LinuxGameCast Weekly 394: America’s Got SCaLE

Black Mesa 1.0 is out! Steam disables CEF keyring integration, Flotilla  goes open-source, and Ultima 5 Redux gets a Linux build. Then it’s full-metal SCaLE 18X recap time!

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03:51 Steam kills the keyring
06:16 Proton 4.11-13
07:56 Rocket Cars D-Day
10:16 7 Days to Die Alpha 18.4
12:16 Black Mesa 1.0
14:06 Amnesia: Rebirth
16:41 Bloody Rally Show
18:56 Shameless self promotion
21:51 LGP gets archived
24:51 NFSW Launcher
27:41 Flotilla open-sourced
30:46 Ultima 5 Redux
32:36 ZGloom
34:46 Pure Ski jumping
37:28 SCALE 18x recap
01:20:28 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

RIP Keyring

  • Thank babby FSM, that was annoying. 
  • Seriously.   
  • I didn’t want to have to enter any more passwords to get to steam
  • Oh, good! I can actually go back to using Kwallet on this box now.


Belated 4.11-13

  • A single reported fix.   
  • Owners of certain hardware rejoice
  • Real bats have hooks! 
  • I do wonder what the use case for an older version is, when there’s no whitelisted games using this version.
  • Unless there were whitelisted games with this.

Steam: Game Updates

Nopehammer day

  • June 10th is the deadline for refund requests
  • March 10 is death day
  • So long and thanks for all the fish.
  • Enjoy playing it with Proton before it goes FTP and gets a healthy dose of EAC. 


7 Days To Die Alpha 18.4 

  • See, we still have something in perpetual Early Access. 
  • The changelogs to these are always fun
  • Intimidation with a 44 Magnum no longer works on vending machines
    • I wonder if that works in real life
  • Whizzing on the electric fence won’t crash your game any longer
  • I need to give it a spin and see if they have made any progress on the Vulkan render. 


Black Mesa 1.0

  • Mostly focused on sorting out NPC behaviour. 
  • Also you can now manually save to your heart’s content
  • No more autosaving in bs situations in the Office Complex.

Steam: New games


  • Due to release in autumn 2020. 
  • Decided lack of pork. 


Bloody Rally

  • The developer, Tomas, said in his email when he sent us keys that he did his best to give Linux “first class support from day one”. 
  • It’s apparently potato friendly
  • And it gets the Empty seal of mild interest pre-coffee.
  • It even has something of a story mode.


LGP Archived (Rtheren)

  • For historical reasons, I guess. 
  • Did those games get cheaper toward the end?
  • I spent £60 on Ballistics. 


Need for Mono

  • Right now the launcher works, but you do need to close it and reopen it for it to start downloading files.
  • The game also kinda sorta works, enabling chat makes it freeze after a few seconds and you can’t do multiplayer races yet.
  • What exactly is this good for? 
  • Real question. 


Flotilla Source

  • This was homeboy’s first standalone game development project, as such he admits there’s quite a bit of jank.
    • And that’s not a bad thing. 
    • I fear a lot of things will never get released due to this. 
  • It’s built on XNA, so getting it ported to FNA probably wouldn’t be the most difficult thing
  • On Wednesday we discussed how there’s no excuse to not have an SSL certificate on your website!
  • Flotilla’s source code is released under the zlib license, which basically means you are free to use the source code for personal or commercial purposes.


Ultima5Redux Linux builds

  • So as it turns out, you can export stuff to linux in unity
  • This dude is doing an opendaggerfall, but with ultima 5.
  • Someone asked the question and yes, he can produce a linux build.  
  • Now someone just needs to teach him how to do automated linux builds through github
  • It’ll probably be better than Shroud of the Avatar.


Zgloom 0.2.0

  • Back in 2017 the source code and assets to an amiga doom clone were released into the public domain
  • This is what the public did with it.  Now with mouse look
  • Gloom was made freely available by its developers so there is no need to hunt for it. 



  • It’s an android ski jumping game.   
  • Supposedly it produces a jar you can run on the desktop
  • I say supposedly cuz after setting up android studio, shit don’t build on master or the only tag
  • You can apparently launch the desktop version by just running the appropriate .java file.

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