Linux GameCast Weekly 389: Honkaine Voltron

Solus 4.1 brings the ESync! Ballistic Overkill calls it quits, Descent 3 gets revamped for modern Linux distributions, and a handy guide for Linux gaming in 2020. Then The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

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06:07 Proton-5.0-GE-1
08:04 Black Mesa 1.0 preview
10:14 Ballistic Overkill shuts down
12:30 Little Racers STREET FNA
14:36 Dead Cells: Bad Seed
16:46 Nubarron
18:16 Demonheart: Hunters
20:56 Shameless self promotion
27:36 DXVK 1.5.3
29:56 Solus 4.1
32:36 GODOT 3.2
34:46 Descent 3 overhaul
37:26 Plants vs clones
39:34 Parallel N64
42:26 Linux gaming 2020
48:48 CHAIRQASITION: The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters
01:00:50 Hate mail

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • New version of WIne means some new eggy goodness for your face
  • -fixed issue with the MK11/skyrim skyui patch trying to allocate 119t virtual memory
    • And this is why you have more than 8GB in your system
  • New Glorious Proton, based on WINE 5.0
  • GE has fixed the issues with building Proton against the Staging patchset.
  • News versions of DXVK and FAudio.
  • For Honor and STEEP now launch and can be played in single player.
  • No magic EAC bullet yet.
  • Still no GD Batman.

Steam: Game Updates

1.0 Beta preview

  • The biggest change we have made is a complete overhaul of the HECU AI.
  • The AI was already more than capable of killing your face off.
  • Now they can get to work on the Black Mesa: Definitive Edition.
  • They’ve also enprettied (no red squiggly, I’ll take it!) the Earth levels with the chops they developed in the Xen levels.
  • With how many years those levels took, them’s better be some good chops!


Official Ballistics Killed

  • RIP ballistic overkill. You were a mediocre team shooter in a sea of mediocre team shooters. But at least you ran good
  • Private servers still work though, and the ranking system is now tied to your in game level
  • Ah, private servers… must be nice.
  • It’s sad to see it go, but it was very uninspired.


Little Racers STREET FNA

  • It works.
  • The original was done on the precursor of FNA, which was a hacked up version of monogame that integrated SDL2.


Dead Seed

  • New areas for the early game
  • More items
  • More stuff in general coming on Feb 11th.
  • This one will be paid.

Steam: New Games


  • Angry gnome yells at cloud: the game
  • Animals and creatures can be killed with player-controlled lightning
  • The painted art style looks really good


Demonheart: Hunters

  • A Torment style RPG that takes place in the demonhearts canon
    • Seems to lean into the Bioware-esque dating sim stuff they did in KoTOR and Mass effect
  • What is demonhearts? Well, apparently it was an interactive VN released a couple


DXVK 1.5.3

  • More polish and fixing being done on the DX9 side of things, including a pretty significant regression from 1.5.2
    • Potentially critical, the best kind of critical.
  • Torchlight, ye olde Skyrime and Mafia 2 have fixes
  • DirectX 10 games will now report as such in the HUD


Solus 4.1 Fortitude

  • Look at the, ESync support.
  • Increasing the noop file limit to 655k is a very good idea!
  • I mentioned this on Wednesday, but literally anything is better than the hard cap that was there before.



  • 3.2 looks to be a chonkier boy then the devs expected
  • They’re also putting the freeze on Renderer improvements to narrow their focus on the 4.0 vulkan effort
    • The lead dev is also focused on the Vulkan branch, which has been split from main.
  • They’re using a bunch of mozilla grant money to imlement a bunch of networking features, Web RTC and create a web based version of the godot editor, which’ll be good for collaborative efforts
  • Also they added git integration


Going Down on Butts

  • Ryan got to redo his port of Descent 3
  • It’s got some cool new features like being able to run natively at resolutions higher than 640×480 and Open codec cutscenes. Also SDL2
  • I do kinda want to see him finish that Deus Ex port, bu that’s in the hands of Squenix
  • Windows 10 users going to be hangry.

Plants vs Clones

  • Wuh oh, done in Java. That’s a no-no here
  • Dude should make one for Rocket Cars.
  • It’s a straight up clone, not a re-implementation
  • Done by a dude for a programming class in University
  • Not sure he has the rights to those assets tho. Pop Cap might pop a cap in his ass. With lawyers anyways
  • Yeah, that’s great as a university thing but making it public like that might not be ideal!
  • That said, I did clone the git.
  • Just in case…


Parallel RSP

  • They’ve had a pretty big performance improvment on Parallel 64 with the Parallel RSP /Angrylion Plus RDP wombo combo. It also results in a lot better low level accuracy in terms of emulation
  • It does bug me a little that of all the benchmarks shown, the only linux one had the lowest numbers, and that was because it was the only one running on a laptop. It’s a wee dishonest guys
  • No mention in the article if Superman 64 works.


Rate the guide: Round 2

  • BTW he recommends Arch.
  • XFCE looks and feels more like Windows”
    • Hahahaha, no.
    • XFCE looks and feels like CDE, from 1993.
    • I mean, with the whisker menu it kinda does, in a very rudimentary way. Much like most desktops from that era.
      • Mind you, with a few clicsk XFCE will look and feel like whatever the hell you want it to
  • Wait, my 5700XT will run OOTB?
    • For distros that refresh their install media, probably
    • For Everyone else (fedora, ubuntu, etc), you’re basically waiting until the april/may release of their new version
  • Between Pop and Manjaro, I’d recommend Pop.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Coma 2: Vicious Sister
Devel: Devespresso Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.99 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is a Korean survival horror-adventure. Venture from your deserted school to survive the horrors of the night.

Mandatory Disclosure: Headup (publisher) sent us keys.



  • It’s been a minute since I have dealt with spray-and-pray controller mappings.
  • Outside of that everything works and you best hope they do since there’s not much in the way of options.


  • The most horrifying thing about this game is playing as a teenage girl in highschool.
  • Devespresso Games did a solid job sticking this horror simulator together.
  • It has all the bits and for the most part they’re in the correct order.
  • It’s full-metal duck, and cover, all the while slogging back all the high quality h2O you can scavenge.
  • And if I’m being honest watching Korean school kids converse in American lingo that’s a decade out of date unironally was hilarious.
  • Don’t know if that was intentional, but I still enjoyed it.
  • Sound design is alright… right until you get stabbed.
  • What the hell is that noise supposed to be?
  • But hey, you get a nokia mobile to chat on.
  • For some bizarre reason it can’t be used as a weapon?
  • That’s about it, lasted almost an hour before getting deaded and was proper fatigued from typing.
  • I could have seriously put some additional time into this critter if it was a lean-back experience but that would require controller support.
  • And my recommendation would be to wait until that shows up.
  • Verdict: Needs Dee Snider cosmetic DLC.



  • It launches, and it gives you a tiny bit of false hope, because the analog sticks move the menu items
  • And then nothing works as a select or cancel
  • The art style is done well enough. Teenage horror manwa


  • Survival horror is a genre I’m pretty lukewarm towards
  • Quick time events on the other hand? Ice cold baby
  • And that’s pretty much the crux of this game. DDR or Die. And I choose death
  • So a creepy dude straight out of a hentai tricks a teenage girl into reading some note to make her slip into a coma, probably to do what people do in hentai
  • You then get to navigate this teenage girl’s hellscape. And mace some of the game’s most frightening enemies: mean bitches!
  • Yeah, It’s not my jam. Sorry folks



  • It launches and performs as you’d expect.
  • Having been developed by the Vambrace: Cold Soul people, I expect nothing less.
  • Controls are a bit of a crapshoot.
  • Like Venn said, the mappings are a bit off and the DualShock 4 will only work beyond the menu if you enable Steam Input.
  • The graphics and sound effects are very Vambracey.


  • … Quick-time events.
  • That could be my whole bit on why this game is not fun.
  • But if you care about my opinion and don’t know why I feel this way, allow me.
  • I love horror games; Silent Hill 2, Penumbra, Amnesia, Resident Evil 3, and even Doom 3 are among my top favorites
  • I will excuse a great deal many things in horror games, like the combat and camera in Silent Hill 2, the overreliance on jump scares in Resident Evil and Doom 3, the jankiness and predictability of Amnesia and Penumbra.
  • All because while I’m playing those games, the real world around me disappears.
  • That’s what people used to call immersion, before the internet demonized that work.
  • And to its credit Vicious Sisters has the all important atmosphere and spoopy ambience that are conducive to this immersion.
  • Unfortunately, quick-time events are one of the few things I genuinely hate in video games.
  • It’s, in my opinion, the lowest form of gameplay and often feels tacked on and completely unrelated to what’s happening.
  • The Coma 2 commits the capital sin of introducing QTEs in a horror game.
  • Do you want to remind me that I’m playing a videogame, rather than invest me further in the narrative that’s unfolding? Put a QTE in my face.



Hate Mail:

DOOM 2016



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