LinuxGameCast Weekly 406: Kaiju Jiggle Physics

GODOT comes to the browser! Steam prepares their cloud gaming service, GamerOS 18 adds support for Neo Geo, and why Proton is killing native Linux gaming.

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07:39 Vulkan caching
09:23 Steam in the cloud
16:28 Steam client beta
18:38 Proton hurts native Linux gaming
27:48 Proton GE 1 NR
30:26 GamerOS 18
31:26 Alyx giggle physics
33:26 Warhammer II Paunch DLC
36:46 Test Tube Titans
40:02 Shameless self promotion
43:02 City Skylines Bundle
44:32 GODOT in a browser
47:39 MUGEN on Linux
49:26 DOOM Eternal Slayer
52:08 Soldat open-sourced
53:38 8GB Pi
58:02 CHAIRQASITION: ShellShock
01:05:48 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Vulkan caching

  • That’s what that Vulkan shader popup thingy was.
  • You can now do shader compiling in the background.
  • I guess we’ll see how much this cuts down on proton load times
    • *laughs in L4B2*


Steamy clouds

  • Less of a cloud gaming client and more a cloud licensing client.
  • With this you will be able to opt-in to allow you to play games on GeForce NOW without running afoul of the frankly arbitrary limitations some game developers/studios/publishers have implemented.
  • This is good for laying the groundwork for the eventual future of game streaming but that future is a long way off.
  • I’m still in camp let me rent games with a monthly subscription.
  • I wonder if they’re going to be doing some save file sharing thing?
    • That opens up some options when it comes to services like stadia eventually shutting down
  • I wonder if they’re also going to be introducing different sort of pricing models based on access type.
  • The whole reason people give more than a single negative FK (unlike Stadia) is that you can stream games you already own.
  • Developers have been grumpy about Nvidia doing this because they are not getting a cut.
  • This is why Stadia was / IS DOA.
  • Nobody is buying a game from a service that is non transferable from a company known for killing projects.
  • Give me an option to stream games I already own for free and I am more likely to continue buying games from your platform.
  • Valve has no plans to sell games differently for cloud gaming. Developers will still be paid through traditional sales, as “Steam Cloud Play is simply giving Steam users more options on where and how to play their PC games.


China client

  • A lot of limitations to the client and your ability to launch games.
  • That said, if you do live in China and want to abide by the rules, this will still allow you to play some games without having to use a VPN.
  • So now the steam community in china has to relive the ICQ days.
  • Still, it’s nice that some of the non technicals in china can enjoy some goat stimulator with remote play some day



  • Proton started as a neat way to play some of your old games on Steam.
  • Then DXVK happened, then D9VK happened.
  • Now it’s a Vulkan fueled wonderland.
  • Yeah, it’s hard pitching developers and publishers on a native port when it already works.
  • For game porters (like flibitibibio and Feral) Switch and mobile will be the breadwinners.
  • Yes, it is sad to see native ports go the way of the dodo.
  • But Proton made more games playable in a matter of months since its release than professional developers, indie or otherwise, made Linux ports since Steam itself came out on Linux.
  • I get it! I really do.
  • I wish native Linux game development and native ports had become the de facto way for us to enjoy our vidjeagames on Linux.
  • But VALVe walked right up to me, slapped me in the face, and said “Proton, bitch! Go play 70% of your Windows games on Linux without having to resort to external tools.”
  • Ethan brings up a lot of good points about the effect of proton on the rest of the linux gaming ecosystem
  • I think he’s right about the effect it could have on the health of the platform in general, the platform’s relationship itself with software vendors as well as the people who are trying to improve it
  • Putting the operation of most games on the shoulders of Valve and the greater wine project really does seem like putting all of our eggs in one basket.
  • Game publishers will usually try to go with the least expensive solution, and if that’s essentially doing nothing and letting valve handle it, it’s going to cause some problems in the future


Proton Kombat

  • I’m still waiting for a proper fix for the intro cutscene of Dark Souls 2.
  • With regular Proton it doesn’t appear at all, since it disables mfplat by default.


GamerOS 18

  • Now with SNK action.
    • Bios sold separately
  • Some new flathub apps.
  • Game giveaway.
    • Game of your choice off of their approved list

Steam: Game Updates

Jiggle physics

  • Now available in moon-speak!
  • Added example maps for:Blind Zombie (a.k.a. Jeff)
    • I wonder if Frank knows Jeff
  • Also bottles full of liquid! Yay VR drinking


Hammer Paunch

  • New orks, new elves!
  • If you’ve played the crap out of Total Warhammer 2 Electric boogaloo, you now have some more options to dick around with and try to break



  • With this update you can now explicitly remove denuvo anti cheat via add/remove programs in windows.
  • Now it shouldn’t ship with it.

Steam: New Games

Test Tube Titans:

  • Physics based monsters are best monsters.
  • Guess what it’s missing!
  • It’s like a mix of manual samuel, gang beasts and what gets left in my fridge for too long


Such a City Skyline

  • More Skline than you can shake an asteroid at.
  • Pay what you want for all the skylines!
  • I’m not sure Nissan is on board with this move, but time will tell.


GODOT Browser

  • Now that could be a handy feature.
  • Would be interesting to see some WeebGL and the like.
  • The rationale is sound. Engine supports browser, editor is made in engine, make editor in browser
  • I can see this being useful for a thin-client set up.



  • Ah mugen, the game where we can answer the Cage old question of whether or not Peter Griffin could win in a fight against Goku.
  • This isn’t quite Mugen, but it can use it’s resources. And it’s written in go which is neat. Not a lot of games are these days
  • If you’ve never looked up mugen videos on Youtube, don’t!
  • You will never get any other suggestions


Doom: Eternal Slayer

  • This looks kinda neat.
  • Not that 3rd person is new but they put some work into the Slayer bit.
  • Full 3D model in the land of sprites.



  • It’s a free side scroller from 2002 on steam
  • But now you can has source code.
  • It’s good to see older projects becoming source-available.


New game machine?

  • With 8GB of ram it would be interesting to see what you can get away with on the emulation front.
  • Especially with the new USB boot.
  • Also rocking a new 64-bit OS.
  • I wonder how long until someone makes playstation 2 mini with a RasPi and RetroPi
  • I’m sure some embedded java devs are ecstatic they have more ram to work with
  • Apparently the reason they weren’t offering it early was because nobody was making cheap lpddr4 ram. That’s not a problem no mo

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: ShellShock Live
Devel: kChamp Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £4.99 / U$6.99 / C$7.79

Wazzat: Demolish your friends with hundreds of upgradable weapons shot from your customizable tank in this action-packed online multiplayer tanks game. Earn XP to level up and unlock new tanks, weapons, and gear. Fight against or alongside your friends for strategic team or free-for-all matches.

Mandatory Disclosure: N/A



  • Unity scream of nope == -1 Chair.
  • Outside of that nonsense that you’re greeted with on launch everything works.
  • It holds 60 @ 1080&2160p on Ultra.
  • Works well with the Xclone so it has that going for it.
  • Hell, I even like the little rumble when auditing the shot, nice touch.


  • Party game, plain and simple.
  • It has a tutorial and some single player campaigns but that only reminds you how boring and soulless this game is in forever alone mode.
  • ShellShock Live only works when you are, wait for it, Live!
  • Playing with randos online is better than nothing but it really shines when the smack, it can be talked.
  • Be it deathmatch or team deathmatch good times can be had by all.
  • You don’t need much in the way of skill but it could help you out in the long run.
  • Lot’s of random weapons, the ability to schootch about, and plenty of maps.
  • I’m going to say it did a nice job bringing Gorillas.bat into the modern era.
  • At $6.99 this is something you can pick up for yourself and a gang of friends to kill some time during the day while you are supposed to be working or in a Zoom meeting.



  • Ah Unity scream of nope and minimal in game settings. Good times
  • Still, everything works. My controller even rumbles. I tried to play a bit with it, but I prefer using the keyboard and mouse here
  • It has a cheesy music loop that keeps playing that’s actually pretty well done
  • Holds about 600ferps @1080


  • The single player here servers as the tutorial and provides some challenges
  • But the fun here is multiplayer
  • It’s got a whack of unlockable maps, steam integrated multiplayer and some pretty fun game modes
  • And they’re all made for trash talk



  • It performs as well as you’d expect, considering the graphics on display here.
  • The sound is my complaint.
  • Specifically that annoying pop when you finish a single player level.
  • That’s why I had to curb the sound from that video before sending it to Venn.
  • It’s bad!
  • The controls aren’t, though.
  • Mouse, keyboard, controller, pick your poison!
  • Though if you have a dualschmuck 4 v2, you may need to enable Steam Input.


  • In forever alone mode, like you’re seeing in the video, it’s basically worms with none of the funky characters.
  • This is another game which shines in multiplayer.
  • It’s even better than worms because it’s so much more precise and more tactical.
  • You can abuse the shit out of the tracer trails from your previous shot
  • And, trust me, you will inevitably illicit a reaction out of your friends or game playing people you know.
  • Be it them thrusting their hips in your proverbial face, because we’re all social distancing (right?), or a load of salt.



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