LinuxGameCast Weekly 422: A 💩 Gee!

Gang Beasts beta 2 standardizes sausage distribution! Blasphemous heads to Linux, Nvidia releases drivers for cards you can’t buy, and something Epic happens to Rocket League. Then we explain why Proton is a really good bad thing.



04:28 Buying every Steam game
07:06 Proton 5.9 GE fixes
09:26 New Left 4 Dead 2 Trailer
11:08 Gang Beasts beta 2
12:28 Epic accounts for Rocket League
15:28 Blasphemous Linux release
17:48 FOBIA
20:43 Shameless self promotion
25:08 Nvidia 3080 drivers
31:44 Open game jam 2020
34:44 Descent update?
38:00 Unvanquished is free
41:13 CPU-X
45:00 ChairQAsition: SubDivide
57:03 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

All the $team 

  • My old co-worker was right!   The See comes before the Wang
  • Half a million dollars doesn’t buy it all. That’s… Yeah!



  • Hey, somebody is releasing Proton updates. 
  • Updates to FAudio, I wonder if it will fix the audio issues with the OG version of Dark Souls 2.
    • Nope and the grass at the start is still b0rked.
  • It fixed the stuttering issue in not Hollow Knight 2. 
  • Horizon Zero Dawn gets a bunch of updates with this release too

Steam: Game Updates

New Last Stand trailer

  • Pitchforks, son. Pitchforks. 
  • I hope the shovel has a nice clang to it.
  • Well, that’s certainly one way to breathe some new life into a game
  • All of the fuckboxes


Gang Beasts beta 2 

  • Lots of balance and bug fixes
  • They’ve also standardized sausage distribution
  • Also some notes as to some future changes, like prolong grabs being nerfed


Epic rockets

  • Now even Windows people are starting to get pissed.
  • Epic wants to collect all them data bits. 
  • EAC will be up next. 
  • If it’s true that they’re making you go out of your way to read the new TOS, that is super sketch



  • It will be in-line with the currently released version of the game.
  • I got a bit worried when they missed the September 4th date, I’m glad they decided to acknowledge the delay.

Steam: New Games

FOBIA (from Mila)

  • Just in time for 2spooky4U 2020. 
  • No copy with the audio here. 
  • I dicked around in the room I was stuck in. 
  • Looks alright. 
  • A few issues:
    • The audio is choppy
    • There’s no mouse in the menu
    • There’s no way to rebind controls.
    • The fuck?
  • No mouse life is real. 


3080-90 drivers 

  • Seems to have fixed the lightdm glitch with full pipeline compositing. 
  • Hope all the bots enjoy their new video cards. 
  • After 25 years of online stores being a thing, I’m surprised there isn’t a better system to deal with the rush for a popular product and to stop making this a click contest.
  • Fixed Youngblood on my end
  • According to the release notes, the new VkMemoryType they’ve introduced should help performance in some dix vix apps
  • No DLSS proper on Linux, yet.
  • They do mention the NGX library Updater but that isn’t the same kind of consumer facing bit.
  • We’ll need the driver to expose that kind of functionality if we expect people to be able to make use of it.
  • I’ll wait until this shows up in the PPA
  • Say what you will about Nvidia but Linux drivers on launch day are the norm. 


Open Jam 2020

  • By the time you’re watching this live, you’ll have  a day left.   If you’re watching this on sunday, you better get started
  • Get some brownie points by developing it on linux.   Or more than likely in your linux VM
  • This year’s theme is airborne.    Go make Brick Simulator Infinite


State of Descent 

  • Thanks for all the fish?
  • Member when you pulled the game from steam to go to whatever that tokens site was?


Open Vanquish 

  • They ended up doing a good?
  • Three years is pretty good for a community project to audit all of it’s licenses.  Good job!
  • I did wonder what it was that caused them to drop completely off the grid.
  • Good to see it was just an internal review of all their licenses and they can safely distribute the game wherever they’d like.



  • At has one of GUI things the kids like. 
  • It looks exactly like CPU-Z.  Which is the point I guess
  • Needs root to see all the relevant DMIDecode bits.
  • Still doesn’t show FCLK speed for AMD CPUs, but I think that’s a kernel limitation.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: SubDivide
Devel: Julian Heuser
Engine: Unity
Price: £3.99 / $4.99 / $5.69
Wazzat: Make your way through over 50 levels by manipulating a line that divides the world. Reveal a platform to get across a gap. Cut through a platform to drop down past it. Make a ramp by cutting a platform midway, or even use a platform as an elevator to make it to the goal.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • This game is only guaranteed to work on Ubuntu 18.04LTS.
  • I find this an odd choice with 20.04LTS being out.
  • Let’s give it a spin on Debian 10.5.
  • Hey! It launches in a little window!
  • Welp, setting it to fullscreen knackeres the input.
  • Can’t get past the menu now because there is no way to select anything with the keyboard.
  • Does not detect gamepads so there goes opton B for getting past the main menu.
  • Breaks Steam overlay, impressive.


  • Since they were kind enough to send us copies I did something I otherwise would not have done.
  • Slapped in the head with a little Proton 5.0 and low and behold everything works.
  • Even my controllers.
  • The menu is unreadable at UHD and that’s saying something since my monitor is 43”.
  • You click on things and they die.
  • Made it to the first legit big-bad boss skeleton and he teleported into a corner so I stood there for a full minute just clicking on him until he ded.
  • BTW, I don’t know if it’s intended behaviour but moving whilst booping is not an option?
  • It’s not my bag and as Pedro pointed out it’s a legit technical shite show.



  • It does launch
  • Says it detects no controllers. Which I guess is fine if you’re playing single player cuz you’re just going to be spamming left and right click
  • For a pixel game, everything is daaaark
  • And tiny
  • Way to hide all of the font scaling options at the bottom of the menu
  • It does have some good sound design though


  • It diablo. Real pixelly, hard to read on a UHD monitor diablo, but diablo nonetheless
  • It’s substantially easier than diablo, at least on normal, especially once you have something that does splash damage
  • Then it’s just click, click away
  • Honestly, the gameplay doesn’t feel too bad, it just gets a little boring for me. Diablo had story and characters and reasons to keep me interested, this game doesn’t
  • Also unlike diablo this one don’t have any sort of working online multiplayer
  • Nay, the steam overlay does not work, and therefore even if you wanted to you can’t use remote play
  • Also I’m pretty sure local MP is a no go, what with it not detecting any controllers steam input or no



  • This game is a technical shitshow!
  • If I start it with the dualshock turned on it crashes.
  • If I turn on or plug in the dualshock while it’s running, it crashes.
  • Go ahead and google Gamemaker Studio controller crash, it’s not just Linux
  • It starts in a window, for good reason.
  • If you enable Fullscreen, you need to push F11 to undo it otherwise goodbye mouse input.
  • No overlay!
  • It holds some magnificent 60FPS, because Gamemaker lies and doesn’t actually sync to the vblank
  • Had to use the nvidia API visual indicator, because MangoHud wanted nothing to do with it.
  • The text in the UI flickers in and out of focus.
  • The mouse movement option is off by default, despite this being a Diablo clone.
  • And it’s off for a very good reason too, it doesn’t work properly!
  • You’ll even get stuck on nothing and won’t attack enemies because the engine doesn’t register you let go of the button and clicked again.
  • Its one saving grace, the music.
  • Damn that’s some good music!


  • Fuck!
  • Yes! It is pretty damn fun.
  • I get to live my Diablo power fantasy all over again and it’s just as much of a time vampire.
  • If I had to complain about something I didn’t find fun in the gameplay itself, it’s the loot shower and how easy Chronicon is overall.
  • It also shits achievements like it had 3 litres of coffee beforehand.
  • I can absolutely see how a game this janky on a technical level gets an Overwhelmingly Positive score on Steam.
  • It’s all in the gameplay and that gameplay is pretty damn fun!


  • Chances are you forgot to install NDI. 



  • Proton is an easy sell since it’s free for devs and they don’t have to support it. 

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