LinuxGameCast Weekly 381: Hot Snowflake

Black Mesa releases a complete beta! Quake maps invade GODOT, playing Halo on Linux, and NVIDIA has an open-source announcement. Then Eight Dragons faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

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  • Carl (latest patreon)



04:50 Steam client beta update
07:16 GamerOS 10
09:36 ProtonGE updater
11:36 Proton DB report filters
14:02 Black Mesa Complete Beta
16:38 Geneshift 1.23
18:11 Devil May Cry 5 Proton hacks
20:00 Halo Master Chief on Linux
23:18 Gravity Ace
25:29 Shameless self promotion
28:25 7nm NVIDIA
32:14 NVIDIA open-source
37:57 Game controllers over SSH
40:02 Quake levels in GODOT
42:07 NvFBC
45:50 YUZU Vulkan support
50:10 AMD open-source NUC’s
54:36 CHAIRQASITION: Eight Dragons
01:26:01 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Beta update

  • Some more work on Steam containerization

  • Firing up remote play also automatically starts a steam voice session for people who haven’t invented jitsi or discord yet

  • Game volume and fullscreen/windowed preferences are remembered across sessions for the client.

    • My ears thank you. Mawp

    • >:(

    • Somebody watched the DR2C supercut.

  • That’s a chonky beta update.

  • Usually the betas tend to be a bit smaller and a bunch of them combine into a big stable release.

  • This one’s huge!


GamerOS 10

  • GamerOS is still frand to the chilluns

  • Bumps to the kernel, mesa and nvidia drivers

  • They also added a webUI for adding non-steam games to BPM sessions

  • Ah, yes. Arch, not Arch!

  • One good thing they have is the Steam Compositor Plus fork.

  • I’ve been running that on El Cheapo for a bit and it basically fixes the issues with Feral’s Screen of Nope and Dead Cells launching behind BPM.


Eggroll updater

  • Script to pull down the latest ProtonGE or patch your current installed version to the latest

  • Supposedly, this one is faster than the original script.


Proton reporter

  • Handy dandy tool to figure out what to snag when it goes on sale

  • Filter your games based on your distro, required level of effort and hardware

  • Some more options are coming down the pipe

Steam: Game Updates

Black Mesa Complete Beta

  • Heeeeey, damn thing launches!

  • Getting about 60/100 @ 2160p on YOLO.

  • Frame pacing is a bit shite.

  • The game balance still isn’t done, but hey, that’s what open playtests are for


Geneshift new angles

  • Got as far as the title screen running @ 38.

  • This was after it opened in the middle of two monitors.


Devil May Cry 5 Proton Install

  • Quick and painless install in, well, six steps… but they are really easy steps.

  • Game runs like a BOSS after you get things sorted.

  • Media Foundation workaround is required unless you want a spite-nope to Desktop.

Steam: New Games

Proton HALO

  • Hacky bullshit enables Halo MCC to run via proton

  • Dude found a way to make it work but is still insistent that this should be implemented properly

  • The big problem for actually playing the game seems to be Easy Anti Cheat, which Microsoft in their infinite wisdom thought was a good idea.


Retro Booster HD

  • I mean, it kinda looks like Retro Booster with a HD texture pack.

  • Terry gon’ sue somebody

  • I like the pixel art style though. Reminds me a bit of into the breach

  • Hey, a level editor.


7nm surprise

  • Spin that wheel of booga booga

  • I mean, we know it’s coming.

  • The Intel joint is going to be 7nm.

  • Thing is, the 12nm Turing is crushing everything ATM so don’t expect that shrink until they have to.


Open source NVIDIA?

  • I’m more curious as to what AMD fan humans will substitute for closed-source drivers?

  • Because NVIDIA cards are faster, and about 9000% easier to get working.

  • Also, NVENC :P.

  • AMD have everything they need to kick NVidia’s butt when it comes to open sauce graphics.

  • All they need to do, is actually release the sauce in those Kernel blobs and let people have at.

  • Pretty sure the fine folks at Mesa (and Intel) would be all over that very quickly.

  • Still, this isn’t the first time NVidia have released the sauce to some bits.

  • They released the Maxwell header files when they needed it for Android.

  • Wouldn’t surprise me if this was just that but for Turing and the ray-tracing bits.


Controllers over SSH

  • Roll your own remote play, if you don’t feel like using the workaround we covered a few weeks ago to play your non-steam local MP games with your frenz

    • You’ll still need something to handle the display, but poke around in our youtube channel fam. We got you covered

  • Could be interesting for setting up a TV box and playing it without having to worry about plugging a controller to it.


Quake maps in GODOT

  • More like Q’apla

  • Use godot to import quake maps

  • It’s relatively easy to create maps using darkplaces tooling, so this is sort of a bridge technology for developers who want to dabble in level design or vice-versa

  • Since we’ve been covering the progress of the Daggerfall reimplementation in Unity, I’d be up to play a Quake (1/2) reimplementation in Godot.


Nvidia hacks

  • The theory here is to gain a few percentage points in performance over xcomposite.

  • NvFB is something

  • Download the nvidia-patch, patch, build NvFB, and have at.

  • Did not load with OBS 24, had to build from head.

  • It loaded but froze when I tried to select a screen to capture.

  • Is this as close to ShadowPlay as we can get on Linux?

    • Yip, Steam Remote Play takes advantage of it.

  • The reason most you might not what the hell this is ryhmes with Quadro.


Yuzu Vulkan

  • So the emulator for a console featuring primarily vulkan (nvk, whatever) based apps was….done in openGL?

    • Apparently, the reality is a lot more complicated than that

  • Apparently the main drive for vulkan support came from the fact that AMD OpenGL on windows is garbage, so you needed to have an NVIDIA gpu if you even wanted to take a crack at this on windows

  • I’m glad they’re using Vulkan but if the SPIR-V bits are key, wouldn’t OpenGL 4.6 have been the next logical step?

  • Again, super stoked for the Vulkan bits. All emulators should be using Vulkan, especially the ones playing 3D games.

  • But I am curious!


The Smach Box?

  • Open “source?” mini boxes running the R1000 Embedded Ryzen CPUs.

  • Seems to be industrial NUC-type systems for now

  • But I know a lot of Linux using people who would be absolutely thrilled to have one or multiple SKUs available in the general consumer market.

  • Tiny, hot, expensive… I’ve dated that.

  • Open source is such a misnomer here, unless AMD just released the zen2 schematics.

    • MIght as well, not like anyone can fabricate them these days

  • Pricing is about on par with what intel is charging, so now it’s basically just a team sport

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Eight Dragons
Devel: Extend Mode
Engine: Unity
Price: £9.99 / US$11.99 / CA$13.49

Wazzat: Can you and up to seven of your friends defeat the criminal gangs of the city and stop MR BIG? Prove your skills in EIGHT DRAGONS, an old-school scrolling beat-’em-up straight outta the eighties!

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • Runs fine.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 gonna 60.


  • No glitches.

  • Can’t get it into a working windowed mode.


  • Xclone, Steamy, and Drual Shock.


Does It Launch

  • yes

Performance @ 1080

  • Pixel performance power


  • On a 28 inch UHD display, you can see the pixels making up the fake pixels. It’s a little surreal

  • Retro filter goes off


  • Pushing buttons does things sometimes

  • Playing this, I’m reminded of playing final fight on an amiga emulator. But it’s 2019


Does It Launch

  • It do

Performance @ 1080

  • 144FerPS at 1440p


  • Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster they give you a chance to disable that filter.

  • I genuinely thought the game was running at 640×480


  • DualShock4 worked just fine out of the box.

  • Having Cross be attack and Square be jump out of the box did a number on my brain.

  • But you can remap everything so It’s all good

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:

    • Double Dragon this is not.

    • Not by a far, damn, sight.

    • I played the hell out of that game in the arcade growing up and could reliably solo my way through it for under £5.

    • This is closer to Target:Renegade, on a budget.

    • With the added benefit of an impossible single player campaign.

    • The game is listed as single player but unless I’m missing something I don’t believe for a minute it can be finished in that mode.

    • As for the gameplay (in single player) mob management is useless since the baddies mirror and smash.

    • You can punch and drop the kicks when you’re not busy getting killed to death.

    • Control wise things are a bit of alright.

    • I didn’t have any issues navigating my way into enemies fists.

    • Graphically it’s a mixture of legitimate pixel-art mixed with a helping of tap that pixel button in Photoshoop, fam.

    • It’s not exactly what I would call cohesive.

    • And if we’re being honest, the smear, er, “retro” filter does little to cover that up.

    • Beep-boop soundtrack is okay if you are into that.

    • At the end of the day it’s priced well enough for a party game.

    • As for single player, I struggled to put 45min into it.

  • Jordan

    • So yeah, playing final fight on an amiga emulator isn’t fun for me

    • I didn’t really grow up playing those sorts of beat’em ups, so I don’t have a lot of nostalgia for the ones with a jump and punch.

    • I usually just get up and get knocked down immediately after wakeup

    • Turning the game to it’s “fastest” setting, helps a little, but not much

    • Maybe having a bunch of people playing at the same time helps it out

    • I’m actually curious to see how steam remote play handles 4-8 people

    • But in forever alone mode, I just don’t find it that fun

  • Pedro

    • As big of a fan as I am of Yahtzee Croshaw, there is one thing I don’t agree with him on.

    • In his opinion, a game needs to be able to stand on its own single player campaign.

    • And while I do hate people and can see the point he’s making, I don’t agree!

    • I absolutely see the point of having a game which its sole focus is the multiplayer experience.

    • In the not too distant past, I would have given Eight Dragons a poor score for being a local only multiplayer game.

    • But with Steam’s Remote Play Together, I can absolutely give this game a tentative check it out.

    • The focus is very much on having a bunch of people in meatspace or on voice and allowing the mayhem to unfold.

    • It’s hard, especially playing in forever alone mode, but not obtuse.

    • I did very much enjoy the background music, as well.

    • This is definitely a game which deserves a multiplayer stream, or three, at some point.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:




FUC 3.0


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