LinuxGameCast Weekly 382: Esteban Trabajos

Steamy fall recaps! Insurgency depenguins Sandstorm,  D9VK goes full-metal dragonborn, and Minecraft gets… BEES! Then Shovel Knight: King of Cards faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

Special thanks to:
Carl for the T-Pins & Sneks from out Wishzone



03:59 Steam fall recap
06:03 Proton Fallout 4 fixes
08:08 Insurgency cancels Sandstorm for Linux
10:18 Free game: Draw Slasher
11:15 Gun Godz empty depot
12:23 Shovel Knight: King of Cards
13:36 Mosaic
15:30 Shameless self promotion
19:45 Vulkan drivers
21:29 Mesa Navi support
24:36 D9VK & Skyrim MODs
26:04 DXVK on hiatus
30:45 Feral Interactive Vulkan lead leaves
32:19 Buzzy Bees in Minecraft Java
34:55 Hive Time
36:34 PSX Retropie
39:46 CHAIRQASITION: Shovel Knight: King of Cards
52:46 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steamworks fall recap

  • Another busy quarter for Valve
  • The two relevant things here are the new library (which I’ve adapted to at least) and remote play together
  • There’s also some crap involving trading cards and achievements that I’m pretty sure nobody here cares about
  • Don’t forget to spend your money on the winter sale fuckos
  • The library update was rough.
  • It’s fine now but there were a few weeks of pain.
  • Localized trading cards? Was that really necessary?


Proton 4.11-10

  • It does indeed fix Fallout 4’s mouse issue.
  • I got real hopeful when they lead with Halo bit, but no! EAC is still a pisser.
    • It’s really all we can hope for at this point
  • The next update should probably include a five figure cheque for someone, but we’ll get to that

Steam: Game Updates

RIP Insurgency

  • Gotta focus on that console port.
  • Things that ded
    • Story mode/Campaign
    • Mac Support
    • Linux Support
    • Local Play on PvP modes
    • Weapons on Back
    • New foregrip upgrade options
  • Linux was caught up in the belt tightening.


Free slasher

  • 100% off so go yoink it before the 20’th.
  • It’s a mobile game. Fruit ninja with less fruits and more zambos

Steam: New Games

Free 0 Byte

  • Bout the quality I would expect from such a title.
  • I saw free to play and Vlambeer and though it might be nice.
  • Nope, 0 byte download on the Linux depot.
  • With Proton it launches and immediately freezes.


Card Knight

  • Prequel that you get for free if you already bought the Treasure Trove
  • Comes with a pazzak style card game that you play with cards you find during the campaign
  • Big thanks to the devs for sending us keys.



  • Coming out to some very mixed reviews.
  • Another artsy point and click adventure game. I do like the cubist aesthetic though


.Run forrest! .Run

  • Faster driver load time and some plugged memory leaks
  • Oh neat, they build against 5.3.
  • Faster Vulkan is always a plus in my book.
  • This seems to have fixed an issue with HEVC export in Davinci.
  • It does hang a little when exiting a Vulkan title.



  • RADV_PERFTEST=aco turns that on. Probably worth it to just set it globally
  • ACO, openGL 4.6, and proper Navi support.
  • If you’ve been waiting to get your 5700XT to rock some Linux, Kernel 5.3 and Mesa 19.3 are here.



  • 4+ gigs for 32-bit apps!


DXVK issues

  • Ah, we’re at that point of the development cycle.
  • Burnout is very real.
  • I think it’s remarkable that we even got to this point
  • It also doesn’t help that games aren’t the best programmed pieces of software.
  • DXVK could perfectly implement DirectX, but stuff would still not work because of hacky gamedev bullshit
  • For everyone offering their expert diagnosis, chill.
  • For all we know dude was having a shite day and needed to blow of some Steam.
  • DXVK going into maintenance mode instead of FK IT, IM OUT! Mode is a good thing.
  • That breakneck pace was going to hit a wall at some point regardless.
  • Much like what was already said, take a couple of weeks off.
  • I don’t think anyone will blame you for it.


Feral Vulkan lead nopes

  • This is news in two different ways.
    • 1. Feral lost their lead Vulkan human :( .
    • 2. We know what the PS5 is running now.
  • Well, if you’re an aspiring graphics developer looking for a challenge and are based in the UK, there may or may not be a position available for you


Minecraft 1.15

  • Apparently someone on team minecraft felt like brushing up on their Java skills
  • Some and portable features have been backported
  • Also BEES
  • All the mods and the actually interesting multiplayer is all done with the Java version so, might as well


Hive Time 1.0

  • Sim Oprah has a release!
  • It’s pay what you want
  • Always nice to see GOTDOT being used.


Retro Pi

  • That’s pretty good!
  • I like the touch of the fan adding some noise to replicate the original disk spinning sound and provide some cooling for the Pi.
  • The fan addition was a nice touch

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Shovel Knight: King of Cards
Devel: Yacht Club Games
Engine: Custom (C++)
Price: £7.99 / US$9.99 / CA$12.99

Wazzat: Step into the gilded boots of King Knight in the biggest and most regal Shovel Knight game of them all! Leap, Shoulder Bash, gather new subjects, and strategize your way through this prequel in your quest to become King of Cards!

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • The yacht does indeed rock.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 2160.


  • Them pixels hipstered just dandy.


  • Xcone, PS4, and Steamy.
  • PS4 even had the correct prompts.


Does It Launch

  • Yes

Performance @ 1080

  • Pixels


  • So many pixels


  • With steam input, without steam input, it doesn’t seem to like my dualshock. Had to dig out my old xbox controller


Does It Launch

  • It do

Performance @ 1080

  • 62-63 FerPS with “Vsync” on
  • Clearly it’s not setting the framerate to the monitor refresh
  • So that’s lies!


  • Juggernaut!


  • DualShock4 worked out of the box.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Jaysus this fkr is nintindhard.
    • The time between learning to press up to chat and having to do it is a bit much but it’s something you can figure out.
    • So what do we have here?
    • A hipster-pixel platformer done right, that’s what you have.
    • And by right I mean Mega Rock Man NES style.
    • This revision does away with the shovel and replaces it with a dash-spin.
    • Seems simple at first but the Mario inspired spin-jumps that follow add new dimensions of DAMNIT!
    • Damnit, a word I found myself saying aloud more often during my first hours vs any other game of 2019.
    • However, it kept me coming back.
    • Then I ran into the card game!!??
    • Well, they kinda gave it away in the title of the game but I was waiting for that part to kick it.
    • To the games credit it starts with wicked-hard platforming so you know what’s up from the start.
    • It’s not until a few levels in that you have to deal with the card nonsense.
    • Spoilers, I’m not a fan of RNG bullshit.
    • That said, the game did a proper job of explaining how to card correctly and on the surface it’s simple enough for me to figure out.
    • It’s all about capturing jewels, hot, steamy, jewels.
    • But at the end of the day it’s still a card game so MEH!
    • Shortly after the first match it was back to hella pain platforming so it would appear you can pay the card games lip service.
    • Don’t quote me on that since I’m well aware deck building mechanics exists along with power ups that allow you to cock with your opponents deck.
    • I like it, it’s more Shovel Knight and hey $10.
  • Jordan
    • Wee! More precision platforming
    • Like racing games, it’s a genre I can respect, even if I don’t particularly enjoy it
    • And yacht club games continues to make good quality ones with level design reminiscent of old NES and SNES games, but with a lot more modern convention and polish
    • The platforming now has a dash and spin mechanic, where you can dash into some stuff (mostly enemies and certan terrain) and then start spinning like a pretty gold ballerina
    • There’s something to be said for restrictive modes of gameplay forcing the player to adhere to a specific set of constraints. You can squeeze a lot of compelling gameplay out of those restraints
    • As for the card game, that’s a big meh out of me
    • Place cards so you can push them later. Gotta beat all the scmucks to move on. I don’t care enough about card games
  • Pedro
    • I wasn’t a big fan of Shovel Knight.
    • It represented a glorification of nostalgia for old, hard platformers and didn’t really do anything different enough that made me enjoy it.
    • King of Cards, I would say does do a couple of things differently and introduces the whole “card” sliding game.
    • As someone who very much enjoyed Triple Triad and Pazaak, I can absolutely see the appeal of Joustus.
    • And as tired as I am of pixel platformers, limiting the character to only being able to attack with the shoulder bash and the subsequent spin I feel actually helps.
    • Now it’s not just an action platformer, it’s a puzzle platformer.
    • And my brain appreciated the extra required bit of thought about how to get to the next platform.
    • So while I didn’t enjoy Shovel Knight, I do very much enjoy King of Cards.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:




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