Linux Game Cast 470: Probably Just a Keylogger

Steam patches an ‘unlimited funds’ wallet hack, Quake Bethmasterd launches with mixed results, Intel provides details for Alchemist GPUs, multiplayer Zork, and RGB Razors on Linux.

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00:00 Intro
06:38 Steam infinite money hack
09:13 Steam fall sale dates
11:48 Proton 6.3-6 adds DLSS switch
14:48 Proton experimental fixes Quake Champions
17:13 Wildshape tabletop map editor
19:23 Quake gets the Bethesda treatment
22:58 Choo Choo Train rides
25:13 Wyrmsun 5.0.0 updates
27:18 Chronicon DLC announced
36:43 Intel ARC is headed to Linux
42:03 Nvidia GPU shortages in 2022
46:13 D3D12 Alpha 4 fixes RE: Village
47:28 Making Zork multiplayer
51:53 Open Razor adds new RGB devices
54:23 Red Dragon mouse support
56:58 Review: Paint the Town Red
01:07:23 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Infinite money

  • He got $7,500, really?
  • At least this time they didn’t ban the dude’s steam account.
  • I mean, at least they didn’t ignore it until the dude threatened to go public with it.
  • This is the only way VALVe fixes stuff.

Sale dates

  • Happy birthday to me I guess?
  • What are people hoping gets cheap?
    • If something I sorta want pops up, maybe?
  • It’s been a long time since I’ve seen ZOMGWTFBBQ pricing during a Steam sale.
  • Halloween Sale 2021: 28 October – 1 November
  • Autumn Sale 2021: 24 November – 30 November
  • Winter Sale 2021: 22 December – 5 January 2022

Proton 6.3-6

  • Nier Replicant doesn’t crash when playing a cutscene anymore.
  • But it still only shows the test patterns.
  • Add optional support for Nvidia’s NVAPI GPU support library and DLSS.


  • Quake Champions works again
  • Resident Evil 8 and Flight Simulator are playable.
  • New vkd3d and DXVK.
  • Fixed layout for Logitech G920 steering wheel controllers.
  • Splitgate fixes, eh? We do have a native version of Splitgate. I gotta wonder if it’s going anywhere.

Steam: New Games

Wild shape

  • Map maker and virtual tabletop for board games/RPGs, etc
  • Seems to be a hosted version of something like talespire
  • One problem I do see is that all players involved need a copy of the VTT, which means for your average group of 4-5 that’ll run y’all close to $100CAD
  • It’s just going to be the one person streaming the video to everyone else, isn’t it?
  • Is this anything more than a terrain generator?
  • Well, a generator with some roll mechanics.

Steam: Game Updates

Quack 1 Bethmastered

  • I just wanna talk about this.
  • Microsoft Quake & no Linux is newsworthy IMNSHO.
  • Logging into bethnet at launch is chilling.
  • Now it’s running on Nightdives kex engine because we ain’t gotta open-source that.
  • They added cross-play, enhanced graphics, and ZOMG split-screen.
  • I’ve seen people flip out over that one.
  • Yes, achievements are now a thing.
  • Uses Vulkan.
  • Even with all the new graphical bits it looks tame compared to community Quake enhancements.

Linux Train Rides

  • Distributed as an appimage cuz the devs couldn’t get steam runtime to work
    • Which is fine It’s not a snap package. Thank christ
  • That’s not a bad idea, however you probably should have looked up the VALVe bits about pressure vessel.
  • But yeah, I’ll take the AppImage.
  • It’s not even the first game to do it, Slipstream.
  • At least they’re using the proper XDG directories
  • Endless runner choo choo, how does that even work?
  • Does that train, in fact, have no brakes?

Wyrmsun 5.0.0 (Mir)

  • Launches on Debian 11.
  • Cute little windows as well.
  • Ctrl-F linux finds nothing. It’s a strategy game though, so all of the balance changes are likely sorely needed or bUlLsHiT nErFz.
  • Patch 5.0 brought several updates to the game including a reworked UI, upgraded oil lamps, quest updates, and a less crashy map editor.

Chronicon 1.30.0

  • DLC: The Ancient Beast is coming
  • Anomalies, the end game dungeons are now more varied and you have more bosses to fight as well as an endless mode.
  • The FerPS are still locked at 60 because Gamemaker is that limited
  • Controllers are straight up not detected and the game still crashes if I have the DualShock 4 or DualSense connected when I launch the game or if I turn them on when the game is running.
  • Still had to use KWin to fullscreen the window without losing mouse input.
  • Aww, they nerfed chained lightning.
  • No more crashes when hurling swords.
  • Some of the new variations introduced in the patch can be spoilery for the new DLC


Intel Arc

  • Coming spoon ™
  • They are planning a launch sometime between Jan/Mar of 2022.
  • Intel Arc graphics products built on gaming-first Codename Alchemist SoCs will be available in desktops and notebooks.
  • They even have a $50 ARC jersey for sale.
  • Guess that Summer 2021 was just for the announcement.

No GPU 4 U

  • It’s going to be really damn fascinating to read about what caused such a prolonged hangup a decade from now.
  • That’s fine, I’ll spend the money on a Gabe Gear
  • If intel can swoop in with something in numbers that are actually available, they might be able to win just by being the thing people can buy

D3D12 Alpha 4

  • More joshy work on d3d12 APItrace to make it a better love story with UE4



  • Telnet baby! Despite my best efforts it won’t die!
    • Ryan does tell folks on linux to use netcat tho
  • Sometimes isolation has unintended benefits.
  • “You ever play this game in your head, where you have a piece of software you love, and you find your mind idly imagining how to build it yourself?”
    • No. No, I have not!
  • I have always wished a game was slightly different in a way very specific to myself, I’m sure everyone has.
  • But something in my brain stops when it gets anywhere near programming.
  • The whole notion of the Z-Machine is fascinating, and is an insanely forward thinking approach to game development
  • What follows is one man’s descent into the grue filled caves of madness

Open Razor 3.1.0

  • Support for new devices
  • If you have the kitty edition kraken, this is for you

Red Dragons

  • No support for the blinky keyboards?
    • Nice.
  • I know 3 people with Redragon keyboards and not a single one of them has a mouse.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Paint the Town Red
Devel: South East Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49 / $19.99 / $22.79

Wazzat: Paint the Town Red is a chaotic first person melee combat game set in different locations and time periods. The voxel-based enemies can be punched, bashed, kicked, stabbed and sliced completely dynamically using almost anything that isn’t nailed down.

Mandatory Disclosure: Thank you to Stride PR for sending us keys



  • Tight tight tight.
  • Fullscreen & windows mode.
  • Picked up the XclongsX controlla.
  • Runs like a champ at 1080p on 11.


  • It spent a long time in development hell but hey it’s out.
  • PTTR is two (really three) games in one.
  • Forever alone mode has a few scenarios and a few modes to mix things up.
  • But after an hour+ it gets boring with a quickness.
  • In fact, if you’re not planning on playing this with mates you might end up returning it because it’s short for the price.
  • It does have a dungeon crawler built in but roguelike is not a bonus for me.
  • If you have some friends laying about, things get a bit more interesting.
  • We tried it in co-op and had a good time in all of the levels.
  • BTW, it could do with some more levels.
  • Also, that cannon, seriously?
  • Area mode was a good time as well until the hockey stick curve kicked in a we all got one shotted.
  • The dungeon crawl was serviceable when you have other people to play with but even then it was my least favourite mode.
  • Far as the game mechanics, ya beat the shite out of stuff and see how long you can stay alive.
  • Not much to it but it’s alright when you have others to play with.
  • Speaking of others, you have to bring your own because multiplayer is ded.
  • Another downside is $19.99 is steep for the amount of single player content on hand.
  • $60/80 is what you should expect to pay to have a good time.



  • Launches OOTB, holds 60 @UHD and in windowed mode
  • The voxel graphics make it so that you can very clearly see the holes you’re stabbing people through
  • The soundtrack is pretty fun
  • It’s a first person brawler, you wasd to move and mouse to punch
  • Controller support works. That’s all I can really say


  • Bring some friends
  • The game certainly attempts to give you your money’s worth. There’s a plethora of modes and mods and challenges to keep you occupied if this was the one game to keep you busy for 2021
  • All the multiplayer modes are available for single player, although some of the arena mods aren’t. In light of that, the single player is just kind of meh though. It all feels lacking without some buds.
  • There is a campaign that plays a bit like a class based, roguelike Xen. It’s okay, but I really wish they gave you something better than the skyrimmometer for telling you where you need to go or where your friends are.
  • I’d compare this game semi-favourably to Gorn, but this can’t match Gorn’s brutality



  • Launched out of the box
  • Does not hold 144 at 2560×1440, which makes me wonder what manner of shader shenanigans are taking place.
  • Mouse and keyboard and I still love to see a Unity game where the mouse sensitivity slider actually works.
  • Came with both WASD and directional arrows mapped, just had to map right control and right shift as well.
  • There’s a lot of voxels and not a lot of textures.
  • Honestly, I can give it a clean bill of health.


  • Yes, it is fun
  • It’s hard, roguelike hard.
  • In fact, the Beneath mode is very much a roguelike with a half-life-esque introduction.
  • It reminds of Eldritch a little bit, with the overly simplistic graphics but a more or less cohesive aesthetic in general.
  • Then there’s the Scenarios, which are just a small map where you have to kill everything else.
  • It’s a typical brawler type of deal and you can dish death in any way you deem appropriate.
  • Arena is exactly what you expect, you go in sequence with different types of enemies and/or supporters and have to stay alive.
  • Arena also has a survival mode which I’m pretty sure people are cheating their ass off in.
  • Number 1 stayed alive for 25hours, which I need to press X to doubt.
  • And finally you have player made levels which give this game effectively endless content.
  • I can absolutely see why this game has as many positive reviews as it does on Steam, 94% out of the 12’361 total reviews are positive.
  • Beneath is by far my favorite mode.



Hate Mail:



  • Over the past decade I have seen many attempts to turn handheld devices into computers.
  • None of them caught on.
  • None.
  • Zero.
  • Not one.
  • Apologies if my statements are based on data vs blind fanboyism.
  • Who knows, Valve might be the one to solve it.

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