Linux Game Cast Weekly 446: Penguin Rail Gun

Valve releases Steam Link for Linux! Loop Hero gets a day-one release, Warzone 2100 travels to Vulkan, and Heroic Games Launcher automagically checks for game updates. Then Laser Cup gets roasted in the Chairqasition.



00:00 Intro
04:31 Steam Link comes to Linux
07:41 Steam kills Artifact
12:06 More Portal 2 updates
13:41 Pocket Cars update
17:32 Loop Hero
19:27 Star Picker
21:37 Refactor
23:07 Crazy Wheels
25:22 Urtuk
27:07 Plugs
30:47 DXVK 1.8.1
32:37 Flatpak WINE
34:57 Warzone 2100 Vulkan
37:17 Heroic Games Launcer 1.5.5
39:17 Minetest 5.3.0
42:12 Tanks of Freedom
44:22 Laser Cups
54:42 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Link on Linux

  • Well, it slammed fullscreen into the wrong monitor and refused to get Steamy.
  • Also, flatpak?
  • And a Snap! (unofficial)
  • Can we get a *.deb?
  • Yeah, maybe don’t run it on the same machine you’re running steam on.
    • My poor ears…
  • That was a two click install from the flatpack version.

Steam: Game Updates

RIP Atrifact

  • Artifact 2.0 Beta is no longer being developed.
  • You can’t develop new games using Vale Time in 2021.
  • You need to:
    • 1. move quick
    • 2. pump out updates
    • 3. communicate with the playerbase.
  • What they did
    • Stop updating
    • Stop communicating
    • Never met a single roadmap target
    • Never take the game out of closed beta
  • we haven’t managed to get the active player numbers to a level that justifies further development at this time”
  • pikachu.jpg
  • At least it’s free.
  • If that doesn’t get people playing, start asking Richard Garfield if you can open sauce it.
  • I actually do hope they open source it
  • Right now giving everyone access to all the cards kinda opens up the floodgate
    • It peaked at 600 players.
  • CCGs are incredibly meta based, and part of the metagame is teh lack of availability of certain cards
  • So for those of you still playing artifact, enjoy the mega cheese

Super Portal 8

  • Loads more linux fixes
  • Big performance jump on AMD with MSAA
  • Wonder what got them dicking around in the old codebase.
  • I get those feels
  • For me it’s like having a new laptop I can use to dick around with some random Linux distro.
  • The sudden realization of “oh, this works really well. Let me try this other thing. Ooooh!”
  • That’s the vibe I’m getting from whoever is working on this at VALVe.

Pocket windows

  • Added windowed mode option to video settings.
  • Friend invites.
  • Controller rumble shorter at initialization?
    • That bullsh*t is intentional?
    • Ever seen a controller take off across a glass desk?
  • Now that I have put some time in it, yeah, got some performance issues to hammer out.
  • Smashing the Proton button does not improve things.
  • Yeah, the game will straight up freeze for a full second in the middle of a race sometimes.
  • Changing or reducing graphical settings doesn’t seem to make a difference.
  • I do like the time reduction from the freeze rocket.
  • Being frozen for 3 seconds in the middle of a race gets you in last place very quickly.
  • After spending some time with the game it needs a LOT of work.

Steam: New Games

Loop Hero

  • Reverse tower defense?
  • Rougelike?
  • Devolver Digital spent some cheddar paying people to stream this one.
  • Haven’t got a chance to sit down and watch anyone play
  • Seems like a neat riff on dungeon keeper style games, but I guess your focused on getting the heroes as strong as possible


  • What?
  • That’s sort of neat. They’ve taken the map-based orienteering from games like Sea of Thieves and mashed it up with some parkour
  • Dem legs tho…
  • Seems to be aimed at casuals, but offers a few modes for speedrunning
  • I hazard to say it could probably benefit from some multiplayer too.
  • I have yet to play a proper parkour’em up


  • A and-yet-it-moves style metroidvania
  • Embrace the squiggle. Become the squiggle

Crazy Wheels

  • Online PVP.
  • Hefty price for EA and what I’m seeing on the screen.
  • Someone stole that level from super tux kart
    • …Or action henk
  • Those levels look frustrating as all hell to play.
  • You’re either going down incredibly narrow paths on the ground or incredibly narrow paths on the edge of things.
  • The fun of rainbow road was not that you could fall off of it.
  • That was the failure state, don’t make your game around the failure state.

Urtuk: The Desolation

  • Well this looks like it’s right up my fuckin’ alley
  • Darkest dungeon tactics
  • Got Fedora 25 As a recommended system. Which I guess means it’ll run on centos streams
  • And hey, it left early access! Congrats guys
  • If it’s as RPG-y as they promise, I think I will very much like it too.


DXVK 1.8.1

  • Nothing crazy exciting, a couple game fixes and some DX9 regressions taken care of
  • I guess that’s where that Portal 2 MSAA performance boost is coming from.


  • Similar concept to the containerized runtime VALVe is doing but for WINE proper outside of Steam.
  • Could be handy depending on how automagic it is.

Warzone Vulkan

  • Support for all the graphic things.
  • Vulka, Metal, OpenGL 3.0.
  • Nuked QT as a dep.
  • Everything needs Vulkan!


  • The non-lutris Epic Games Store client gets an update
  • Download progress bars are always nice. I wonder what liar algorithm they’re using
  • The launcher will also automagically check for game updates
  • More stuff around having a nicer visual experience when dealing with file downloads


  • For those of you running Haiku, there is now something to do on Haiku
  • It’s a big ass-changelog, Ctrl-f Linux returns nothing
  • I need to get a new battery for that HP laptop I have Haiku installed on.

Open Sauce the Breach

  • Seems as though the last beta came out in 2018
  • Which is from around the same time Into the Breach released.
  • Only noticed it because it showed up on the top banner in Athenaeum
  • Very similar concept to Into the Breach, but clearly more reliant on the traditional Strategy genres.
  • Gameplay wise i’d say it hews closer to Advance Wars than into the breach
  • Into the breach has more emphasis on “perfect information” this is just battle chess

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Laser Cup
Devel: Dreamlabs
Engine: Unity
Price: £3.99 / $4.99 / $5.69

Wazzat: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play air hockey with bumper cars? Then Laser Cup is the ideal game for you! Select one of 8 teams to compete in high paced, physics-based online matches.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • Out of the box everything works, technically.
  • Menu selection with the keyboard is a bit all over the place, use a controller.
  • Setting the resolution has a fun little bug where it jumps out of the selection.
  • Controller worked without issues.
  • Performance, well, you can play this on a calculator.


  • If I called Laser Cup a prototype it would be kind.
  • You have one arena, one soundtrack, one car model.
  • And a hipster Unity shader that blurs shite up.
  • You flail about and occasionally the ball goes in someones goal.
  • That’s it, next match is exactly the same.
  • You are provided with the occasional powerup but there is no indication as to what the hell it is until it’s unleashed.
  • Then the ball flies out of the area. Yes, that happened.
  • The big nope with Laser Cup is the slide around on glass while pointing in a direction and smashing the boost driving mechanic.
  • You can kill about 10 minutes playing against the AI and another 10 with a buddy online but after that you’ve seen it all.
  • If this was in EA or sent over as a hobby project on Itch I would be a lot kinder but it’s not.



  • Launches OOTB on AMD and NVidia
  • What the hell is up with the menu?
  • Don’t try and adjust the resolution in windowed mode. Do it in fullscreen first and then switch it
  • Pretty simple looks wise. A bit to its detriment. You get really bad character blindness with 3 on 3


  • Oh god the character blindness. What makes it worse is that you can change which dude you are when you have AI players
  • I genuinely have no idea what the fuck is going on at any point
  • This seems like it could be really fun if you have a bunch of people to play with and are able to trash talk
  • Unfortunately, nobody is online playing this game
  • Honestly I think the game could do with a little tutorial, just to at least explain what the power ups are



  • Launches out of the box.
  • Seems to be capped at 60FerPS
  • There’s this annoying CRT filter and fake static effect that I wish there was an option to disable.
  • There’s no rebindable controls, -1 chair
  • And the default bindings are Space and the left Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys. -1 chair
  • Because that kind of layout is designed solely for people who use the mouse on their right hand.
  • Elitist bias doesn’t get you any favors with me.


  • And that is a real shame.
  • Because when I rotated my keyboard 90º so I could have my arms further apart, the game was kinda fun.
  • It’s absolute madness of fumbling the ball into the goal and trying to not let the opposing team do the same.
  • It’s 2D rocket league with programmer art visuals… and a questionable screen filter.
  • I could have probably enjoyed my time with Laser Cup, but you made it damn clear you don’t care for people who might even consider using the mouse on their left-hand.
  • So let me be clear, I don’t care about your game.
  • Thank you for the keys but if you’re just gonna spit in my face, I’d rather you did it in person. It’d be far sexier!



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