LinuxGameCast Weekly 430: Big Papa Bezos

Streets of Rage 4 comes to Linux! Steam adds support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense, Lutris releases a big update, and we attempt to unravel the Twitch DMCA fest.



00:00 Intro
08:41 Proton upgrades DX12 support
11:16 Steam adds support for PS5 DualSense
14:01 Big update for Blade Symphony
16:11 Half-Life Alyx gets a commentary track
18:21 Retro shooter Prodeus enters Early Access
20:56 Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead
23:06 Streets of Rage 4 comes to Linux
25:21 Shilling & shameless self promotion
31:16 Baseless 3080Ti rumours
24:26 Baseless 3060 rumours
37:56 Lutris 0.5.8
41:31 Open Sus updates
43:26 Atari VCS optimized games
46:36 Twitch DMCA fest
01:00:31 ChairQAsition: Tsuro – The Game Of The Path
01:12:21 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Proton 5.13-2

  • I want to play Risk of Rain 2 natively
  • But unless Humble does it for them, I don’t see it happening.
  • They might still get my money when the game is released proper, and it’s on sale.
  • Doesn’t launch Assassin’s Creed Walhalla
  • Settting a custom log directory is handy when trying to figure out what went wrong with aforementioned ass ass ins
  • As does a less crashy uplay implementation
  • I still need to try dome DX12 games.
  • Still amazed that works, even a little bit.

Dual Controllers

  • Very much initial
  • The layout is correct now, rather than the face buttons acting as they were each rotated clockwise one spot
  • There’s color and brightness/saturation sliders as well as a rumble toggle which don’t do much.
  • Very nice to see the VALVe peeps keeping up with the new hardware.
  • Fixed the Xbox Series X controller showing up as 2 separate controllers.
  • Man, after seeing the teardown that’s surprising since it’s the same as the old one.

Steam: Game Updates

Blade Symphony

  • They ate shit on release, but they’re trying to right the course
  • It’s got that online multiplayer and it’s free, so might be fun for the aftershow
  • I’ve always wanted a spectacle multiplayer fighter
  • I hope they nailed it this time around.
  • Ever wanted to play QWOP with swords?

Alyx commentary

  • You can enable it and at 127 points in the game, the devs will chime in with fun tidbits
  • I’ve never really felt the urge to replay a game with the commentary enabled, but hey, it might be up your alley

Steam: New Games

Prodeus EA

  • It’s not like the Linux build was all that functional.
  • Now you don’t have to request access to it anymore
  • Will wait for the Linux build to be at least a bit fixed.
  • That was a lot of crashing for a stream.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

  • I rather liked the Portal version.
    • Seriously. It’s a cynical tie in, but hot damn was it a well done cynical tie in
  • This has a lemmings vibe to it.
  • Yeah, save the humans but don’t let the zambos get to them.
  • So you actively want to build shaky bridges that buckle when the horde comes running

Streets of FNA (eMpTy)

  • Hey, would you look at that, a Vulkan button.
  • Multiplayer is simple and stable.
  • Much like other fighters, the real challenge is getting on the same plane as your opponent
  • FNA magic


20GB of Fury

  • At that price, I still don’t care.
  • I’m surprised it’s not closer to $2k. That probably might go to the “Titan” of this generation. With 40 gigabytes of GDDR7! And a blowjob machine!
  • All of the AMD cards having 16GB kinda made Nvidia look like a punk with their 8GB nonsense.

But wait, there’s more

  • There is no way in hell this will ever see the light of day.
  • Source: I really really want one.
  • Then again, VideoCardz has been able to confirm the updated Nvidia roadmap for itself soooooo.
  • Give me a $400 card that can kinda game with 12GB please.
  • Bonus points if it’s 0.5% faster than a 1080ti.
  • See what happens when player 2 enters the field?
  • Depending on the performance numbers, when people actually get their mitts on it, I might consider it.
  • If video memory is the new e-peen, I’m curious to see what kind of funky models EVGA and MSI come up with
  • I’m still stuck waiting at least another generation before upgrading the 1080TI, but it’s nice to see what sort of ridiculous shit i can start looking forward to in a few years


  • New Runner Format (json)
  • No imports for you
  • I wonder if Strider fixed the shortcut / game launch command issue which was present in the RC
    • Nope!

OpenSus update

  • The art team has made their little mans
  • Looks like it’s going to be a murder on the orient express type setup
  • I liked the 3D one better, if I’m honest.

VCS 100

  • I hope Gamer’s Nexus get their hands on one to tear down.
  • Yes, a hundred games. But they’re shitty atari games that you can play just as well in a browser!
  • Yeah, does anyone really have nostalgia for a specific Atari game?
  • Because I remember setting up the Videopac a few years back and despite playing a lot with it as a kid, I couldn’t muster the nostalgia.
  • Master system is the earliest my rose tinted glasses go.


  • Ah, they never built the tools/system to deal with DMCA requests because they only received a handful of them.
  • How could they have predicted something so obvious.
  • What about the “deleted” vods and clips are still publically accessible on their servers
  • What about telling people which videos and what content was identified?
  • You’d think you’d at least cover your ass and tell them that, so that then you have evidence to say “we told them” if they do it again.
  • I do like how their solution is “if you don’t like it, just mute the game”
  • A mea culpa from twitch isn’t gonna cut it for most
  • the folks standing to benefit the most from twitch exposure are going to start losing out if people won’t stream their media out of fear of DMCA takedowns
  • They don’t have a system in place to show users what has been hit with a DMCA strike.
  • Do you know many false claims I get on our YT channel each month?
  • Hell I spent two months fighting Netflix because it thought our end credits were an episode of Stranger Things.
  • Then I had a company trying to claim a YT music library song.
  • Point being, people are mass deleting their VODs and there is a good chance some of those claims are bogus.
  • Twitch does not have a system in place so companies can take all the revenue from a 4 hour stream because you sat on the Rocket Cars menu for a full minute.
  • That’s why said companies want the VODs gone, yesterday.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Tsuro – The Game Of The Path
Devel: Thunderbox Entertainment
Engine: Unity
Price: £6.99 / $9.99 / $9.99

Wazzat: Relax with this beautiful, Zen board game. Play with friends, AI, or simply enjoy the solo experience. It’s like a holiday for your mind…

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • It launched out of the box so it has that going for it.
  • Hope you like the max res of your monitor in fullscreen.
  • Well, it does have a windowed mode but it’s that resolution, in a window.
  • Oh, and you can’t resize it. At least not on this end.
  • Changing resolutions does absolutely nothing.
  • No support for the Nintendo Powerpad.
  • Multiplayer is knackered on Debian 10 and I’m not the only one in the forums with the issue.
  • Developer solution was to disable your firewall and antivirus.
  • Can’t make that shit up.


  • What we have here is a $4.99 Android game slapped on Steam with little to no modification.
  • You first suspect this when trying to navigate the menus.
  • It takes a minute to get from one side of the monitor to the other.
  • The other hint is the lack of Steamworks integration in favour of their own cloud thing that never connects on my end.
  • I don’t think the basic Unity resolution options and “quality” modes justify $5.
  • Because that’s the only difference from the mobile version.
  • That said, I like the game, it’s kinda fun.
  • Get random cards, toss them on the board, make some loops, get ded because you cocked up.
  • Multiplayer with AI is fun and I would wager playing with humans is a borderline good time.
  • If my 43” monitor has touch support I might be having a blast but alas, it’s not.
  • Fun game, shit mobile “port”.
  • I’ll reluctantly give it two.



  • Launches out of the box
  • It’s a board game about tracing paths, so the controls are very simple
  • Like streets of rage 4, resolutions are whatever you can resize the window to
  • The menus are really, really awful.


  • It’s a pretty fun board game. I remember playing it a couple times at a local board game night before the plague times
  • I’m all for digital versions of board games. It helps reach people who wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to play some great games
  • Plus in the plague years, we can all use some more light social activity
  • My issues aren’t so much with the game itself, rather the implementation
  • Multiplayer is a bit of a mess. Foxy, Pedro and I got it sorted, eventually, but the game doesn’t let the hosts know when all the invited people are in the room, and if you can accidentally start before everyone has joined. Venn couldn’t even get online
  • Remote play is a bit of a shit show. You think, huh, maybe everyone takes their turn with the mouse, it’s a mouse driven game. This makes sense
  • Nerp. Get your controllers handy and get ready to start aiming with the right analog stick
  • Doesn’t play well with player 3 either
  • Also, I wish you could permanently move yourself around the board. Having it snap back isn’t useful



  • It launched
  • It goes past 144 at 2560×1440, despite specifying 2560×1440@144 in the option menu
  • It looks like it was built for touchscreens but the mouse works well enough
  • The background songs do confirm the Zenness I was promised.
  • I wish I could disable some of the post processing filters, but I guess the blur is part of the charm.


  • Much to the surprise of absolutely no one, multiplayer is actually pretty fun.
  • In single player you just play until you win a game in each of the different difficulty modes and that’s about it.
  • Or you you play pipe dream to escape the trail that follows you and stay alive as long as possible
  • It is very relaxing to play in single player mode, so much so that playing it on Friday night after a fairly busy day at work, I fell asleep playing it.
  • I suppose it’s a good thing the AI doesn’t care if it has to wait.
  • The game you’re watching in the background was the last of 3 myself, Jordan and Foxxy played.
  • All under Linux.
  • Though, it’s not the most intuitive UI to get to that point.
  • Since it does have multiplayer, it gets 3 chairs!
  • It gets dinged on for the bad UI.



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