LinuxGameCast Weekly 417: Little UwU Blob

DXVK breaks Pedro’s favourite game! Factorio completes their 8.5 year development cycle, open-source voice changers for Linux, and Epic sues iGoogle. Then UnderMine faces, the CHAIRQASITION!



09:12 Teaching with Toasters
12:52 Dead Cells Barrels o’ Fun
14:39 Butchers Circus for Linux
16:39 McDROID mega update
19:40 Sparklite for Linux
22:00 Factorio 1.0
24:20 DRAG Early Access
27:40 FukTopia
30:08 Epic vs Apple & Google
36:28 Shameless self promotion
40:21 DXVK 1.7.1
43:41 Wraith Master 1.1.0
45:57 Ingnomia goes open-source
48:09 Linux Discord overlay
50:41 Voice changer for Linux
53:07 Ryzen SOC gaming
57:38 CHAIRQASITION: UnderMine
01:08:48 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Teaching Toasters

  • VR classes are something straight out of a star trek episode
  • However I’m not sure how schools, with their famously high budgets, could manage to provide VR headsets to their student base
  • I can see this being super useful for distance learning.
  • I can see VR being used to teach something that would otherwise require in person attendance.
  • Like, I couldn’t imagine learning engine repair or electrics without having something in front of me.
  • For general education I don’t really see the benefit.

Steam: Game Updates

Barrels o’ Fun

  • They added a brand new biome with new enemies and weapons
  • Also exploding barrels zelda style bomb walls
  • Funky new beats!
  • There’s a barrel launcher!
  • New soundtrack.


Chop Chop

  • The new PVP DLC is finally coming to linux
  • It also comes with netcode fixes and some offline challenge modes using bots
  • Steam Rich Presence, now when a friend is in the Circus Steam will let you know on your friend’s list.


Mad Mega McDROID

  • Mcdroid updates? What is this? Sub EP100 LGC?
    • EP040 2013.
  • They’ve upgraded to a newer version of unity and fixed a bunch of bugs, improved performance, etc
  • All this is to support the upcoming switch release, but hey
  • Lobzilla now aims with its snout
    • Fuckin’ finally
  • It launches but I gave up trying to set it into a 1080 window.
  • It launched at 60FerPS and I had to enable VSync for it to come up to 144.
  • Hahah! Highest difficulty is Souls!


Sparklite (Dac)

  • Oh, good!
  • Looks like whatever was keeping Unity engine game developers from releasing Linux versions seems to have been fixed.
  • Now can we have Risk of Rain 2, pl0x?

Steam: New Games

Factorio 1.0

  • 18,855 bug reports later Factorio is ready for business.
  • It’s basically 0.18 with a “finished” sticker slapped on the tin.
  • 8.5 years, they say.
  • Sounds about right, I feel like I’ve been seeing this game on Steam since forever on Linux.
  • I know this is one of those games. But that’s about it.
  • Ex-Roommate used to play a ton of this. If you like the automation aspect of minecraft and want to take it to ridiculous extremes, this is the game for you



  • Unless something has drastically changed since the demo, yeah, no.
  • The demo is like sliding around on ice.
  • That price, too!
  • Maybe, by the end of its early access run, it’ll be worth that much… but not from what I played of the demo.
  • Using a proprietary engine are we?
  • I wish you lot all the best but DiRT 4 is $24.99.
  • Might reconsider the pricing for what’s on offer.



  • Just a fantastic fuckin’ name. And it’s out now
  • Of the 8 reviews in English, 4 are positive 4 are negative.

Epic Watch Continues

Apple & Google vs Epic

  • Billionaire slap fight.
  • Epic’s complaint against Google alleges the company is violating the Sherman Act and California’s Cartwright Act by having a monopoly on the payment systems on the Play Store.
  • BicycleLimbSpoke.jpg
  • Every week there are articles blaring about how Android will doom us all because they let apps be installed outside the play store.
  • Now the same people are bleating because they WANT things installed outside the play store.
  • Something something FDroid.
  • As for Mapple, that’s a walled garden.
  • Play ball or fk off.
  • I mean, in principle, yes I agree with Tim regarding locking down payment methods. It’s a bad thing. But what Tim’s peddling isn’t much better
  • He’s not making as much money as he wants from fortnite, so he’s taken the old maxim “Don’t innovate. Litigate!”
    • Sterling’s video broke it down pretty well. It’s billionaires crying that they can’t make more billions
  • Still, you can absolutely do the right thing for the wrong reasons. I’m curious to see what the outcome will actually be. In the end, it won’t really help anyone either way.


DXVK 1.7.1

  • It breaks mah thang!
  • Ok, so it doesn’t completely break it.
  • It just makes it so the car vinyls in soapbox raceworld don’t render at all.
  • Thank you Strider for letting people revert back to older versions of DXVK in Lutris.
  • Apparently now I have to replay serious sam 2 to experience all of the booty-ful new water effects
  • Better support for Gforce now. Cuz now that’s popular


Wraith Master 1.1

  • They have Enso mode now, which has nothing to do with Reboot, but more to do with fancy changing colour
  • Improved stability through better memory management
  • Nory’s PC is the one running the Wraith Prism which came with the 3700X
  • That’s one cool Ryzen 5 1600 (AE)


Ingnomia goes open-source

  • Took about three days for a Linux build to show up.
  • The power of open source. If the code is out there and it doesn’t support linux, it will soon support linux


Linux Discord Overlay 0.0.2

  • I forgot Discord had an overlay.
  • Very useful if you have a bunch of people on a stream with very similar voices



  • Using the old sox.
  • I wonder how bad the delay is nowadays.
  • Last time I tried anything the sort it introduced almost a full second delay.
    • If it’s doing pitch shifting; delay would be minimal.
  • Jaffa Kree. Tee hee


Ryzen SOC gamingTee

  • 1080p heaven still getting 5FerPS on something that looks like a Pi is pretty impressive.
  • 90C with 45% on all cores for playing 1080p.
  • Don’t even think about UHD unless you are using hardware video decoding.
  • Also seems to dislike USB harddrives.
  • $378.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: UnderMine
Devel: Thorium
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49 / U$19.99 / C$22.79

Wazzat: An action-adventure roguelike with a bit of RPG tossed in. Adventure deep into the UnderMine and discover powerful relics, deadly enemies, hidden secrets, and a few friends to help along the way.

Mandatory Disclosure: Stride PR sent us keys



  • Launches.
  • Windowed and fullscreen work without issue.
  • PS4 controller has correct button prompts!
  • Xclone 360 shows up correctly as well.
  • Averaging around 200 @ 2160p and 1080p.


  • This started out really fun and I knew nothing about it before going in.
  • Right out of the gate you can tell It’s hipster-pixel done right.
  • Got my axe, random tentacle, and bombs.
  • Hack N Slash my way to the blacksmith and get killed by the Rock.
  • Take 2: I have a little coin so I upgrade mah AXE and do a slightly better job killing and jumping.
  • I even managed to kill the Rock. Sorry, there will not be a Hobbs & Shaw sequel.
  • Then something killed me to death and it was on to round three.
  • I had even more cash and some purple gems so I upgraded le AXE, ranged, and something elks.
  • Then I died in eight or so minutes into the run.
  • Yeah, I’m good.
  • As you may very well know I am not a fan of backtracking so you Rougelite irritates that spot in my mind meats.
  • This did not mix things up enough to a point to keep me interested in having another go.
  • While the combat is passable you’re, well, in a diggy diggy hole and outside of some shite being moved around and the occasional item drop it’s more of the same.
  • If this is your jam give it a look, the Linux version is hella solid, and it’s easy on the eyes.
  • Hell, even the combat is decidedly not bad.
  • But if you are not a fan of the live die repeat genre it’s not going to change your mind.



  • Launches
  • The sprites are all clear, and the enemies are all distinct, so you don’t get character blindness, which is good
  • The soundtrack didn’t leave me with much, although I do appreciate the periodic rumble in the mines
  • DS4 Worked, but I get xbox prompts. Boo


  • It’s a pretty bog standard top down roguelike action dungeon crawler
  • It’s a well done bog standard top down roguelike action dungeon crawler though
  • The combat is pretty tight, there are bunch of upgrades and you go through the standard loop blah blah blah, you’ve heard all of this before
  • What you need to know about is the little smeefs or whatever they’re called that’ll steal your gold. It’s real satisfying giving them a good whack
  • Also Pedro will talk about the difficulty scaling. I’ll let him go into it, but I’ll just say I like it
  • Nothing that this game does is particularly to its detriment, it’s just a well done representation of it’s genre in a sea of well done well done representations of it’s genre
  • If you like this style of game and have played all of the others, give this one a try? It won’t blow your mind, but it’ll definitely keep you occupied



  • It launches
  • It doesn’t have a VSync option that I could find, so I got anywhere between 245-490 FerPS.
  • Which is odd, because we know Unity has that.
  • The graphics… I’m almost sure I’ve seen that hipster-pixel-art-style before!
  • The sounds were pretty good!
  • I do remember thinking that it sounded much better than it looked.
  • And DualShock4 worked out of the box.


  • UnderMine is a hard game.
  • Even among similar real-time combat roguelikes.
  • I don’t think I have made it past the 6th level down.
  • Also, as you defeat bosses, stronger enemies start to creep up to earlier levels.
  • But that’s not a negative. I like hard games after all!
  • What is a negative is how I’m not really into whatever UnderMine is selling.
  • I liked The Binding of Isaac, I loved Enter the Gungeon.
  • I should like it, but I’m thoroughly meh about the whole thing.
  • Maybe it’s the fact that even the weakest rats take three swings of the pickaxe, or four throws, to kill.
  • Maybe it’s the constant locking of doors and lack of bombs and keys in certain runs, which effectively gates off content that I can see on screen.
  • Maybe it’s the absolute need to grind to get upgrades if you want to even stand a fighting chance beyond level 4.



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