux client always being junk, it was.
  • FKR just hangs with Proton.
  • The Linux client is still around but there is exactly 1 server with 24/24 (rest be empty) and it’s private.
  • I only have 2 hours in the game but seriously doubt they will be handing out refunds.
  • That was still there? Really?!

Steam: New Games


  • This has an Oh hi Mark of the ninja vibe to it.
  • The gameplay reminds me of towerfall, but with some unique mechanics for each player
  • Could be fun but it does look a bit… generic.



  • The presented morality system is interesting, tying difficulty to how shitty you are
  • Depending on how fucky they get with the moral choices and how much it dicks you over, it could be interesting.


Aeon’s End

  • A deckbuilding game similar to dominion with some twists
  • You don’t shuffle your graveyard back into your deck, you keep the order that you play stuff, which is kinda interesting
  • What’s questionable is the lack of online multiplayer and the inclusion of local multiplayer.
  • Is it “magic based” because you’re playing as a bunch of mages or is relating to Magic the Gathering?
  • Because after Artifact, I’m a little leery of MTG influences in videogames.


Navi 12 and 14

  • Yerp, that polaris price point is still pretty good
  • ANd it’s still your best bet if you want to go AMD graphics under linux. For now at least. Otherwise you gotta start building stuff from source. Speaking of…
  • Makes sense, I just got my hands on an RX 570 so of course they’re going to release the new stuff pronto!
  • 7nm low end cards could make for some interesting power/performance ratios.


Kernel 5.3

  • The thing everyone is excited for in this release is Navi support.
  • I for one look forward to seeing IP addresses in logs and going “what in the actual fuck?”



  • There are still some other merge requests required for some perfomance, but Valve seems to think it’s good enough for prime time
  • So once all the Navi stuff gets sorted out in the kernel, AMD users are gonna have fun times w/proton
  • Default will remain at LLVM but you can enable it on a per game basis with an environment variable, in Mesa 19.3


Pulseaudio 13.0

  • I was worried when I saw the “Bluetooth card profile choices aren’t persistent any more by default”
  • It’s been years and now that it actually defaults to A2DP you go and cock it up again?
  • But they do give you the option to re-enable that persistency.
  • Solus decided it was as good a time as any and pushed that out.



  • It’s good to see people trying out Godot
  • It’s even better when they actually enjoy what they’re doing
  • I don’t think rust is common for game development, but clearly godot supports it
  • More reason why you should use it!


Blizzard DDos tracked

  • A little satisfaction for those affected
  • Are they still blocking the default linux ttl though?
    • Nope.
  • At least it didn’t take them 6 months to resolve the situation.


L33t gaming mouse hax

  • Have some extra buttons on your gerbil?
  • Put them to use!
  • Yes, you can even do the macro thinggy.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Tricky Towers
Devel: Weird Beard
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.99 / US$14.99 / CA$16.99

Wazzat: With your brilliant robe and magic powers, it’s time to build some Tricky Towers! Stack your bricks in this land of fable, whose marvelous tower will be the most stable? Battle your friends and rise to fame, in this frantic physics game.

Mandatory Disclosure: N/A


Does It Launch

  • /home/venn/.config/unity3d/WeirdBeard/Tricky Towers/prefs
  • UnitySelectMonitor 2
  • I was able to hack around this but only windowed and only in monitor 3.
  • Hahahahah, it borks the overlay and that’s how you do multi.
  • Overlay works in the non-beta client.

Performance @ 1080

  • Seems to hover just over 300 @ 1080,


  • You standard mobile fare.


  • Worked OOTB /w the xclone wireless.


Does It Launch

  • Overlay was a little temperamental in the beta client, but caveat emptor

Performance @ 1080

  • High 2-300s @UHD


  • blocks


  • It does the UCH thing where the first thing you use to input commands is the controller you’re using


Does It Launch

  • It do, but more on that later

Performance @ 1080

  • 300 FerPS at UHD


  • It has issues remembering fullscreen
  • The overlay only seems to work in window mode


  • Dual Shock was out of the box

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Party game plain and simple.
    • This is not something you’re going to sit down and play in forever alone mode for hours on end.
    • If you do, take off the human skin mask, grab a shower, then seek professional help.
    • That said, this is the kind of RNG bulls*it simulator that I can get into.
    • Block fall, you stack, gravity kicks you in the dick, you make feeble attempt to correct resulting in more block falling.
    • Did I miss anything?
    • Well there are a few “game modes” but there are little more than a ruleset swap
    • The getting kicked in the dick mechanic remains a constant.
    • Having online multiplayer is 100% a win and getting everyone into the game was simple enough.
    • Again, party game.
    • Keep this one around on the off chance you feel like socializing.
  • Jordan
    • Like I said on Thursday, so tricky
    • This game does not play by tetris rules and will routinely punish you for drifting into those instincts
    • It’s an okay party game. Get some folks together and it’s actually pretty fun
    • The solo challenges will definitely teach you how to play the game, but it’s just not the same
  • Pedro
    • This is Anti-Tetris!
    • It’s just like tetris in its block shapes and stacking mechanics, but the goal is to get as high as possible without pieces dropping out the side.
    • And they will drop out the side. They’ll drop out the side because physics are a thing.
    • Thankfully, the physics are at least consistent.
    • Doing the same thing will always give you the same result.
    • You can’t bullshit your way to the top… Not repeatedly anyway.
    • It’s fun but it gets a bit infuriating in Forever Alone mode.
    • It’s one of those you pick up and play for like 20 minutes at a time and then put it back down.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:




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