LinuxGameCast Weekly 371: Sandwiches & Screams

Steam builds an Arch! Open Jam 2019 wraps up, Lakka comes to the Raspberry Pi 4, and Linux finally gets a PS4 Remote Play client. Then Niffelheim faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

04:40 Tops Steam releases for August
06:39 Steam client beta update
09:20 Proton 4.11-6
11:15 Steam Arch repo
13:30 Remote Play controller defaults
16:21 Half-Life 2 blinking
18:11 Elon on Mars
19:44 Little Misfortune
21:49 Jenny LeClue
23:02 Depraved
25:07 Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
27:06 Shameless self promotion
35:52 DXVK 1.4
37:42 D9VK 0.21
40:37 PS4 Remote Play client
43:17 Open Game Jam 2019
45:12 Atari VCS update
48:32 OBS Studio 24
51:02 Streamlabs with OBS
53:27 RasPi 4 with Lakka
57:00 DOOM 3 on the RasPi 4
01:00:02 CHAIRQASITION: Niffelheim
01:11:56 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Top releases August

  • Dicey and Ion right off the bat!
  • It’s nice to see Linux represented.
  • Valve’s really trying to stroke some developer dick these days. It’s almost nice to see.
  • Yeah, not a fan of plugging Ion fury these days, but it is nice to see three linux titles on the list.
  • I am curious about Remnant: From The Ashes, but that’s just the Dark Souls fan in me talking.


Beta update

  • That last beta update caused me to roll back to stable.
  • Having to cheese the library menu got old with a quickness.
  • 40% CPU is not an issue, seriously, look at Chrome.
  • I kept the beta, it’s still about as janky as it was when the library beta started.
  • Latest update addresses the overlay corruption for Vulkan.
  • It’s still 2 janky 4 me.


Itty bitty proton update

  • Inconsistent reports of GTAV working again
    • The Lutris script has been updated to make it work.



  • At the moment it has the ACO mesa and fsync kernel forks
  • Spool up the rampant speculation drive fam! We’re gonna hit plaid!
  • Probably testing their new kernel hotness.
    • Makes sense since the rest of the ARCH! packages are also pretty much up-to-date.
  • They’re clearly not interested in the dedicated SteamOS experience, so it makes sense to use those repos for testing things.


Defaults for Remote Play

  • Default touch configs for 100 of the most common Remote Play games.
  • Added store hubs for phone, tablet, and TV, in addition to a Library filter so that it’s easy to find the best games while on those devices.
  • More developers adding Steam Input to their game, and allowing those games to be played anywhere you could possibly stream to, is awesome
  • Now we just need more to consider releasing on Linux, as well.

Steam: Game Updates

Half Blinking

  • To be fair, this is mostly for the sake of the VR experience.
  • But yes, the half-life 2 series gets updated to add a blink animation to NPC’s.

Steam: New Games


  • Priced to sell!
  • And I think it’s gonna be a long long time.
  • 3D shmup with some questionable looks


Little Misfortune

  • Heavily narrative focused games don’t usually play too well to this crowd
  • This one has you walking around and making some binary choices here and there.
  • But like the next one, Little Miss Little MIss Little misfortune puts a lot of weight on the presentation


Jenny LeClue – Detectivu

  • I have to fight very hard to not say this game’s name in a terrible japanese accent
  • This reminds me a bit of Oxenfree, with a lot stronger visual style
  • One of the reviews even calls that out
  • A lot of the complaints seem to be regarding the lackluster gameplay and repetitive puzzles not meshing well with the strong art design and writing
  • MIght be worth a look if you’re into narrative focused games.



  • Sim western could be interesting if it’s accurate.
  • It seems to have started out alright, but then the reviews turned a bit sour.
  • Apparently it devolves into waiting out the clock to get more people and money real fast.


Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

  • Listing 14.10 as a minimum requirement is a new one
  • Might and magic style combat with CoC sanity mechanics? Colour me intrigued.


Mesa 19.2

  • The trivial yet urgent PCI ids have been added to this release
  • ACO’s gotta wait until Mesa 19.3 maybe? Probably good to give them time to merge in the rest of the performance patches
  • And Proton fixes!
  • There’s at least initial support for the Navi 14 cards.
  • Might be able to get some sort of performance with 19.2 and the 5.3 kernel.


Dixx Vixx

  • Upgraded the API level to the latest DX11 available
    • A few optional features haven’t been implemented though
  • More Dark Souls/Sekiro fixes
  • GTA V is going to also take a wine patch, from the look of things.


D9VK 0.21

  • GTA IV gets some fixes.


PS4 Remote Play client

  • All in a simple AppImage, yes please!
  • Don’t have a PS4 to try, but this is very nice to see.
  • Apparently you can only get 1080P on the PS4 Pro. If it’s a good 1080 or not remains to be seen
  • +1 For appimages.


Open Jam 2019 (anertia)

  • It’s that time of year again folks!
  • By the time you’re listening to this, the contest is already underway and potentially already closed for submissions
  • I do like that link they provide with a list of all the open sauce gamedev tools.


VCS update

  • Man, I know we have taken some static for calling this what it is (a sham) but yeah, WYFSMN?
  • Just because something runs the Linux does not give it a free pass.
  • It’s not looking good for these folks.
  • Ironically, we were harsher on the smach but at least they produced something
    • To be fair, the Smach called it the SteamBoy
  • And I guess since the smach at least has a functional prototype floating about, it’s only fitting that a new whipping boy, pun intended, was introduced.


OBS 24

  • I’m running a fresh build of 24 as we speak.
  • The dynamic bitrate could be useful for those of you with unreliable internet connections.
  • And no, I’m not talking about WiFi, seriously, quite trying to stream on WiFi.
  • One thing I noticed is that Rocket League no longer requires the red/blue swap + alpha-less texture Mesa workaround.
  • Decklink output still works as expected but still uses more CPU/GPU vs. Fullscreen preview.
  • This has always struck me as, odd.
  • OBS Websockets and Linux browser still function as expected.
  • And if you keep track of the blog you will notice that Vulkan capture is coming soon.


OBS Twitch integration

  • Thing, I did a thing.


Lakka Raspberry Pi 4

  • Stable RockPro64 support
  • Vulkan only image for NVidia powered systems.


Pi Doom (eMpTy)

  • And here it is, a $99 computer running DOOM 3 about as well as my gaming rig back in the day.
  • I really am curious if any mesa or engine optimizations will enable some additional performance to get squeezed out of the Pi4.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Niffelheim
Devel: Ellada Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £14.99 / US$19.99 / CA$19.99

Wazzat: Your avatar is a brave warrior who has fallen in battle. But instead of finding well-deserved peace in Asgard, his soul is trapped in the harsh world of Niffelheim. Survive in this hostile world, ransack the neighboring lands, explore dangerous dungeons and find your way to Valhalla


Does It Launch

  • No issues on this end.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 2160 but it has the little sutters. Same with 1080.


  • No glitching to report.


  • Worked OOTB with Xclone and everything was mapped logically.


Does It Launch

  • Indeedily Doodily

Performance @ 1080

  • Holds 60@UHD
  • Holds about 250 @1080


  • They’re hand drawn
  • The characters and animations look a little chonky though


  • DS4 worked out of the box. No dualshock prompts though


Does It Launch

  • It do.

Performance @ 1080

  • It says it’s holding 60 at 2160, but the frame time is all over the place.
  • There’s a lot of jitter!


  • The animations look alright.
  • A bit stilted and a bit string puppetry especially for combat, but they do the jerb.


  • I have to ding it a chair for controls
  • While you can rebind keys, the game forgets those rebinds when you restart
  • There are at least 4 different buttons you can use to interact with things and one of them is Up.
  • The game uses the analog stick to move the selection cursor in the menus
  • To say the controls feel floaty would be a gross understatement.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Crafting? You put crafting in my Viking simulator?
    • Vikings only crafted one thing, PAIN!
    • Then there’s this motherfu*ker that I’m playing as.
    • He spends his day bouncing around cutting wood, picking carrots and pumping kin.
    • Then he gets killed to death by a fk mothering wolf.
    • Right after he finished boring some skeletons to death by rubbing a pointy stick on them.
    • Did I mention this game has crafting already? Fk crafting.
    • I tried people, I really did.
    • 55 minutes of picking shit, cooking (I kid you not there is an actual kitchen in the forsaken game) and inventory management.
    • I traveled to a city at some point, something about a dragon.
    • I tapped that nope button fam when I finally skull fkd a wolf with just enough health to hobble back to my throne at the speed of smell.
    • Seriously, it took like 3 FSM damned minutes.
    • And not one single thing I just mention is the biggest crime this game has committed, nay.
    • That honour falls to not giving me the slightest bit of reason to do any of that nonsense.
    • It’s all BLOOP! Have fun scavenging fk-o!
    • If you’re looking for a WTF am I supposed to be doing simulator then fair enough, Stifflemime can deliver that in spades.
    • Hell, you can even bring a friend along to suffer in stereo.
    • This is effectively 2D Minecraft minus the plot.
    • Also, the combat sucks aardvark toes.
    • Almost forgot, everything you use has a health bar.
  • Jordan
    • It’s a little…how you say…Boring?
    • It does a similar thing to games like starbound, terreria or don’t starve
    • Wander around, gather stuff, try to not lose all your hunger and health
    • That’s it. While those games give you other stuff to do, like platforming or whatnot, here it’s just kinda mindless
    • You can basically hold one of the fucking three action buttons and do the thign until you need to turn around
    • On that point, what is the reasoning behind pressing B to pick up enemy drops but using A to pick up everything else? It’s a pointless distinction
    • The combat is hilariously bad too. You hold down the attack button and you swing away. Except it’ll hit the closest enemy to you, which could be a rat and not the axe wielding skeleton trying to carve chunks off your ass, providing them ample opportunity to DO JUST THAT
    • After a while you get a warning that the horde is coming. I didn’t feel like waiting 10 minutes to find out what that actually means
    • There is online multiplayer, but I don’t think that’ll save this game. At least don’t starve together gives you robots and were-beaver-moose-lumberjacks.
  • Pedro
    • It’s Don’t Starve, but with a side view and vikings.
    • Everything feels like a chore and, of course, your character starts to complain that they’re hungry 30 minutes in.
    • There is something to be said about pacing.
    • Pacing can make or break the atmosphere of a game.
    • And while vikings did live up north, to describe the pacing in Niffelheim as glacial would be damning with fine praise.
    • And fine praise it doesn’t deserve.
    • It’s boring!
    • It feels like it’s wasting my time and that is one of the most egregious things a videogame can do.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:

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