LinuxGameCast Weekly 391: Slaps Like Tentacles

Metro Exodus might be headed to Linux! Besiege prepares for  the big 1.0, Humble announces regional pricing, and Vulkan enters the GODOT master branch. Then Descent 3 faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

Special thanks to:
RTheren – NVMe RAID card and Remote Power Button



08:27 Steam not tracking Proton sales
11:57 Music sales
15:12 Native Metro Exodus?
19:07 Besiege 1.0
21:57 Puzzle Frame
25:52 Shameless self promotion & TANKS!
30:47 New Mesa sauce
33:07 Vulkan merged in GODOT
35:27 Tracing with Vulkan
37:32 Humble Bundle regional pricing
39:17 Proton 5.1 GE
41:32 FreeOrion 0.4.9
43:32 Lispysnake
46:27 CHAIRQASITION: Descent 3
59:07 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Tracking sales

  • Did people really think Valve were tracking games played with Proton?
  • And counting them as sales?
  • Really, did you?
  • Really?
  • I mean, given the other metrics they collect and don’t publish, I’m frankly surprised
  • Mr. Loup-Garou seems to think this was a bug though
  • It would be great if Proton sales counted as Linux purchases.
  • And apparently, that may become the case.


Top of the charts

  • Hollow Knight is up there, nice.
  • I guess people are buying music on steam that doesn’t come bundled with the game. Spock and Awe
  • Transistor is at the top and probably for good reason
  • Judging from the reaction in our Discord when I showed a screenshot of the Steam Music player, most people will probably buy, download, and then play the soundtracks in another player.

Steam: Game Updates

Metro Exodus

  • Oh please make me all the happy.
  • “More new Spoon”
    • I’d be ecstatic if they actually pumped out a native port, but it’s probably just gonna be “Hey, we tested this on proton”


Besiege V1.0

  • In line with the original Early Access plan, Besieges price will be increasing after the release of V1.0.
  • Besiege, I lub joo, but you’re like three years too late for a 1.0
  • They’re adding some logic tools like gates, timers, sensors and altimeters to better empower your horrible lego monstrosities
  • It’s come a long way from wacky death machine creation kit.
  • Now it’s, it’s something different.

Steam: New Games

Puzzle Frame

  • There’s a thing about disclosure and technically this game was developed by Nory’s cousin’s husband.
  • With that out of the way, it’s on Linux and developed by a Portuguese team.
  • High-res pics.


New Mesa


Live long and merge

  • It’s still a WIP, so not at all ready for production.
  • We’ve come a long way from “we’re not interested in Vulkan”.
    • A very long way.
  • They’re merging before it’s finished so they can start working on the remainder of the features for 4.0.


Tracing Vulkan

  • Some kind of standardized ray tracing would be super helpful for adoption, lest it end up like SLI on linux; technically supported but barely anyone uses it
  • Also something that isn’t tied to NVidia hardware… like GSync was for a while.


Regional Bundles

  • Nice to be able to see what i”m actually being asked to pay
  • Price conversion is based on the exchange rate on the day the bundle starts, so depending on how swingy your local currency it may or may not work in your favour.
  • At the time of launch, you cannot manually select which currency you’d like to complete your purchase in.
  • Does it have the dollarydoo? <-Googs spell checked that, correctly.
    • It has both dollarydoos and kiwi dollars.
  • So in practical terms it’ll stay much the same, just with an accurate read out of the price before you get to the checkout screen.



  • This is mostly a rebase of the latest proton patches released with 5.0
  • They’ve switched input handling back to the Proton method rather than the staging method
  • No game saving for Just Cause 3, that’s oddly specific.


FreeOrion 0.4.9

  • FreeOrion was one of the first games under linux I tried out
  • I bounced off it cuz grand strategy isn’t really my thing
  • Username and Password auth for in game organizations is neat for long term games
  • Some combat enhancements and regarding weapon types and the ships they can hit
  • Lots of multiplayer enhancements including asynchronous turns for players who aren’t in the game when their turn comes around.


Ikey Inc.

  • They’re working on a Mandalorian-esque game, which could be pretty cool. Given the screenshots it’s giving me some FTL vibes
    • And now they’re FTL shakes
  • They also have a game engine under development called Serpent
    • The only provided build instructions are for solus
  • Ikey is doing some game development on the side.
  • There’s also a crowd-funding campaign going on, if you donate $20 you get a license for all the 2D games Ikey and team develop.
  • Which leads me to believe they will at some point make a 3D game.
  • Or not… This is crowd-funding after all, you’re just buying into a promise, not an actual product. Not yet, anyway.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Descent 3
Devel: Outrage Entertainment / Icculus C. Gordon
Engine: Fusion Engine
Price: £6.99 / $9.99 / $10.99

Wazzat: The vertigo continues as the highly anticipated sequel to Descent I and II takes the mind-bending, pulse-pounding experience to another level!



  • -w, That’s how you window.
  • Little bit of audio crackle right at the start but everything elks is AOK.
  • Resolutions are on the limited side.
  • Mouse / key / controller setup is 90’s on hard mode.
  • Steam, PS4, and Xclone all kinda-sorta worked but would never fly unless this game was retooled.
  • This was built for something with eleventy buttons, foot pedals, and a yoak.
  • Keyboard and gerbil were serviceable one they were bound to something less, how shall we say, 90’s.
  • Hold 60 @ 2160p on the 2060.


  • I picked up Descent 3 in 2000 form Loki because why not, right?
  • I had a 2.2 kernel, 64MB of ram, and a swanky 3DFX card.
  • After getting the CD mounted and installed I sat back and enjoyed flailing into walls and hopelessly firing at enemies until exploded.
  • Cut to 2020 and yeah, more of that.
  • I tried using some of the advanced controller tech laying on the desk but could never come up with something workable.
  • Same goes for the keyboard and gerbil.
  • Yeah, it got about an hour out of me 20 years ago and that’s where we’re at today.
  • ZOMG 3D everything! Was kind of a gimik back in the day and they sure as hell didn’t have the mechanics nailed down.
  • Bought this for the same reason I picked it up the first time, to support Linux.



  • Yup, there’s a good 10-15 minute round of figuring out the controls
  • The Dualshock seems to be a little too advanced for this game
  • I had one crash that ended up corrupting a save file, so I had to start again. That hasn’t happened since though
  • Beyond that, it’s a 21 year old game. It looks like one. ‘Specially those cinematics man. Yeesh
  • Also with XFCE, the application menu keybinding


  • I really get the sense that you were intended to play this with a flight stick
  • But it’s a 6D0F shooter with large and expansive labyrinthine levels
  • So pew pew, get lost, find some stuff to shoot, eventually trigger goals, rinse repeat
  • I had a decent amount of fun while playing descent underground with folks, and this is pretty similar. But you know, 21 years old
  • It’s decent enough, if you can put up with it’s rough edges. I never played it as a kid and have no nostalgia for it, so make of that what you will



  • It launches and immediately jacked up the gamma on my monitors to 150%
  • Rebinding controls often leaves the key display area blank.
  • The key you pressed will still be set, but the little button area will be blank.
  • Mouse look is not the default.
  • The default is flight controls and that was making my brain not feel terribly happy with the whole thing.
  • I did find where the option for that was so I disabled it.
  • The graphics look about right for 1999
  • As do the sounds.
  • Though I do like the main menu music.


  • Yes, it is fun
  • But it quickly devolves into hitting F4 to tell the bot to show me where the fuck I’m supposed to be going.
  • When you do get there the only thing letting me down are the mouse controls.
  • There’s some resistance to pitching up and down and when it finally gets going it overshoots where you were trying to aim.
  • I couldn’t find an option to disable that behaviour so I’m going to chalk it up to the game being over 20 years old.
  • And for a game that’s been around for two decades, it’s pretty good!



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