LinuxGameCast Weekly 404: The Poop Filter

Half-Life Alyx gets a native Linux port! Doom Eternal breaks Proton compatibility, Humble releases Bundle 21, and Steamy summer sale dates have been confirmed. Then Fury Unleashed faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

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05:03 Steam summer sale dates announced
07:13 Play Next exits beta
09:33 Proton 5.8 GE MF
12:13 Doom Eternal breaks Linux compatibility
16:33 Alyx goes Linux native
20:43 Nimbatus
22:23 Biscuitts
24:22 Eidolons: Netherflame
27:11 Shameless self promotion
33:05 Humble Bundle 21
36:35 Epic online services
40:15 New Lutris webzone
41:23 Yuzu gets virtual multi-core support
44:27 Wraith Master RGB GUI
50:27 SuperTux 0.6.2
52:28 CHAIRQASITION: Fury Unleashed
01:02:50 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Summer sale dates

  • 3 weeks of sale, should at least allow people plenty of time to get a couple more games.
  • I want a good sale, not 21 days of 10% off.
  • Steam sales are kind of like Marvel movies at this point


Experiment 008

  • Play next is now a real boy.
  • To be fair, as someone with a big backlog of games, I could probably use a prompting to play some of them
  • I’d say the Play Next functionality is working, just one problem!
  • It keeps recommending games in my library which don’t work with Proton.
  • Mostly online, anti-cheat enabled games… and Destiny 2 which will get me banned if I look at it wrong.


MF’n Egg Rolls

  • That’s an interesting back and forth, however this means that the Media Foundation stuff is getting upstreamed and we won’t need to use winetricks/protontricks to get these games going in the future.
  • Looking forward to those anti cheat fixes, VALVe.

Steam: Game Updates


  • The dangers of Proton & non-native.
  • The Denuco human is nice
    • MG: We’ve been tracking the Proton issue immediately after launch and are committed to delivering a fix soon. This isn’t a request coming to us from a publisher or anything like that – we genuinely respect such an enthusiast community and regret introducing this incompatibility on day 1.”
  • I don’t buy that for a damn second but it’s still nice to get a little lip service.
  • They don’t believe in kernel level anti cheat, but they’ll still do it
  • Yeah, I don’t believe they respect “such an enthusiast community” since, from day one of Proton, Denuvo has been one of the issues with game compatibility.
  • Heck it was even an issue before that with just regular WINE.

Steam: New Games

Native Alyx & Workshop

  • I very gladly lost that bet.
  • Alyx is now vulkan powered and ready for your head meat.
  • On Linux, AMD graphics and the Mesa RADV driver are recommended for best results.
    • I’d think this goes without saying, but someone might not know
    • As someone who has had some issues with RadV on both an RX 570 dedicated GPU and a Vega 11 IGP, that’s good to hear.
  • They’re basically opening up the full get for modders. Hopefully folks can pick the game apart and figure out how to make even better VR experiences



  • It’s out of Early Access.
  • It honestly looks like a great game to play on drugs


Biscuit head

  • Discount cuphead!
  • They do have online multiplayer though.
  • Like, that’s cuphead with the numbers still very much intact.


Eidolons: Netherflame

  • They say in the description they’re doing dark souls xcom with the story of planescape torment. That’s definitely a pitch
  • Oh hey, it’s done in java.
  • Which may result in psychological pressure
  • Looks more Salt and Sanctuary than Dark Souls, though I can see where the comparison comes from.


Humble Bundle 21

  • That, that’s not much of a Bundle?
  • That is pretty weak.
  • There’s also a non-Linux game on it.
  • Is that the new Gianna Sisters?
  • You also don’t get a DRM free copy of moonlighter on linux


Epic online services

  • Silly Tux logo, what are you doing in there?
    • Ask strider
    • Likely cuz it’s just a service, and they don’t care what OS your client is. Or they’re just hoping the community will do it for them
  • Sounds like they’re trying to go after valve’s lunch a little bit. Their VPN was a good idea, and epic wants to yoink it.


Lutris staging

  • Testing their happy new webzone.
  • WHAR Flatpack!
  • Go install your free copy of GTAV.


Multi Yuzu

  • Put simply, instead of emulating the CPU on a single thread yuzu will now emulate the CPU using multiple threads.
  • Bayo screenshots?
  • Looks like they’re at the state where cribbing from citra isn’t gonna do it anymore
  • Calling out AMD’s openGL drivers. I wonder if that’s just for windows
    • AMD’s OpenGL has always been subpar, even in Windows.
  • The only reason they got as good as they did on Linux was because of community effort.



  • I can’t get it to work, not even a little bit.
  • Honestly, I never plugged in the cable, even when it was in use.


Official Vortex

  • Dev was quick to add that while support is not entirely official, it should build and be able to load modules on the Linux.


SuperTux 0.6.2

  • Revenge in Redmond!
  • So what do you think? Bob-omb-l,ers? Bullet Bill Gates? Shy Guy Nadella?
    • I think this game is so old it’s from a time Microsoft posed a threat to Linux.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Fury Unleashed
Devel: Awesome Games Studio
Engine: Unity
Price: £17.99 / U$19.99 / C$22.79

Wazzat: Fury Unleashed is a combo-driven roguelite action platformer – each kill you score increases your combo. Hit certain thresholds and your damage resistance and healing powers will kick in! It’s a game you can even beat in one, ultimate combo.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • You motherf*ckers like shooting left?
  • That’s my hard option when using the Xclone wireless.
  • Seriously, OOTB the controls were jacked to the point of making me use Proton, when everything worked as expected.
  • In all fairness, the PS4 controller worked native without issue.
  • And it should be noted that the controls are surprisingly responsive.
  • Performance is 70/120 native @ 1080 or 2160.


  • It’s a rougelike but an action rougelike so I might not hate it outright.
  • And you know what, I didn’t.
  • It’s got a comic book theme going on with smash and bash action mixed with a varied powerup system.
  • The game makes a big deal about combos but I never found myself in a situation where they were needed, maybe later on in the game?
  • There is clearly some attempt at a story but FK or all if it makes any sense.
  • I could see this being fun in multiplayer but it’s slip screen only and no, Remote Play Together does not count.
  • If you don’t like rougelikes this might be the one to cut your teeth on since it is simple and splodey with plenty of action.



  • I click, it launches. Seems pretty solid
  • I get proper prompts for the DS4, which is much appreciated
  • And hot damn, they use all those buttons
  • Seems to hold about 122 ferps on either 1080p or 2160p


  • I actually really dig the comic book aesthetic
  • The panel transition as board transitions thing is nice, although because it’s a roguelike there are a bunch of panel paths that go nowhere. Oh well, that’s what retcons are for
  • It a
  • The combo mechanic is also pretty fun. Kill stuff, don’t get hit, live forever.
  • The talent tree leans into that, giving you longer times between kills, more health, etc
  • Like a lot of roguelikes though, sometimes RNGsus likes to give you a super powerful weapon that just lets you dominate and cruse through bosses
  • Sometimes you get a crappy shotgun
  • Still, it’s fun enough, and sometimes neil gaiman shows up to talk crazy at you



  • With Vsync off it seems to cap out at around 298 FerPS on the 1080
  • Turning on Vsync caps it to 144, which tracks with it being Unity.
  • DualShock 4 worked OotB
  • The sounds and looks all seem to work.
  • As technical implementations go, this one is spot on.


  • It’s Rogue Legacy but in a comic book, with guns!
  • I forget there’s a gun sometimes.
  • Just because the melee and pounce are so much more powerful than the default SMG.
  • I’m not very good at roguelikes or roguelites, as Furry Unleashed may be.
  • But it is a genre which I like and this one very much fits the bill
  • Comparatively speaking, Rogue Legacy is better.
  • It just is, from the ability to see your character to the originality of the concept at hand.
  • The Furry isn’t bad, but it could certainly be better.



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