LinuxGameCast Weekly 402: Mr Tea

RetroPie gets support for the Raspberry Pi 4! Steam kills VR for macOS, Proton brings Street Fighter 5 and Streets of Rage 4 to Linux, and a dangerous way to play Hearthstone without WINE. Then The Great Perhaps faces, the CHARIQASITION!

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06:37 RIP VR on MAC
09:45 Proton 5.0-7 RC
12:15 Streets of Rage 4 on Linux
15:25 Iratus: Lord of the Dead
17:33 Filament
20:13 Hinderhalt 3
23:22 Shameless self promotion
27:02 Retro Pie 4 4 4
29:42 Open source Epic Games Launcher
32:29 Linux native Hearthstone
34:57 EasyRPG updates
36:32 GODOT Vulkan progress
39:41 CHAIRQASITION: The Great Perhaps
50:26 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Imagine if you spent the coin for a MAC that could do VR.
  • Then again, if you have that kind of cash you could just buy a PC.
    • A PC AND a VR headset
  • I’m guessing this was a lack of interest from developers because \m/.
  • And a little 64-bit.


Proton 5.0-7

  • You can get better performance playing Talos in DX12 on Linux because you can!
  • Metal Gear Rising still can’t fullscreen.
  • Batmango Knight is a little better but still has the jerks, and delayed Xclone input.
  • Getting it into the hands of people before the big version bump is a good idea
  • Especially since there were some goofs with the last few releases
  • I really want those MFPlat fixes to make it into general Proton


Proton 5.0-7

  • Street Fighter 5 and Streets of Rage 4 are now playable
  • Well that was quick.

Steam: Game Updates

Streets of Proton

  • I was nice of the developers to keep Linux in mind.
  • I mean, it’s better than nothing, right?
  • It’s using their in-house Guard Crush Engine so tapping the Linux button was not an easy option.
  • Out of all the games I would want some hipster-pixel from.
  • I guess this will be the future for most games with developers who don’t really want to do a Linux version, but aren’t completely opposed to it.
  • Path of least resistance.

Steam: New Games

Iratus: Lord of the Dead

  • Turn-based tactical roguelike RPG \:D/
  • It’s grimdarkest dungeon! But now you get to play as the baddies
  • It got released last week, but hell froze over so we had to throw chairs at another thing. But this week. Hoo boy this week
  • Mostly due to my cock up with key game names back in August, we shall be doing this next week.



  • It’s a freeform adventure/puzzle game
  • Kinda like stephen’s sausage roll, it lets you attack puzzles in any order you see fit
  • The puzzle mechanic itself? Looks kinda like something david carradine might be in to?


Hinterhalt 3

  • Don’t play this on a 21:9 monitor. OR ELSE
  • More toy soldier shooting fun, but with giant maps
  • Looks sort of like a cell-shadier borderlands
  • Can you disable the “film-grain”?
    • Hey man, the grain helps cover up shoddy textures.
  • Seems a bit… excessive!


Retropie 4 4 4

  • Not much in the way of “retro” gaming systems the Pi 4 couldn’t handle.
  • Basically just an image refresh with some added Pi4 support. And by that I mean they tested it on the Pi4
  • Still waiting for RetroArch to come out on Steam for Linux.


Epic games launcher

  • It’s not exactly Lupis but more options, more better.
  • At least unlike the steam emulator, it won’t get you banned
  • This might get Lutris’d
  • Screenshots people, screenshots!



  • Like Blizzard doesn’t already have a colorful history of undue bans.
  • Do you really want to poke them?
  • Step 1: Buy MAC.


Easy RPG 0.6.2

  • Couple of Linux fixes in this one.
  • Symbolic links now work
  • The focus of this release now is performance, as according to the project, compatibility is pretty much done


Vulkan progress

  • Taking a page out of the black mesa team’s book, they’ve shifted focus on lighting
  • Accurate frame time info is definitely a useful dev tool
  • Don’t like what godot is doing with your shaders? Now you get low level access to them as well

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Great Perhaps
Devel: Caligari Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £8.99 / U$9.99 / C$13.99

Wazzat: The Great Perhaps is a time travel puzzle game about an astronaut returning to Earth destroyed by natural cataclysms. There, among the ruins he finds an unusual artifact — an old lantern, in the light of which you can see glimpses of another time and travel to the past.

Mandatory Disclosure: Renaissance PR sent us keys



  • Clean bill of health for launching.
  • Holds a solid 60 @ 2160p.
  • Xclone and PS4 controllers worked as well.


  • Hop hop hop hop hop hop hop.
  • Fetch quest.
  • Hop hop hop hop hop hop hop.
  • You land and the world has gone to pot but you discover a Blue Lanterm.
  • It’s like a regular Blue Lantern minus the hope since it allows travel between your current dystopian hellscape and the past.
  • You look around, dodge some trains, and run back and foard eleventy times so a little girl will give you a key.
  • I should say hop since that’s the prefered method of locomotion.
  • You walk at the speed of smell and it’s hella annoying.
  • I want to say the game has puzzles but they are so simple they should be considered fetch-quests.
  • Hey, the time thing is a fun gimmick but an hour in it has become a chore.
  • A chore …of DEATH!
  • I died so many times getting that balloon to the kid my counts, they were lost.
  • Finally got past the gate and was deaded again, resetting my checkpoint back to, fk this, I’m out.
  • Not with rage mind you, I simply didn’t have the time to plod my way across the level again.



  • Launches out of the box
  • Not really much of a graphical juggernaut, your only options are the resolution and language
  • It did pick a weird starting resolution for me though


  • Ho boy, I am not a fan of that voice acting
  • The main guy is the most egregious, everyone else is passable at best, but they only say a few words at most. This guy sounds like time travelling tommy wiseau
  • Beyond that, you have a lantern that lets you shift from the past to the future for about 30 secods. And hoo boy do you have to manage your 30 seconds.
  • Much like manuel samuel I got into the habit of stopping every few metres when I was in the past to reset the clock. That’s a pretty cheesy strategy, but after getting devoured by goop and falling into pits, I figured it was kinda necessary
  • The past future mechanic is kinda neat. I do kinda wish they would let you explore more than 30 second glimpses though. Also, you can interact with people, which means that either it’s just some kind of simulation/hallucination, or there’s gonna be some grandfather paradox shit that’ll rip a hole in the fabric of spacetime itself!
  • Everything was all well and good until I took the elevator to the 5th floor of a hospital and got stabbed to death by a nurse
  • Most of the puzzles are just a matter of picking things up, moving to the other time and throwing and/or giving them to people. Sometimes it’s a little picky about where you stand when you throw a balloon at a child



  • Here’s a Unity game that decided 60 is where it’s at and that is where it stays
  • 144Hz people can eat the proverbial bag of schlongs
  • The rest of it is fine as far as makes with the working goes.
  • Dualshock 4 worked out of the box
  • The sounds sound and the video videos.


  • I like the atmosphere and the juxtaposition of the cheery past versus the bleak future
  • The mechanics of the game feel more like an afterthought, rather than the focus.
  • They were telling a story and just went with the most basic framework which allow them to do so but still have some puzzles
  • As narratives go, I like it
  • As games go, meh.



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