Linux Game Cast 466: Blinking Bad

Steam Deck development kits begin to ship! Nvidia demos RTX on ARM running Arch, Twitch does something about DMCA notices, AMD FSR comes to Linux, and the best Raptor dating simulator of 2021.

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00:00 Intro
06:36 Valve says Steam Deck plays all games
09:46 Steam Deck dev kits in the wild
12:56 Ryan Gordan on Deck
17:36 AMD FSR on Linux
20:06 Top Steam Releases
22:11 Raptor Boyfriend
24:16 Tyran
27:06 Vecter development resumes
28:46 Creator Crate 1.0
34:11 Spicy new Nvidia drivers
37:11 RTX on ARM
39:56 RTX on ChromeOS
43:26 MicroStudio online game engine
45:56 Twitch DMCS updates and roadmap
50:36 Review: Star Picker
59:26 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Deck all the games

  • Bold claim.
  • It sure as hell won’t run Crysis 2007.
  • * At 800P @30HZ
  • IF your plan is to hook it up to a dock and run new games on it, prepare yourself for 1080P low
  • I can confirm that a 2400G APU with Vega graphics could play basically everything at 720p 30fps, two years ago.
  • If you want 60FPS 1080p and Ultra settings, maybe don’t look at the Steam Deck or any of the other handhelds.

Sending out SDK

  • Needs more banana for scale.
  • Some lucky developers will have one to play with for four months before launch.
  • Valve must really think things are going to just work ™
  • Do you have to click continue everytime you install a Windows game?
  • The DPad looks to be a little too offset.

Gordon on Deck

  • Gordon hits on a few good points we’ve talked about
  • I think good hustling might be able to sway some of the smaller devs to embrace a native port for the steamdeck, but your AAA C-level guys are likely not going to give a shit, considering many of them can’t be assed to ship a complete game.
  • Icky gets the idea.
  • If the Gabe Gear hits big developers will look into making native ports to squeeze out extra performance.
  • But that’s a big honking if and if we’re being honest, the second hurdle.
  • The first one is baking in Gabe Gear optimized defaults for your game.
  • The big point being the ones we’ve been harping on.
  • You click install and you’re in and not having to go down to the Linux store to buy yourself a Linux.
  • Now you buy a dedicated device with it all preloaded, not having to find a PC or laptop to install SteamOS to.
  • Which is what the Steam Machines should have been, if valve hadn’t undercut them with the Steam link.
  • Well, there’s no hardware partners here. It’s all VALVe, so now we get to see exactly if they can put the money where their deck is!

FSR all the things

  • This is pretty neat. AMD FSR implemented in the proton fullscreen hack
  • It is pretty hacky tho. IT won’t work on some games, and the stage where FSR is applied isn’t ideal, but it is something
  • Eggy was able to squeeze an extra ~25ferps @UHD
  • This is how it gets done because we know AMD gives negative fks about desktop Linux.
  • WINE-Tkg also has FSR support now.
  • I guess that’s the big advantage over DLSS, open sauce gonna give it to ya.
  • Looking forward to a GE implementation and subsequently in mainline Proton
  • Nothing wrong with a little gloating

Top of June

  • 3 Linux titles for June.
  • Pulsar, Griftlands and Wildermyth
  • It’s not on linux, but apparently Roguebook is a deckbuilding roguelike with design from richard garfield. Hopefully it does better than artifact
  • Both Wildermyth and Griftlands are deserving of the best seller “award”.
  • If you like deck building games with a story and basically having everything riding on your decks, giggity, Griftlands is very much a game you want to play.
  • If you prefer a party-based roguelike with procedurally generated adventures and random events, Wildermyth is going to keep you busy for a good long time.

Steam: New Games

Raptor Boyfriend

  • You get a mention for the title alone.
  • Zoey from L4D falls in love with a highschool raptor?
  • Romance a magical Fairy, a sensitive Sasquatch and a bold Velociraptor.
    • Well, you certainly have your bases covered


  • Latest review is from January and it’s in Russian.
  • Running it through google translate says it’s a MOBA with terrible controls
  • I don’t think this game was finished, they just slapped the 1.0 on it.
  • The russian review is pretty scathing
  • Good on them for including online multiplayer in their moba game. Shame it’s dead

Steam: Game Updates

I’m back…ish

  • So the Dev is back because he likes his tinker project
  • He wants to focus more on development, so he’s not gonna be doing feature requests or discord PR
  • 3 month is a good hiatus to clear your head!

Creator Crate launch date

  • We talked about it earlier when they released their demo
  • August 11 is your date


Nvidia 470.

  • Xwayland fixes.
  • Added an NVIDIA NGX build for use with Proton and Wine.
  • A new library, nvngx.dll, has been added to enable driver-side support for running Windows applications which make use of DLSS.
  • Changes to Proton, Wine, and other third-party software are needed for this feature.
    • This is necessary for natively supporting some of the AI features on your tenser GPUS
    • I’d hazard a guess that the wine changes have something to do with everything being a radeon card in Dixvix land
  • This one has the fixes for the 3 CVEs that came out with the previous version.
  • More PRIME enhancements, so now you can display offload to/from AMDGPU as well as another nvidia card
  • They certainly install


  • Showing you can RTX on Linux without Proton.
  • Long as you run arch.
  • So there is a native port of youngblood that exists? Just for AARCH64 only?
    • Would be nice if they could release it, but something, something, Bethesda…
    • Though they are owned by Microsoft now.
    • The video answered my question Youngblood on Arch is probably gonna collect dust as a GDC tech demo
  • Still, having the drivers working on ARM with a 3060 is pretty significant.


  • See story above
  • That would make the ARM chromebooks that much more appealing.
  • So it looks like my theory holds a bit of water re beefier chromebooks
  • I guess people just wanna play games on their laptops, OS be damned
  • The Mediatek SOC (MT8195) is no slouch. It’s got a single core clocked at 3ghz and uses a bigger, big, little architecture

More easy game tools

  • Step 1, install Node.JS.
  • And I’m out!
  • I hope to see peeps make really good and interesting games with this, and that I have a chance to play them.

Twitchy tools

  • Oh look, a list of things that should have been in place five years ago.
  • It was a good run but the moment people start paying attention you can’t get away with it anymore.
  • And they handled it in the worst way possible with that batch of DMCA claims.
    • Twitch didn’t generate the DMCA claims, only passed them along.
  • So right now you get a dedicated section of UI for DMCA claims and in a month you can now change your VODs to not publish by default
  • Counterclaims are still manual until they can get their new system in place
  • Eventually the dashboard will just show you which videos have been flagged

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: StarPicker
Devel: Emedion Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49 / $19.99 / $22.79

Wazzat: Landing on mysterious planets, you have to quickly identify your location and find the best way to collect lost stars. Show your agility and strategy skills to accomplish your mission.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys.



  • Launches on the correct monitor until you change resolution and BAM!
  • Slams into the wrong monitor.
  • Startup time is brutal. I’m talking minutes.
  • Then you finally get past the intro dialogue and this happens.
  • That’s it, far as you can go. Esc brings you back to the title screen.
  • I have serious doubts that you tested this on Linux.


  • I have 24 minutes in-game and all of that was spent waiting for it to start or trying various ways to get around the red screen of nope.
  • I did not find either to be enjoyable.



  • Man, proton or no, this game has some fucking loading times
  • Try to get into the game natively, you get the aforementioned red scream of ded
  • Once you get into the game, you get greeted by a menu that sometimes decides to flip out
  • Also your keyboard controls are a wee busted when the “w” in wasd doesn’t work
  • So I ended up playing it on the dualshock 4, which works with steam input
  • The visuals are pretty bare bones, but in a navigation game that helps, cuz it avoids information overload
  • The soundtrack is pretty bumping, not gonna lie


  • So this is basically a pity fuck.
  • Considering this is linux game cast, and your native game doesn’t run as advertised, most of the fun I get to have is in regard to that
  • The gameplay is okay. You have a map with some macguffins on it. Find the macguffins quickly
  • You’ll have to run, dash, vault and duck. Sometimes. When you have stamina
  • Eventually you get a new nanny bar which refreshes when you find the macguffins, so now you gotta go extra fast
  • Is it fun? Eh. Long time viewers know i’m not great with maps. Fortunately the difficulty is pretty steady. I’d rather have some friends along. But that’s what sea of thieves is for



  • Started in the wrong monitor
  • Do you want to specify a resolution larger than 1080p? Fuck you.
  • Do you want to bind the right Shift key? Fuck you.
  • Do you want to start the actual game on the native Linux version? Fuck you.
  • Once again, Proton to the rescue.
  • Didn’t help with the resolution or the R-Shift key but at least it didn’t zoom the level selector into the red underlayer.
  • You didn’t test this on Linux, did you?


  • No, it isn’t.
  • Even if we were to ignore the fact that the Linux native version is completely unplayable, it still is not what I would consider fun.
  • Its one saving grace is the atmosphere in some of the levels.
  • There was a lot of work put into the aesthetics department and I did appreciate the desolate planet vibe and creepy music from some of the maps.
  • Unfortunately, this isn’t a video, it’s a videogame.
  • And the actual game is frustrating.
  • It’s all about collecting stars as quickly as possible but the terrain slows you down, from tree stumps to tree branches and a healthy dose of crap just strewn about.
  • There’s a stamina bar which you need to both sprint and jump, which means you’re going to be spending a lot of time moving very slowly.
  • But do you know what the biggest fuck you is? It takes longer for the game to start than for you to finish a level.
  • It needs more than nice makeup and sexy music to get my attention and it clearly doesn’t want it.
  • And it creates a fucking folder in $HOME.



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