LinuxGameCast Weekly 399: Free Nonsense

GRIP 2019 is headed to Linux! Steam is working on a new controller, Google Stadia bumbles its way to a free trial, and the creators of the Atari VCS get sued. Then Avorion faces the CHAIRQASITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

Special thanks to:
LibreQuest (new exec prod)
Christophe (new patreon)
Chris (upped pledge)



05:17 Steam internal sales numbers.
07:58 People return to Artifact.
13:18 Alyx Proton patch.
15:28 Neverwinter dev build.
17:33 GRID 2019 headed to Linux.
21:13 Receiver 2
23:48 DRAG
26:23 Shortest Trip to Earth
28:03 Shameless self promotion.
32:03 Stadia Pro for free
36:23 Atari VCS sued.
39:53 Remmants of the Precursors
41:28 Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
44:28 obs-ndi for OBS 25
46:18 CHAIRQASITION: Avorion
58:38 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Deep Steam

  • 80% of Steam games earn under $5K in the first two weeks.
  • Over 1000 games made 5 digits 2019.
  • It also seems like the more successful games are doing marginally better than in previous years, while the less are doing worse


Back for Artifact

  • People tinkering with the changes?
  • More like people read the news and wanted to remind themselves of how terrible it was.
  • Just in case maybe they had misjudged it.
  • Well, Valve did say they are trickling out changes slowly to the player base
  • Who knows? Maybe people really like the game but were turned away by having to pay money
  • Once the fully free version comes out, we’ll see how it actually stacks up


Areola controlla MKII

  • Interchangeable bits you can lose, just like the Xbox!

Steam: Game Updates

 Alyx memory fix

  • I guess a couple people were trying to play alyx on a 970 and ran out of ram with proton
  • Although lowering gpu memory requirements is just a good general optimization


Neverwinter Build 8193.10

  • Double kicking a player no longer crashes the server.
  • They’ve also included some of the scripts from the premium modules if you want to use those as a base for your own mod



  • Another racing title from Codeweavers.
  • Guessing Feral is behind it.
  • More GRiD is best GRiD!

Steam: New Games

Receiver 2

  • Finally got a release date.
  • From the gaming legends that brought you Overgrowth.
    • This one’s supposed to get a release though. No four years of early access for you
  • Can I rebind controls on this one?
  • Because that last one wasn’t great for left handers.
  • This is another spawn of a game jam. FPSes for gun nuts
  • I’m curious how actual gun handling relates to gameplay or if the smoothed over unrealistic gunplay in most games is actually the ideal for, you know…fun gameplay


Take a DRAG

  • Online PVP and cross-platform multiplayer.
  • Why yes, you has my attention.
  • I’m glad it’s going to Early Access first, because it looks a bit … slow
  • If you blow yourself up, you’re out of the match eh? Those are gonna be some short races for me then


Shortest Trip to Earth

  • Real time, super customizable FTL, eh? You have my attention
  • Although a number of review are complaining that the game doesn’t do a good job of explaining or implementing some of the subsystems
  • I’d be willing to give it a look on a thursday though, especially now that they have a native linux version


Free Stadia

  • You think Netflix was hard on the internet.
  • I’m going to try it, for science.
  • Welp, unless I’m missing something there is nothing to play for free, not even a demo.
  • If ya can’t sell it, give it away I guess
  • No such luck for us UK people, yet.


VCS update

  • Still thinking this is coming out?
  • You know you’ve fucked it when the Steamboy is looking far more likely to come out and become a real boy.
  • I’m just curious if Rob thinks whatever money they do have is distributed across a dozen cayman accounts right now


Remnants of the Precursors

  • If freeorion or dosbox isn’t doing it for you these days, this project has a way for you to get your MOO fix
  • It’s done in java, so it’ll run on your toaster. Not well mind you, but you’ll get turn updates by the time your toast is done
    • Hmm, Java!
  • It should be out by the time you listen to the recorded version of this


Dark day ahead

  • Well, I tried both the Curses and the Tiles version, and aside from one being slightly more ascii-ey than the other, it looks pretty similar
  • Text based roguelike survival horror game. More fun when you’re stuck in a late night deployment or class


obs-ndi 4.8.0

  • Now updated to the latest NDI.
  • Works with OBS 25+.
  • Look into this before you run out and buy a capture card

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Avorion
Devel: Boxelware
Engine: Custom (C++, Lua, OpenGL)
Price: £19.99 / $24.99 / $28.99

Wazzat: A procedural co-op space sandbox where players can build their own space ships out of dynamically scalable blocks. Fight epic space battles, explore, mine, trade, wage wars and build your own empire to save your galaxy from being torn apart by an unknown enemy.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • Once you get it going it runs fine.
  • 60 @ 1080 and 2160.
  • I say get it running since I had to launch the game 3 times after the last update before it, ya know, launched.
  • Keyboard / gerbil combo picked up and worked as expected.


  • That hold left Shift to activate cursor shite can die in all the fires.
  • That’s just bad menu design.
  • That said I had fun building my first little Yorg Cube ™ .
  • I put all the bits in all the wrong parts ending up with something closer to a diseased shoebox vs a spaceship but you know what, little Yorg Cube could fly, kinda.
  • I stuck with it and managed to make it to a space dock.
  • Picked up a contract to get some satellites and got lost from there.
  • I agree with Jordan, I need some direction on how to progress.
  • Left to my own I ended up “mining” some space rocks and trying to remember how to do anything in the menu.
  • There seems to be lots and lots to do in this game but the learning curve is a bit too steep for my taste.
  • At the end of the day it comes across as promising but unfinished and according to the Steam reviews I’m not alone.
  • Check it out if you are someone with a couple of hundred hours to kill and don’t mind a hella learning curve.
  • But after an hour I knew it was not for me.



  • Launches fine out of the box
  • Having to restart the game to change graphical settings is a bit shite, but it holds 60 @ UHD and 1080
  • Controls are about what you expect. Wasd to move, click to shoot. The shift click thing is a bit of a curveball, but you get used to it
  • Looks like space minecraft. Take a shot


  • Like the idea of something like EVE online, but don’t necessarily want to deal with the community and a guild who’s main strategy is to just flood your system with numerous cheap ships to bog your computer down? This game might be for you
  • It’s pretty flexible in the way you can play, which is nice. Just wanna build cool spaceships? It has you. Wanna do minecrafty nomansky type stuff? It got you
  • The problem I have with a lot of these games is that because you can do everything, I feel option paralysis, so I end up just building horrible monstrosities and derping around the stars in them until I get bored
  • There is multiplayer though. This might be a fun one for a thursday strem
  • Multiplayer might be the thing that makes this game a three chairer’, but I guess for now it gets two.



  • It launches out of the box.
  • 144FerPS at 2560×1440
  • Can rebind all the keys and it even gives you a screen with most keys with a press of the F1 key.
  • As far as technical achievements go, this one is spot on.
  • And it’s all done on a custom engine… thumbs up!


  • This is one of those games.
  • It goes even deeper than you think it does.
  • In every respect, there’s exactly as much depth as you care to put into it.
  • If you don’t want to spend too much time building a ship, you can download one from the workshop.
  • But if you want, the amount of customization you’re given from the building tool is so great you can make exactly what you want.
  • And the same goes for all the other mechanics in the game.
  • Do you want to have the one ship or a whole fleet of them?
  • Do you want to just keep exploring and doing missions or do you want to create a whole new sector of your own making?
  • It’s crazy just how much work was put into this but Avorion is very much Space Minecraft.



Hate Mail:

100% Linux






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