LinuxGameCast Weekly 392: Jaded Canadian

Linux exclusive gaming platform incoming! WINE fixes mfplat, PAYDAY 2 nukes drills, Valve improves RadV, and SDL controller drama. Then Besiege faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

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03:27 Valve introduced Play Next
07:17 Top Steam releases of January
09:57 Proton 5.0-3 D3D12
12:47 PAYDAY 2 drills
15:22 Besiege block and bugs
16:42 Dead Cells hotfix 2
18:52 Jackbox 7 announcement
20:32 Shameless self promotion
24:07 Nvidia Vulkan beta driver
26:42 Valve Improving RadV
28:32 WINE sorts mfplat
31:32 Linux exclusive gaming platform
36:12 Newegg on Proton
37:57 SDL gamepad drama
41:47 CHAIRQASITION: Besiege
52:32 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Play Next

  • Experiment 008 in the Steam Lab is Play Next.
  • Basically, VALVe’s algorithm will try and guess what you want to play next based on what you’ve played thus far.
  • It may be an attempt to get people to play that game they bought 3 years ago on sale and never even started it.
  • Real talk, has Steam ever recommended a game that you ended up buying?
  • Can we get an option that sorts by ProtonDB ratings?
  • Cause it’s legit recommending me a game that is BORKED.


January Top Games

  • Damn, it really was Japanuary
  • Japan, China, Korea and a couple of Spanish entries.
  • Even if one of those was Commandos 2.
    • Originally released in 2001
  • The Pedestrians is the only native linux game this go around
  • Although I am pretty curious about Temtem and I wonder how well Kakka-karot-kake runs w/ proton


Proton 5.0-3

  • Metro, now with 100% more D3D12 support.
  • High polling rate mouse regression, ‘ey?
  • I’ll have to try and download Neverwinter the MMO and see for myself.

Steam: Game Updates

PAYDAY 2’s safes (and drills)

  • I’m guessing drills fell under some gambeling laws?
  • I think they might just be playing it safe
  • The short version is that some safes (lootboxes) required you to purchase a specific drill. Now no safes require drills, and if you have those drills, they’ll just be converted to that specific safe and now all safes can be got in the post-match


Blocks & bugs

  • Dropping some bug fixes just in time for the chairquisition
  • Also a speedometer and an incline/decline detector. So now you can recreate your favourite Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves movies in Besiege


Hot Cells #2

  • Enemies can still stab you while you’re shopping, but at least they won’t shoot you
  • Rejoice PC gamers! Some problems on Xbox have been fixed
  • You still can’t play it in Big Picture mode if you’re using the Steam Compositor.
  • You need to use Steam Compositor Plus.
  • I’d like to request someone, maybe Negativo17, if it’d be possible to get the Steam Compositor Plus in a repo/COPR

Steam: New Games

The Jackbox Party Pack 7

  • More phriday phuntimes this phall
  • Not much of an announcement but they do support Linux.


 Vulkan beta fixes

  • Derp 4, Tom Braider and F1 2017 all had a swapchain issue that was fixed
    • I wonder…
    • Yup, that fixed Rise of the Tomb Raider on the SteamBox.
    • F1 2017 now just segfaults.
  • There’s also some better handling of Alt Tab behaviour
    • Although it’s not quite fixed in Gnome3
  • It’s good that Nvidia tests against Feral games.
  • I know DX12 is the future but this Vulkan thing just might take off one day.


Valve Improving RadV

  • Support for vulkan profiling in Mesa if you’re using the Radeon GPU Profiler.
  • Hopefully this will mean even better performance on Linux in the future.



  • It took’em about 3 years to implement a fix for this
  • Previously it required to to snooch some DLLs from a windows installation, which is problematic when trying to distribute it unless your name is Mathieu Cormandon
  • Getting a WINE native mfplat is preferable to having to use Microsoft’s
  • 99% of the issues I have had with Proton stem from something mfplat related.
  • Regardless if it fixes “all the things” it’s nice seeing a 4 year old bug getting squished.



  • Hoo boy those screenshots. GOG gonna sue somebody
    • Also they’re ripping off Weekly Daily Wednesday with that video. I wonder if they’re fans
    • Exactly, we were using the CC music first, damit!
    • Sticking a gamepad in the steam circle with the same color scheme, dude.
  • The goal seems to be to create a curated store exclusively targeting linux games, which llso integrates into game managers like lutris
  • Not a bad idea, but they’re a little late to the party.
  • I’d rather they were asking for funding to create a GUI that works and looks like what they show but acts as a frontend for Lutris.
  • Aiming for a 2022 release.
  • Funding seems reasonable.
  • $25 gets you a free game.
  • How is this not a hobbit Lutris?
  • I openly invite anyone from the project to come on the show next week to educate us.


Newegg Proton

  • Short howto about enabling steamplay, selecting proton versions and setting launch options
  • And most importantly: Check protondb before making any purchases



  • Don’t use nukes when a simple message will suffice.
  • Also maybe don’t make DMCA claims when you’re not 100% sure what they consist of?
  • This is just a weird situation

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Besiege
Devel: Spiderling Studios
Engine: Unity
Price: £6.99 / $9.99 / $11.49 (50% off 1.0 sale)

Wazzat: Besiege is a physics based building game in which you construct medieval siege engines. Battle your way through a 54 level singleplayer campaign, unleash chaos with your friends in multiplayer, create your own worlds with the level editor, customize your game with mods through the workshop.



  • Yall still running some ancient arse Unity.
  • If the blue screen doesn’t give it away the opening on the wrong monitor will.
  • -popupwindow
  • Everything else works and the performance remains top-notch.


  • Is this a load bearing murder drill?
  • How often do you get to ask yourself that? Last Easter doesn’t count.
  • This is the gaming equivalent of LEGO Mindstorm.
  • Build machines to accomplish tasks.
  • Yes, sometimes innocent sheep get caught up in the “task” but sheep are silly creatures and quite frankly dersive it #muttonrocked
  • It starts with knocking things down, followed by population control 101, and a bit of flying.
  • That’s where my brain starts hurting.
  • The possibilities in sandbox mode are endless and quite frankly disturbing, but in a wholesome way.
  • Add to that the option for multiplayer and you have something the whole family can enjoy.
  • It’s $4.99 right now any you would be a slimy-dimmy not to buy it.



  • Yeah, popping up on the wrong monitor can be a bit of a pain
  • Otherwise it fires up and holds a solid 60
  • The controls are a bit janky, but that is kind of the point


  • Yeah, there’s a single player mode, but that’s not why I’m here
  • Really it just seems to give you some stimulus to build and refine your murder machine
  • And murder legos are why I’m on board with this. I just like derping along building some horrific automata or vehicle and seeing how it falls apart and catches fire, and seeing if I can fix the issue
  • I think that’s one of the big strengths of the game, It gives you the tools and options to shape your play in a way a lot of sandbox games don’t
  • Multiplayer was the huge killer feature they added, and doing stuff like timed build challenges or pitting your monstrosities against your friends is super fun



  • Bonus points for remembering the resolution from when I last played it.
  • But 3840×2160 is not a resolution my Primary X monitor can do.
  • So it opened on the wrong screen… which is the right screen.
  • Either way, setting it to 2560×1440 and capping the FerPS to 144 worked great.
  • The performance is pretty good, though that’s to be expected from mostly empty levels and soldiers with little in the way of animation.
  • Though it will drop from 144 every now and then if there’s a lot of fire and gibs flying around.
  • I’m glad there’s a reset camera button, because I lost my bearings with the camera controls more than once.


  • Build a catapult.
  • Seriously! Just build one.
  • The mechanical blocks and the automation blocks look a little daunting at first but they’re worth the time.
  • At the second level of the second island you’re asked to kill 90% of a flock of seagulls.
  • I wish I could skip it because as you will see for the rest of this video.
  • There’s a lot of me not being able to figure it out.
  • But that’s true of all puzzle games.
  • There’s always that one level that you just don’t want to deal with.
  • Really, my one complaint about Besieged is how janky the physics can be at times.
  • It’s also not as intuitive as I would have liked, but that’s just like… my opinion, man!



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