Linux Game Cast 462: Mint is Ubuntu

Nvidia DLSS 2.0 comes to Linux! AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution goes open-source, Wayland powered Minecraft, Steamy summer sales, and what happened to Borealis?

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00:00 Intro
07:34 Steam summer sale
09:59 Steam regional crackdown
13:39 Proton 6.3-5 / Exp
15:49 Steamy ChromeOS
20:54 Rail Route
22:39 PULSAR: Lost Colony
24:56 Life on a Pizza
26:19 Fixing TF2 bots and breaking MODS
29:14 Creator Crate 1.0
30:34 Wesnoth beta
42:24 DLSS 2.0 comes to Linux
46:34 AMD Open FidelityFX
50:29 Epic Anti Cheat
54:04 Level design tools
56:14 Fly Dangerous
58:29 Minecraft on Wayland
01:00:59 Review: Mighty Goose
01:10:54 Email

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Summer sale

  • I burned one on DOOM Eternal for science.
  • There is some game mechanic attached to this one as well.
  • It’s choose your own adventure or something like that.
  • Might finally buy Bought Outer Worlds.
  • I’ve had my eye on Solasta, but it’s still to expensive
  • For the king was 10 bucks. Mir has been bugging me about it so maybe I’ll play a bit on thursday

Steam location restrictions

  • Limited to three moves a month.
  • Does Steam have a semi-automated regional pricing system for developers?
    • I remember us talking about something like that a few years ago
  • They just got sued by the EU for this
  • Just freakin’ let people buy games on the cheap!
  • Better that they buy it from you and both you and the devs get money, than them buying the keys for pennies on G2A.
  • Or piracy for that matter.

Proton 6.3-5 / Exp

  • NVAPI can be enabled per game to allow NVidia specific things to work.
  • Remember kids, Proton lies to Windows applications to tell them you have an AMD GPU.
  • I’m guessing this will enable more things beyond DLSS.

Tasty steam

  • Borealis like the Aperture Science ship we were supposed to visit in HL2: Ep3
  • Even if you can get the installer to start it still doesn’t work according to the article.
  • I hope the performance will be better than if you just run Steam through Crostini
  • Since it’s all container based, I wonder if we’re going to see what kind of neat shit valve has on the back burner for pressure-vessel.
  • Are we going to start seeing some beefier chromebooks that can actually run games, or is this more aimed at a game streaming/stadia-like approach

Steam: New Games

Rail Route

  • Ever wanted to play train simulator without those pesky trains or graphics?
  • I’m sure all you management simulation loving sickos will love this

PULSAR: Lost Colony

  • Hey! It’s finally out of Early Access
  • Sandy and I took a crack at it a couple years ago. It’s a spaceship/bridge simulator. Soft of like guns of icarus in space, with more RPG shit in it and less PVP
  • Looks like the final release is just nipping some bugs.
  • I am curious about the exploration.

Life On A Pizza

  • Become the anchovy, try not to get eaten, the game
  • Vore enthusiasts stay away
  • Cross-platform multiplayer and free.
  • Get what you pay for.
  • What kind of monster eats pizza from the crust in?

Steam: Game Updates


  • Good news coming out for TF2 for once!
  • Remains to be seen for how long they can keep the bots from swarming again.
  • TF2 hit 150k concurrent players on Steam for the first time ever on Friday.
  • A bunch of mods and anti-bot training tools are busted as a result, but I guess the tradeoff is actually being able to play the game.
    • I’m glad the TF2 Community has their priorities straight

CreatorCrate 1.0

  • Be a robot on a 2d flatworld
  • There’s a free demo. I tried it and it’s kinda weird. Kind of like a single player, more physics-y speed runners

Wesnoth Beta (Mir)

  • Beta for the up and coming 1.16 version
  • Added the Isle of Mists for multiplayer
  • And fixed the seahorse unit graphic.



  • I’m going out on a safe limb and guessing DOOM Eternal will work OOTB.
  • Initial support for hardware accelerated OpenGL and Vulkan rendering on Xwayland.
  • Went from 57 to 82 @ 2160p in Youngblood.
  • DLSS is Vulkan only for now but will support DirectX this fall.
  • RDR2 will be interesting since it almost runs at not quite but almost 60 on the 2060.
  • Doesn’t seem to work with mobile GPUs.
    • Update yesterday sorted that.

Open FidelityFX

  • Better performance for all gpus… if it works.
  • Works in Proton right now.
  • It has the same chance of working as AMD’s previous efforts.
  • They made it open source because AMD software has always been… lacking.
  • So they’re hoping for a Mesa driver saving grace and just have the community integrate things.
  • Remains to be seen.
  • If Unity and Unreal include it out of the box and make it a simple tick box for developers, yeah maybe!
  • Hopefully it works reasonably well. Not all of us have tenser cores to take advantage of all of nvidia’s secret sauce

Epic cheats

  • Believe it when I see it.
  • A friendly reminder, this is for x86_64 native and not proton
  • It’s better than nothing, but not what we wanted to see from these guys
  • EasyAntiCheat already works natively on Linux.
  • Games like Robocraft and 7 Days to Die… and the Culling, have (or had) EAC running on Linux.
  • Fucking Epic!

Level designer tools

  • From the makers of Dead Cells
    • Those item sprites looked familiar, that explains why.
  • The “Ubuntu” version is actually an appimage.
  • Queue the sigh of relief as I don’t need to extract .deb files.
  • It works.

Fly danger

  • I bounced around trying to decrypt the flight physics.
  • I continued bouncing around.
  • Chmod +x.
  • Yeah, it definitely works
  • A couple of the stages hang when you try to load them tho

Minecraft Wayland

  • So this is a mod of multimc, which is just a minecraft launcher.
  • If you play with a lot of mods that break things, this is already a project for you
  • Apparently under wayland, using the systems GLFW (which is an SDL-like framework for windowing and input) you get a crash
  • This will fix it with some caveats. Mainly freezies
  • It requires ARCH!
  • Well… I’m guessing the developer uses ARCH!!1! btw.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Mighty Goose
Devel: Blastmode, MP2 Games
Engine: Construct 3
Price: £15.49 / $19.99 / $22.79

Wazzat: Mighty Goose is a fast paced run & gun shooter starring a bounty hunter Goose. Use epic weapons and devastating war machines to battle against screen filling bosses and hordes of enemies!

Mandatory Disclosure: Thanks to PLAYISM, the publisher, for the keys



  • If your xboxonesx controller dies the game pauses, nice.
  • If your xboxonesx controller dies steam cannot reconnect the bluetooth, grr.
  • Alt+Enter gets you in windowed mode.
  • Can’t rebind the Mighty trigger but it’s in a logical spot.


  • Man, this game really captured the fun of the bloweverythingthehellup arcade run & gun from back in the day.
  • It’s updated Metal Slug with 100% more goose.
  • You get guns, you get sidekicks, you get power ups, bikes, tanks, and HONKS!
  • Seriously, one of your attacks is a honk that does absolutely nothing. Big fan.
  • The pixel art, scaling, explosion, screen shakes all ring true with a modern twist.
  • I really enjoyed my limited time with Mega Metroid Slug.
  • You are going to charge people $20 for half a game?
  • How dare, that’s $5 more than Hollow Knight, a game I’m 50+ hours into and only nearing 70% completion.
  • You have 4.5 hours (nine levels) of game and redoing everything in “mirror universe” is a FSM damned copout.
  • I know you can blow your way through Metal Slug 3 in 2-3 hours because somebody is going to bring that up.
  • That’s neat, but it’s 2021… and MS3 is $7.99… and has online co-op.
  • You have a great game here, just not enough of it.
  • I’m guessing that has something to do with the game being on the Switch.
  • If you’re thinking about picking it up I suggest holding out for some additional campaigns.



  • Launches OOTB, holds 60
  • I like all the character designs, but one thing I do notice is that once the explosions start, I start getting character blind real quick
  • That leads to some cheap shots
  • The soundtrack is a right banger
  • PS4 controller works


  • Honestly, as far as gameplay goes, Mighty Goose isn’t anything special
  • It’s a pretty standard horizontal shooter. The levels vary, but nothing in any new or exciting ways
  • What you do get is a goose. And several guns
  • It’s fun enough to run around, trying to avoid getting shot and surviving until the next health pack dropped.
  • You can summon vehicles and better weapons once you pick up enough coins, which comes in handy
  • Maybe it says something about my skill at the game when it seems like they’re very unevenly spaced out. And trying to not pick then up is a fun game of “I’m not touching you”
  • If I’m being honest, really what you’re getting here is the presentation. A cyborg goose on the loose? It basically sells itself
  • The sense of humour here is pretty good. I enjoyed it at elast
  • But to Venn’s point of charging 20 bucks for it is pretty valid. Especially with no online multiplayer
  • I’d expect something of this quality for 7.99, maybe 12 bucks at the most.
  • If you can get it for cheap, it’s fun enough



  • Launched out of the box
  • Holds 144 FerPS during gameplay but the cutscenes show at 60
  • It sounds amazing, from the honks to the high octane backing soundtrack, really well done
  • The graphics are premium hipster pixel of the honkiest calibre
  • The DualSense worked out of the box without Steam Input


  • Every now and then there’s a game that goes far beyond my expectations
  • Mighty Goose is one of them.
  • I could tell you that the mix of really awesome soundtrack, over the top explosions, and meaty action is what makes me like it so much
  • But this is the subjective bit and, subjectively speaking, I found myself with a big fat grin on my face and leaning forward on the chair, smacking the button like it honked in my ears!
  • It’s fun!
  • It looks to be a bit short, but that probably also means it doesn’t overstay its welcome.
  • If I were to compare Mighty Goose to Huntdown, I’d have to retroactively go back and duck a chair off the latter.
  • I like!



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