LinuxGameCast Weekly 320: Sexy Hamburger People

Steam adds new games to Proton, CS:GO plays with ladders, Decent returns from the dead and Google announces Project Stream.

Steam update of the week
Steam game updates 18:16
Steam new games 29:09
News 35:11
Hate mail 1:04:37


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Survey says

  • We’re up 0.11%!!!!
  • Year of the Linux Desktop motherfu*kers!
  • Gamers are taking their sweet ass-time moving to the latest lts



  • I know some humans in our Discord were on about save file corruption.


Proton games updated

  • The Witness and Wolfenstein the Old Blood jump out at me
    • Wolf has my interest but it runs like but on Windows.
  • Commander Keen, that’s a game I only played when I’d go to the after school activity center when I was in primary school.
  • All of the telltale sam and maxes got validated too. Rip


Proper Proton Fixes

  • I like this!
  • Just have it run in the background and load whichever fixes are necessary when the game is started!
  • After setup, fix scripts can just be dropped into the folder and will get picked up when the relevant game is started.
  • Only supports 3 games at this time but it’s just a matter of time.
  • That FFIX script also works with FF8 by renaming the executables and gameID.
  • I’ll have to try and add the protontricks line to set directaudio as well.



  • Apparently esync generates a ton of tempfiles
    • Exactly one per processing job which the application requires.
    • Which for a AAA game is all of them…
  • Many distros (fedora) keep a low file maximum as a security precaution, which’ll require you to override them in /etc/security/limits.conf



  • The only carpshoot is setting the STEAM_COMPAT_DATA_PATH.
  • You will need a few games installed via Proton and try try again until one works.
  • This is something which could be implemented into Protontricks.
  • Have an extra option which links a certain game folder and .exe to one of the Proton prefixes.
  • Change to and enable “DXVK_HUD”: “devinfo,fps” for overlay goodness.
  • Performance is 9K% GPU dependant and frame pacing is all over the place.
  • For the price of free it’s playable.

Steam: Game Updates

Golf with Floats

  • Team Golftress 2 edition. Get some hats for your balls!
  • You can also get custom floaties in the October event.
  • In wonder when it’ll come out of Early Access…


Rag of the North

  • Ragnarok awaits
    • And by that I mean a new map with a volcano at the centre that fires rocks randomly on the map that can turn into golems if not mined
    • What creatures from Jewish folklore are doing in the Viking apocalypse, I don’t know
  • They’ve also added random events and a faction of Edgy Drow who’ll attack anything on sight
  • The expansion is free though, which is always nice
  • Whar Linux?


Russian pandas

  • Remember when the premise of arcade games made no goddamn sense?
  • The latest update adds an unlockable red panda to the character roster
    • Which holy shit, includes the “This is fine” dog from gunshow
    • Also linux support
  • Bark at people for food the game.


Using Teammates as Ladders is Back

  • Quite a few Linux fixes for both the dedicated server and the client.


Strike Update

  • Need to add proper button configs.
  • Couple neat additions to the game too, like a recovery indicator
  • Ranked mode, so you can have proof you’re better than your friends or that one jerk on the internet

Steam: New Games

Gummy’s Life – 1.0 Release (Foxy)


  • Gang Beasts with particle effects.



  • There’s been a massive overhaul of their audio subsystem
  • You can now control sample rates and channels via environment variables
  • XACT rewrite means any WINE games which need xact for audio, like your Skyrim’s could see that particular dependency met by WINE directly.
  • Assuming the WINE people are looking to have that extra bit of functionality in WINE directly, rather than keep it as a separate library.

Decent (EMPTY)


  • A trailer recorded at 30 FERPS does not exactly instill me with the confidence.
    • It looked like 15 at one point.
  • After being two years late and a voluntary delisting from Steam they are planning to enter closed beta followed by Early Access round two: The sequel.
  • It isn’t even double dipping anymore.
  • Considering they got funded on Kickstarter, went into Early Access, got a Publisher, now they’re going into “beta”, that’s double double dipping.
  • It really comes across like they want a cookie and pat on the head for doing what they said they would do in the first place.


Infinite Source

  • Another kickstarter project dead to poor scoping and budgeting resulting in burn out
  • The developer is releasing the source code, which they claim is not in a particularly useful state
  • I mean, I feel for the guy. Small, ambitious projects like these always start off with the best of intentions and without dedicated project management people it can be really hard to see how.big of a hole you’ve dig yourself until it’s too late


G Stream

  • Closed beta and US only but if anyone can pull it off it would be the Googs.
  • That said, if any company randomly kills projects for FK and or ALL reasons it would also be the Googs.
    • A lot of googles sloppy seconds do get open sourced though, a la kubernetes, so if they kill it, some prices of it may be usuable in the future
  • I don’t like the idea of streaming games.
  • I don’t like the idea of paying for a game which I don’t even have the bits for.
  • I guess a service like this with the Netflix model of low price of entry and you can play whatever is at least acceptable.
  • But if they start selling “games” and you have to buy each individual one at retail price and can only then stream it… I don’t like that!
  • Replace “streaming” with DRM encumbered.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Gardens Between
Webzone: The_Gardens_Between
Devel: The Voxel Agents
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49 / US$19.99 / CA$22.79

Wazzat: The Gardens Between is a surreal puzzle adventure that follows best friends, Arina and Frendt, as they fall into a mysterious world of beautiful garden islands. Manipulate time to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of each island.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent keys


Does It Launch

  • Ayup.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 2160.


  • No issues.


  • Hold right to pay respects.


Does It Launch

  • Da

Performance @ 1080

  • Knock off the frame limiter and vsync and I was seeing well over 200@1080, 100+@uhd


  • It has an aesthetic


  • Child go left, child go right. Spam X


Does It Launch

  • Yes it does

Performance @ 1080

  • It’s locked at 60 by default and vsynced, but I didn’t see a reason to undo the vsync.


  • Very simple but very effective.


  • Left, right, and interact
  • Very hard to screw that up.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:

    • Alright I got to be “that guy” for a minute.
    • I know someone was trying to be hip in the Super Silly Crow level but that T.V. only had RCA in.
    • The first time I played it had a Famicom console hooked up and that critter only had RF out.
    • Don’t get me started on the channel 95 96 requirements.
    • Also, Type I power plug? Mate.
    • 8, EIGHT is the amount of button presses required to exit this game. .
    • And since I’m picking nits… those got to be about the most androgynous damn kids I’ve ever seen.
    • Unlike the wannabe artpiece walking simulator Gone Home, The Gardens Between manages to tell a story and provide a, get this, game!
    • Each stage provides a different puzzle that has to be sorted using a time mechanic.
    • Sounds like that would get old with a quickness but they do a good enough job at keeping things fresh.
    • Puzzles range from simplistic to legitimate head scratchers but there is no timer or health meter so you can sit back and speculate what type of grizzly twisted fate awaits our two young adventurers.
    • My only complaint is the forward and back mechanic required to solve the puzzles takes forever.
    • Fortunately reverse is a bit faster but it can quickly become a slog in areas that require you to fondle multiple set pieces.
    • And if we’re being honest, if you could move, say, 3X normal speed you could finish this game in slightly over an hour.
    • As it stands The Gardens Between provides between 2/4 hours.
    • It’s genuinely well done and you can tell a lot of care went into its creation.
    • P.S. It had a soundtrack of sorts that was perfectly serviceable but it’s October so I was blaring Type O motherfu*king Negative.
  • Jordan:

    • It’s an all right chill-out puzzler
    • The mechanic is pretty simplistic, but sometimes it’ll make you go hmmm
    • I will say, sometimes it gets a little tedious forwarding and rewinding through the events in real time, but I get why they make you look at everything. A lot of the puzzles have to do with specific events happening in the background
    • The nonverbal storytelling is fairly well done, although I’m waiting for the dark turn near the end.
    • The music is atmospheric, but honestly it gets a little boring for me. So my soundtrack to this game featured lemmy
  • Pedro:
    • I keep harping on about how games in certain genres don’t change my mind.
    • About how every strategy game will have something that strategy fans will love but I simply cannot.
    • Well, I’ll be damned if I haven’t found the poster child for one such genre I don’t particularly enjoy and yet I still found something to love about The Gardens Between.
    • The mechanics here are simple, forwards, backwards, and occasional interaction prompts.
    • The aesthetics are simple.
    • Simple designs, simple colors, simple sounds which clearly indicate when you should be paying attention.
    • But through that simplicity and the almost complete lack of text shines the story.
    • With little to no telling in the literal or literary sense, they tell the story of the two kids and this trip that they’re on.
    • If I had to point out one thing I don’t like about The Gardens Between, it’s the price.
    • £15 for a 4 hour long game is a stretch.
    • Hell, compared to the Metro series which was £50 on release with only 8 hours of game in them, it’s still alright.
    • But this isn’t some massive AAA game.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:



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