LinuxGameCast Weekly 395: GNUclidean

Valve Index orders have reopened! Proton 5.0.4 fixes the GD Batman, Minigalaxy gets a pause button, and RIP GOG Downloader. Then Black Mesa faces, the CHAIRQASITION! All this, plus your hate mail!

Special Thanks to:
Cory (latest patreon)



05:25 Index orders reopen
08:30 Proton fixes Batman
10:55 Steam Labs patchnotes
12:55 Neverwinter Nights Dev build
16:05 Cobra Horse
17:40 Black Mesa co-op
21:15 Shameless self promotion
25:05 Drauger OS
28:40 Oculus Rift Linux support
31:20 RIP GOG Downloader
33:50 Minigalaxy
35:15 HyperRouge
38:05 GOverlay
40:50 TuxBuilder
42:00 CHAIRQASITION: Black Mesa
56:01 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Index orders have reopened

  • Comes with a free copy of Alyx
  • If you already own an index, you also get Alyx for free. I guess they really want people with VR headsets to try it
  • Granted, Alyx will make people buy an Index who would have never entertained the idea.
  • But how many of them are out there?



  • Gaddamn Batman works now.
  • The hook is available now and crouching won’t crash the game anymore.
  • Runs like poo but, yeah.
  • And it’s clear that it runs like poop for others.
  • Some fixes to the origin launcher to get it working. Now you too can play star wars dark souls
  • The one Linux using co-worker I know of tells me Monster Hunter is now playable on High graphical settings.


Steam Labs Patchnotes

  • Well, they’re clearly still working on older steamlabs stuff
  • The big one is that games now have their own news hubs
  • Also filthy tab openers like myself get better support. Yes valve! Embrace the disease!

Steam: Game Updates

 Never Development

  • Having finished the 3 original campaigns on the previous development patch, I am very glad to see these fixes.
  • Especially the metamagic and the “No preparations left”!
  • Alphabetically sorting spells is also nice for…you know…finding spells


The A-cobra-tic

  • A new character, two new levels and four new ways to murder your friends!
  • Skateboarding snek is best snek
  • Apparently they also got the hug of death. Good for them. More people should play this game

Steam: New Games

Hello Mr. Freemans

  • Requires you to maybe set up a port forward
  • I wonder if any of this will go to synergy
    • One can hope.
  • This is going to be hella broke but might be fun for a goof.


 The What OS Now Gaming

  • So it’s a desktop operating system that is to be used only for gaming?
  • SteamOS tried that approach and, despite being even more laser focused, it failed.
  • I can see the point of SteamOS, I’m one of the few apparently.
  • Heck, find me anything better than Fedora and I’ll run it on the Steambox.
  • This… this doesn’t seem to be it.



  • Because the one for GOG Galaxy worked, right?
  • I mean, facebook isn’t ridiculously anti-linux so it miiiiiiiiight work?
    • I’m not holding my breath though
  • Still not sold on the VR thing.


RIP GOG Downloader

  • Now for sure that galaxy client is coming to linux. Right? Right?
  • Good thing lutris still works. Or I guess you could use the next thing
  • The downloader was only good for getting games with multiple files in one go.
  • Considering how most of the games I have on GOG fit in a CD, I’m not terribly worried
  • Not to defend GOG or anything but 6 years is plenty of fair warning.


Minigalaxy version 0.9.3

  • The new version lets you cancel and pause/resume downloads now!
  • They also have a babby overlay that lets you show FPS stats


non-Euclidean roguelike

  • If you’re into hyperbolic geometry, this game is for you
  • What interests me is the difficulty scaling. Each of the levels has a bunch of treasures you’re supposed to collect. The more you collect, the harder the game gets.
  • There’s a free version, but the paid version gets updated more frequently and will get new levels
  • The way the map moves, it fucks with my eyes


GUI Overlay

  • Don’t wanna prefix commands to use mangohud? This is a gui that has you covered
    • I mean, not that it’s particularly difficult, but people seem to like clicky solutions
  • Linux needs more GUIs


Learning penguins

  • Learning by example is best learning.
  • This could help you get your platform on in GODOT.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Black Mesa 1.0
Devel: Crowbar Collective
Engine: Source
Price: £14.99 / $19.99 / $21.99

Wazzat: Relive Half-Life in this fan-made re-imagining.



  • Works, all of it.
  • 1080p, 2160p, on 11, well over 60.
  • Proton is equally performant.
  • The only catch being the OBS OpenGL capture issue.
  • It goes all blink-o-tron 9K like Portal 2.


  • Welp, for the first time in a decade it’s safe to save your game.
  • At least I hope, seriously, that nonsense better be over and done with.
  • Have I ever mentioned that I’ve never played the OG Half-life, this week?
  • That’s important to know since I had no idea what I was in for, not even a little.
  • All I knew was that it involved a science human with a wicked goatee, armed with a crowbar, facing off against some particularly hostile seafood.
  • But that’s enough about my sex life, let’s focus on the game.
  • It’s HL-1 abridged with sparkly cowboy boots and a lacquered hairdo.
  • Everything needed to attract a modern audience and people desperate to relive the good bad old days of PC gaming, minus the bad parts …ish.
  • But at the end of the day it plays like a FPS from 1998…. With a HD texture pack and pretty lights.
  • Not to take anything away from the work that has been done, but that’s what Black Mesa is.
  • A MOD from 2012 that’s got a little out of hand.
  • I like the level and puzzle design and the challenging enemy AI, FK that AI, in a good way.
  • Hell, I’m on a road to Xen because I want to see what 5 years of work on a level looks like.
  • It better look like a milkshake.
  • If you never played the original but enjoyed HL-2 this is worth your moneybits.
  • It’s paced about the same, and will keep you engaged.
  • WHAR proper Synergy MOD.



  • It seems to be equally performant at 1080P and UHD from a ferps perspective
  • UHD seems to have some herky jerk though, likely some frame timing issues as it seems to be proced by mouse movement
  • Also, the flashlight in some of the tight corridors don’t work too great sometimes
  • Controls like a half life should


  • It half life
  • It a prettier looking half life with an updated engine, but it’s still fundamentally half life
  • It does seem like they’re taking the opportunity to massage out a few level idiosyncrasies from the original
  • It’s otherwise pretty faithful from what I’ve seen. All the crap I remember from my playthrough of it millions of years ago still seems to hold water
  • It’s a good way to experience half life for the first time if you haven’t played it for whatever reason
  • It’s good fun, but I’m not expecting to be surprised at least until you hit Xen, because they did re architect a bunch of it
  • I’m kinda hoping they do opposing force and blue shift. And of course the inevitable, potentially synergy fueled insane multiplayer.
    • Think about it: What if gordon freeman was replaced by a dozen interns



  • It launched
  • It remembered my control settings
  • I did notice some performance issues at 2560×1440.
  • For the most part, even with everything on 11 it held way above 200FerPS, almost hitting the 300FerPS cap of the Source engine.
  • There was one level, the one in Office Complex with the office filled with water and electricity, where at one point it came down to the 30s.
  • There was also a floating green circle, probably a light source, that was shining through solid walls.
  • There’s an aliasing bug that makes certain textures look bright red where they were supposed to be transparent around the edges of models.
  • It’s a bit rough in points but it does work and, glitches aside, looks very nice.


  • The game said the last time I had played it was in November 2017.
  • Then it still ended just as you jump into Xen.
  • Playing it again and playing what is effectively a reimagining of the first Half-Life, it’s pretty fun.
  • I did notice that they made some of the levels smaller.
  • And I’m absolutely, 100% in agreement with that!
  • On a Rail was a chore to get through at the best of times and the first few levels in Unforeseen Consequences did drag out a little too long.
  • They changed the pacing and there is a lot less downtime now
  • The purists will hate it, but I very much enjoyed the new non-stop set piece to set piece pace.
  • It has the same “very hard to put down” quality like Half-Life 2.
  • It is buggy, but I did very much enjoy my time with it.
  • Including the times when I stopped to put some of the pickups on the physics objects and watched them go crazy.



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