LinuxGameCast Weekly 400: Task Failed Successfully

Indivisible gets couch co-op! Steam has an upcoming Game Festival, Playing Half-Life Alyx without VR, and custom Lutris DXVK goodness.

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05:23 Proton 5.0-6
07:23 Proton-5.6-GE-1
09:43 Steam game festival
12:23 Half-Life Alyx no VR
16:12 Couch co-op Indivisible
18:39 Stoneshard
20:30 Shameless self promotion
24:49 Lutris 0.5.6
27:59 Yuzu memory fix
31:06 The Fire of Ardor
32:56 Exuit 10 year update
35:38 CHAIRQASITION: Manual Samuel
48:18 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Proton 5.0-6

  • DoomRM got fixed
  • Fallout 3 hanging on launch has been fixed.
    • Did they just set xlive.dll to disabled by default now?
  • I admit, had a good time watching all the cutscenes from the new DOOM.
  • They really tried to tie that mess of a story together.



  • Going to see some black screen with that mfplat enabled.
  • I kinda like the auto-skip in Proton since it nukes the intro crap on most titles.


Steam game fest

  • Gotta submit your game by the 24th of April, but you can submit builds as late as May 15th
  • Gives a chance for developers to promote stuff releasing this year. I wonder how crowded it’ll be

Steam: Game Updates

Toast-free Alyx

  • Like I theorized last week, there are a couple sections where the lack of having two hands moving around makes things a little sketchy
  • R57zone does offer some advice on how to get through them though
  • Oof!
  • Reading those notes reveals a lot of jank.
  • Non-toaster Alyx co-op.
  • It’s what we’ve been preparing for all this time.


Indivisible Couches

  • Could be a tad more interesting playing with people who have some idea what they were doing.
  • All the characters are implemented in the overworld which is pretty neat. Plus with remote play, you only need one copy of the game
  • However, I’m curious to see how the platforming suffers from latency

Steam: New Games


  • It’s a bit of a nethack, minus the rogue elements
  • Looks like Medieval Fallout from the description.


New Lupis

  • Strider’s taking on a bit of technical debt managing his own DXVK releases
  • There’s a breaking change with play time tracking now, so if you’re worried about this version, maybe don’t upgrade just yet
  • De-drunkification of KDE icons
  • Those fixes to the non-English locale sandbox still don’t let me run a Lutris game via Steam.


Low RAM yuzu

  • In some games like crypt of the necrodancer and bloodstained curse of the moon they’re seeing in the realm of 80% memory improvement, which is pretty extreme
  • It’s drastic enough that SSBU is actually playable now
  • Anywhere between 9 and 81% less RAM used… Hot damn!
  • Can I play Bayo 2 yet?


The Fire of Ardor 1.0

  • First person dungeon crawler in the style of early elder scrolls games
  • It features A boss fight
  • In Portuguese, Ardor means an intense burning (sensation).
  • So this is the Fire of Burning


Exult 1.6

  • After a mere 10 years.
  • Now has some of that fancy SDL2 hotness.
  • NPCs using beds are sleeping better now.
  • Paperdoll support of wearing diapers
    • Thank fucking christ

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Manual Samuel
Devel: Perfectly Paranormal
Engine: Unity
Price: £7.99 / $9.99 / $10.99

Wazzat: Meet Samuel, he’s handsome, wealthy and most importantly – dead. A deal with Death gives Samuel one last chance to live again if he can survive a whole day doing everything manually.

Mandatory Disclosure: Humble was giving it away



  • Fullscreen is knackered.
  • Opens on the wrong monitor without fail.
  • XBOX controllers do not function.
  • PS4 controller works, minus incorrect button prompts.
  • You motherf*ckers built an entire game based on QWOP and you didn’t include keyboard support.


  • The Douglas Adams on a budget narration is just, bad.
  • Not the VO work, that’s passable, it’s the writing.
  • Script of that caliber can only be constructed by someone who thinks themselves clever & funny while managing to be neither.
  • That’s coming from someone in a Wizard robe.
  • Brass tax, it’s QWOP with some extra shite tacked on.
  • And the fun wears out where you would think, around the 30 minute mark.



  • Launches in a super low resolution in a really big window. On my secondary montior
  • PS4 works out of the box. It can vibrate too
  • The art kind of reminds me of old Ctrl-alt-del comics


  • I mean, qwop was kind of funny for a little bit. I always found it funnier to watch than to actually play
  • Manual samuel follows that formula and adds such twists as: breathing and urinating
  • I get what they’re going for with the narrator, and all the horsemen being edgelord teens, but the comedy really wasn’t landing for me.
  • And the gameplay is just kind of obnoxious. I get that’s the point, but again, it just doesn’t land for me



  • Launched out of the box, at 850×540
  • It said it was best experienced with a controller but I had to force enable Steam Input for Dual Shock to work properly.
  • But outside of those two issues, no other problems were present on my end.


  • Video games are an interesting art medium.
  • The interactive component is what sets them apart from the rest and, in my opinion, is what makes or breaks a game.
  • So here’s a game which makes that interactivity service things which in other games you just assume would be done automatically
  • Like your character’s breathing, or moving a foot at a time, or any of the other stuff that you yourself IRL don’t think about.
  • Manual Samuel is not the first to do it, QWOP and Octodad immediately jump to mind.
  • But it is the first to do it successfully, in my opinion.
  • Any game which causes me to feel things or makes me aware of things I wasn’t before I played it, is a game that has succeeded.
  • Regardless of my own feelings on it, Manual Samuel fucking wins!
  • By the time I put the controller down, I had to remind myself that I don’t need to think about breathing or blinking or which leg to move to keep walking.
  • It’s still one of the annoying rage games, but it’s possibly the best of the bunch.



Hate Mail:

Racing 2D


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