LinuxGameCast Weekly 403: #cFc

Somebody is working on Half-Life 2 Remastered, Steam fixes issues with IPV6, setting up Debian for gaming, and Discord overlays on Linux. Then Iratus faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

Special tanks to:
Dodger (latest patreon)



05:39 IPV6 Steam Client fix
07:15 Valve rewards
09:42 Half-Life Alyz adds 1mil VR headsets
13:21 Half-Life 2 Remastered
15:11 Artifact updates
18:18 Black Mesa Co-op updates
20:27 Fury Unleashed
22:27 Eria
24:07 Engine Evolution
26:11 Data Dream
27:26 Tonight we riot
30:05 Shameless self promotion
34:40 doxbox-staging
36:50 Discord Linux overlay
37:50 Fertile Crescent
42:19 Debian gaming setup
45:52 Gamepad streaming overlay
01:02:40 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Beta Cloud Fixes

  • Apparently Steam was using Ipv6 for cloud sync, so if you had it disabled in the kernel it didn’t work
  • Gabe is now the ThrustMaster
  • I suppose that is a reason to enable IPv6 if you don’t already have it enabled.


Loyalty rewards

  • Damn, Valve is …doing non-Valve things as of late.


Alyx x 1mil

  • Granted, that’s less than 2% of Steam users.
  • Remains to be seen how those Mac numbers will shake out once that custom architecture rolls around.


HL 2 remaster

  • I’m kind of with them on it being a fan made game.
  • Valve is pretty good about letting people tinker with their IP.
  • That said, I would not mind a HL-2 using the new Source hotness.
  • According to the steamdb folks:

Steam: Game Updates

Artifact shops

  • Oh for the love of…
  • People weren’t terribly impressed with Artifact’s monetisation to start with.
  • Are you sure you want to be bringing that up again, now?
  • Instead of say, 6 months down the line when the game has had more refactoring done and there’s actually people playing it.


Black Mesa Co-op

  • Couple of new maps.
  • Stable scientists.
  • Fixed many crashes, scientists will never crash the game again
    • Damn you scientists! I knew we never should have trusted you!
  • Recompiled all maps, now players can’t damage each others even in deathmatch
    • Wat
    • If you were on the wrong team in coop you could ded.
  • Does it work without Proton yet?

Steam: New Games

Furry unleashed

  • Wombo Combo, the game
  • Although trying to beat the game in one super huge combo does sound like a pretty interesting completion challenge
  • How soft a permadeath are we talking? Cuz I need at least a ¾ chub


Eira: Echoes of Adventure

  • Cheap as free
  • If you’re going insane from quarantine and want to at least pretend to go on a walk, this might be for you
  • It’s a treasure hunt puzzle game where you get to explore Grandpas ship …if you know what I mean.


Engine Evolution

  • That striping on the UI, it makes my eyes hurt.
  • Ho boy, the translation
    • Gradually unlock newer bikes in dramatic online races to current bikes in a sophisticated gaming economy!
  • Also cheap as free


Data Dream

  • Do you get to play as one of the blue aliens from Eiffel 65’s video?
    • I mean, I guess if you turn green you die?
  • The game certainly has a style to it


Tonight We Riot

  • Simultaneous release. Very nice
  • Unapologetically political, socialist game about worker liberation in the face of overpowering capitalism.


dosbox-staging 0.75.0

  • Pixel-perfect scaling mode!
  • Gotta get that SDL2 going.
  • They added Metal support, which originally made me go “WHAR VULKAN” but then I realized; this is dos. It don’t really need vulkan, does it?
    • Everything needs Vulkan! You damn heathen!
    • I need GORILLA.BAT Vulkan in my life.
  • They also updated Dynamic recompilation to support 64 bit, which gives some better performance on Linux

Open Discord overlay

  • Let’s be honest, Discord will never roll it out.
  • There is a browser based one, but not running an extra browser tab is kinda nice?


Fertile crescent

  • Markets itself as and old school RTS with some newer RTS advancements
  • Bronze age is a cool setting. I feel it doesn’t get enough love
  • “The Fertile Crescent is a Real Time Strategy game set du-…”
    • ZzzzZZZZzzzZZZZz



  • Another shooter from the school of Dusk and the like. This one actually looks pretty good though
  • Even comes with a relaxed mode for those of y’all who had your quake reflexes dulled by age
  • That looks a lot like STRAFE


Debian gaming setup

  • In a world where stuff like ansible exists, I always question the existence of setup scripts.
    • /s?
  • Still, it’s nice when people share theirs, they might give you some ideas about your own set up
  • Sets up Steam, WINE, and Lutris.
  • Gives you the choice of AMD/NVidia graphics and downloads the appropriate driver after setting up the backports repo.
  • Need something for setting up Steam, that’s a damn nightmare when you’re not use the repo drivers.


Open Joystick setup

  • One thing I forgot: when you set the Chroma key filter, lower the color similarity to like 300 (about a 3rd of the way on the slider) if you’re using the DualShock display.
  • Otherwise the circle will still get caught by the yellow key.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Iratus: Lord of the Dead
Devel: Unfrozen
Engine: Unity
Price: £23.99 / U$29.99 / C$33.99Wazzat: Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. Lead an army of undead to help an angry necromancer in his quest to reach the surface world and bring death to the mortal realms!

Mandatory Disclosure: They sent us 1 key, Pedro bought the other 2.



  • Was expecting some bullshit after the F32 upgrade, and there was none to be had
  • Mouse and keyboard works, game looks fine


  • Get ready for darkest dungeon comparisons out the wazoo
  • Yeah, you’re playing the other side, but this game doesn’t do much to differentiate itself
  • The infinite map thing is sorta neat, and it can leave you wondering what was the neat thing you would have got from the other side of the fork
  • The combat is pretty solid darkest dungeon, and that’s good enough for me
  • It’s nice to be inflicting sanity instead of having to manage it, although it seems like your insane enemies aren’t really as crazy as their DD counterparts
  • I found the undead management stuff kinda weak to be honest. Sure you can boost their stats, but aside from arrangement, there isn’t a lot of variety in ability spread, etc



  • Unity got the 144Hz support right
  • But for some reason, some of the UI elements in Iratus started to flicker while I was recording.
  • I couldn’t find a way around it but since it was only for a few seconds, which you probably saw if you were looking at the video while Jordan was talking, I figured I’d leave that in.
  • Though it only did this while I was recording, so for most you out there this won’t be an issue.


  • It’s reverse Darkest Dungeon.
  • You are the one inflicting stress damage and causing the enemies to go crazy.
  • Or, you just make a party of damage dealers and kill errybody!
  • Maybe it’s the kind of play style I tend to prefer in games, but the stress mechanic here seems inferior to just dealing damage and killing your opponents as quickly as possible.
  • You need to sacrifice one of your dudes to build the new buildings.
  • Leveling up means choosing to improve one of your abilities or something to improve the crafting of the undead.
  • It’s more of that, assuming you’re into it.




  • Solid, solid, solid.
  • Launched fullscreen and everything was humming out of the box.
  • 60 @ 2160.
  • Popped it in windowed 1080 and received the same.


  • I shall once again be the avatar for audience members who want to like these games, but don’t.
  • This game opens up with nothing short of a warning that, well, warns you about the many ways it will melt your face off with turbo extreme difficulty.
  • This is immediately followed by another screen allowing you to select turbo-easy mode.
  • You boop, wait, boop again, get killed by RNG.
  • Instead of recruiting you craft new characters so that’s different.
  • Outside of that; it’s the same dungeon crawl with baddie encounters.
  • There is a gang of stats and shite if that’s your bag.
  • Art & sound are both top notch.
  • The biggest difference between this and Darkest Dungeon (for me) is $5.
  • I’ll stick with Dicey Dungeons since it’s simple enough for my dumb arse.



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