Linux Game Cast Weekly 435: Ankles Knees & Junk

Wasteland 3 comes to Linux! Steam breaks its own concurrent users record, VKD3D-Proton goes to Valhalla, and OBS Studio 26.1 adds support for virtual cams.



00:00 Intro
03:42 Steam new hub
06:37 Steam breaks active user record
08:27 Vkd3d Proton 2.1 enables AC Valhalla
11:17 Baba level editor open beta
13:27 Superliminal level editor
14:52 Quake II RTX patch
18:02 Wasteland 3 comes to Linux
20:12 iVIBRATE
22:48 Plugs & self promotion
26:53 Nvidia Vulkan updates
30:28 Humble Quebec bundle
32:24 Humble Winter mix
34:04 OBS Studio 26.1
35:11 Atari VCS updates
38:29 Mouse controller hybrid
41:44 Review Downward
55:45 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam news Hub

  • Can I add it as a source to Google News?
  • I wonder if the multiple language support amounts to google translating articles
  • Curators are now a source too. More legitimacy for LGC I guess
  • I was able to set it to filter new Steam game and game updates only with ease.
  • No complaints other than not opening a new tab when I click on a news item.

Steam gang

  • .9% of 24mill is nothing to scoff at.
  • It makes sense. We’re all still trapped indoors
  • Holiday pandemic edition.

Vkd3d-proton 2.1

  • It has gotten to the point where it needs to account for games not properly implementing DX12 and having to render things improperly rather than hanging the whole rendering pipeline.
  • No dice on valhalla with AMD, but it’ll work on nvidia
    • Sparse texture support is missing in mesa, once that lands (if ever) this might work
  • Speaking of Nvidia, unless maybe you got one of those fancy 3080’s, don’t try running it at UHD

Steam: Game Updates

Levels is pain

  • I can only imagine what fresh hell people who not only play Baba but create levels have cooked up.
  • That is how you reach the singularity!
  • Set an AI to learn from the madness which will ensue.
  • It either turns into the perfect skynet or it’ll nope itself screeching into the void.
  • Previously if you had ideas for Baba levels, you needed to use the open source version
  • Share’em with mario maker style codes
  • A big challenge they’re trying to address is cross play for the level editor and shipping a version on the switch. I wish them the best of luck

Superliminal levels

  • Level editor and magnetic snap HUD.
  • I wanted a flatpak HUD but them’s the breaks.
  • The cursor has been fixed on Linux.
  • Nice of them to actually address some linux issues
  • Also nice of them to ensure the level editor updates won’t pooch your existing levels

Quake II RTX v1.4.0

  • Had to use the Nvidia extensions.
  • Still (just) tapping 40 at 1080 and 80 at 720.
  • Apparently the update allows ray tracing GPUs from other companies to trace rays with Vulkan.
  • It’s hard to compete when visual studio makes DXR much easier than having to pay NVidia or anyone else for help with the graphics API.

Steam: New Games

Wasteland 3

  • It’s out as promised. Still a bit of a spicy meatball at $80 CAD. Gotta fix a lot of toasters to make it worthwhile
  • This has co-op, which interests me. But it’s only linux to linux for now. Well, I guess proton to windows counts too

iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition

  • Yup, that is exactly what I thought it would be
  • Keep on not disappointing me, Internet!
  • No wireless magic wands for you on MacOS
  • Yeah, we all know what this is really for, right?
  • Controller racing motherfuck*rs!


460.27.04 BETA

  • They make with the working.
  • Support for the RTX A6000.
    • Gotta bring the rays to the GPGPU game
  • Changes for the Vulkan/OpenGL shader cache.
  • Reverse prime is a bit of a thing to wrap your brain around
    • I think it just lets you bypass the IGPU and output full screen exclusive apps on a display output that’s directly hooked up to the GPU
  • Some mobile device suspend stuff made it in here too. Tinfoil hat points to some initial software support for some beefier ARM SOCs
  • These are the ones you want for now if you’re playing with the 5.10 kernel

Le bundle

  • Tabernac!
  • Aeolis tournament, Jotun, knight squad and castle story are your linux native games to justify grabbing some other games.
  • Which I get for Me is tales of candlekeep?

Humble Winter Mix

  • The only linux games here are in the dollar tier
  • Unless you want another copy of armello for cheap. Which isn’t a bad reason frankly
  • It includes the complete Derp’onia at the $1 level, so that might be a thing you like.
  • Butcher is worth a $1.

OBS Studio 26.1

  • Virtual Camera output on Linux is now a thing.
  • Twitch VOD output.
  • Jack is still broke, don’t use.
  • Blackmagic cards are broken.
  • Window capture is jank / busted as well.

VCS Browser

  • Alright, what happened to this thing being in boxes and shipping?
  • So it’s a thin client with built in Atari games, or is it streaming those too?
  • Also, this isn’t really news. It’s a reminder that “hey, these things still exist you guys totally”

Hard mode

  • My simp mind cannot fathom how this works.
    • Get your simps in now fam. It’s not allowed no mo
  • That’s effectively just a great big square areola with a tassel ring for your thumb.
  • If it works it works I guess. I’m all for all sorts of wacky controllers. They find their uses eventually

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Downward
Devel: Caracal Games
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Price: £6.99 / $9.99 / $10.99

Wazzat: Downward is a first-person open-world parkour based platform adventure set in the medieval ruins of a post-apocalyptic planet Earth. Make your way through breath-taking landscapes, face ancient guardians and unravel the deep mystery that lies behind the disappearance of humanity.

Mandatory Disclosure: Venn bought us keys



  • Screen resolution bug from 2017 is alive and well.
  • Proton to the rescue on this one.
  • Controller does not work in the menu but functions in-game.
  • It can pull 60 @ 1080 on the 2060.


  • First person platforming with an attempt at parkour plus all kinds of other shite tacked on because reasons.
  • Did… I get that about right?
  • You get dropped off without much in the way of information and a mysterious voice provides more questions than answers.
  • Run, jump, and hold jump to climb.
  • That latter part being a rather clumsy mechanic.
  • It also does that thing where some things are climbable.
  • If you are going to do that you need something like Tombs or MAX where they are colour coated.
  • Outside of that I found my hour of playtime quite linear.
  • Jump around, climb some shite, and play tag with a couple of rock golems.
  • You need to seek out a couple of squares to unlock gates and enable mechanics.
  • There is a skill tree and even a trader to sell your loot to.
  • Then I spent five minutes stuck in tutorial hell.
  • Meditation my ass, you have to exit that through the start screen?
  • After that I dicked around a bit more but nothing inspired me to continue.
  • If you like 3D platforming and collectathons this might be worth picking up for a buck?
  • It’s a bit too linear for my taste and the Linux version has what I consider to be a near game breaking bug.



  • Yup, if you don’t wanna proton, you gotta either change your window resolution or run it in a window if you want a non-native resolution
  • Can hold 30 @UHD on the 5700xT. It can do that but choppier on the 1080TI
  • Controls are standard wasd. I keep getting E and F mixed up and accidentally teleporting myself, but that’s on me
  • The game is definitely pretty. Wish I could experience it at UHD without the poo eating
  • The voice acting is okay. Mid tier internet recruits do their jobs well enough


  • This one’s tricky.
  • I’m not a fan of first person platformers, but this one is pretty decent
  • It’s pretty forgiving when it comes to the platforming itself, which can help deal with a bunch of the imprecise jumps
  • ’m pretty sure your mans has a variable height in addition to stretchy arms and legs
  • But hey, we’re not here for simulationism, we’re here for verisimilitude
  • They also don’t commit the cardinal sin of these sorts of games, unlike superliminal you can actually explore the map
  • Sure there’s some stuff blocking you that you need to acquire powerups for, but’ that’s kinda the only thing driving the game forward
  • I really do question the enemies here. You can’t really fight them, just bait them to a corner and steal their magical gemstones for level up points. I’d have felt better if they just omitted it entirely. It’s not a game about dealing with enemies
  • It sure as hell isn’t the story. I get some weird myst-y vibes from it, but it’s not doing anything for me.
  • Needs more hitler



  • Launched out of the box
  • Lowering the resolution doesn’t seem to actually lower it, it keeps rendering at whatever fullscreen resolution your monitor happens to be.
  • Which leads me to the magnificent 48-62 FPS I was getting on the 1080 at 2560×1440 with everything cranked, except for radial and motion blur
  • You can rebind controls and adjust the mouse sensitivity, always a good way to get extra points out of me!
  • Your character keeps quipping about stuff and every now and then the voice will keep playing where it was started, which then just makes it sound disembodied because you’re listening to it as though it was said in the platform down below.
  • No complaints on the graphical side, it does look nice!


  • I really like it
  • The platforming is fairly forgiving and you can see your feet.
  • There’s a lot of metroidvania style instances when you run into something you realize you only be able to traverse at a later point.
  • But those are clearly marked and you can actually visit most all areas in the game right from the get go.
  • Though you won’t be able to fully explore them.
  • I like that!
  • There’s a floating quest indicator on screen to show you where you should be headed, but much like in Skyrim and Fallout, you don’t actually have to go there.
  • I like that a lot
  • The performance is a bit iffy and it will introduce a bit of input latency when the FerPS drop, but I do like it.
  • Can’t give it 4 chairs, so 3 will have to do



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