Linux Game Cast 472: Too Many Bridges

Take-Two sues open-source GTA fan projects re3 & reVC, Valve talks about high-end gaming on the Steam Deck, new karts and arenas land in SuperTuxKart 1.3, Twitch adds a Software and Game Development category, and a gate-level simulation of the original Game Boy.

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00:00 Intro
06:09 High-end gaming on Steam Deck
09:39 Steam Deck dev kits begin shipping
11:29 Valve wins Steam Controller appeal
16:59 VVVVVV 2.5
19:09 Svoboda 1945
28:49 Leafish: Minecraft in Rust
31:44 New karts & maps for Stuxcart 1.3
34:29 Empty Epsilon
36:24 Acid Fight
38:49 Gameboy with Gates
42:19 Take 2 sues re3 & reVC GTA projects
47:34 Twitch adds Software & Game dev channel
49:49 Review: Splitgate
01:00:00 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Deck Deux

  • So yeah, they’re being fairly realistic when it comes to what the device can do. If you’re going to be outputting to a UHD monitor, you’re guaranteed to be doing 4k30/low

  • There’s some more discussion about how 1280×800 is the best compromise for text readability at that screen size and battery life

  • Also being very diplomatic regarding their choice of amd over nvidia, IE having full control over the driver space

  • I really just wanna get my hands on one to see how it actually feels. That’s gonna really be the deciding factor for me

  • The question I wanted them to ask was “How do you see the goal of playing all the games on Steam being a thing by December?”

  • Or “What are you doing to make EAC and co. work in Proton?”

  • When do you think Valve will announce the GabeGear is shipping the first delay?


  • Wonder what that’s going to go for (new in box) in 20 years.

  • Alex, of Project Heartbeat fame, has put in his application for one.

  • As he should!

  • Developers will need to fill out the hardware request form.

  • Might have to put down a deposit but that’s just a guess.

  • Speaking of that 800P@30 performance target

Steamy Controlla appeal

  • Prior art is valid.

  • Of what you ask? An XBOX 360 controller.

  • Originally the prior art was only available via the wayback machine.

  • Initially the court dismissed this as not being publicly accessible.

  • Dyk agreed with Valve that the board wrongly discredited a piece of prior art that Valve had argued invalidated parts of the patent.

  • Dyk has remanded the case for the board to reconsider the article in Valve’s challenges.

  • 9 of the previous claims were deemed unpatentable with this, that’s significant.

  • Ah tech illiterate courts dealing with technology problems

Steam: Game Updates


  • New version of FNA means all sorts of nice features

  • I do like how they keep all the glitches togglable.

  • If you leave a bug unfixed long enough, it becomes a feature.

  • And if it’s a particularly charming one, or one that’s really popular for speedrunners, giving people the option to use it if they want is not necessarily a bad thing.

  • 60 FPS, new graphical options, and bug fixes.

Svoboda 1945

  • Thanks for sending a key.

  • It’s an FMV mystery game, sorta like Contradiction

  • Realistic historical fiction is tricky to nail



  • Rust based Minecraft client

  • It’s supposed to be compatible with the java version, not bedrock

  • Uses Vulkan, and high performance is a goal

  • Chat is routed through Matrix or Discord and they’re bridged.

    • Seems like it’s defeating the purpose if you’re using Matrix for the security aspect.

  • This has been forked from stevenarella’s repo.

  • Something he did because fun / why the hell not.

  • Not everything from the original game is supported.

  • Pre-built binaries have to be downloaded from Github Actions.

Stux Kart RC

  • 2 new arenas and revamped karts.

  • Pepper replaced Sara

  • GNU, Adium, and eMule got spruced up.

  • Binary packages available.

Empty Epsilon

  • Ooh, another bridge simulator

  • I guess I gotta get some people together for a Thursday.

  • This one looks somewhat sane to get set up over a WAN.

  • Wonder how it stacks up against Space Nerds In Space.

Acid Flight

  • They wrote in and asked if we would cover it, done.

  • Available for free on; voluntary payments will be donated to the Afghan Volunteer Women’s Association.

  • That is quite pink, at least for the website background.

  • The game doesn’t seem to have quite as vibrant a pink color, though.

  • It shuts off my rightmost monitor and then hangs until I kill it. Think it might be an SDL2 Issue

Gate Boy

  • This is beyond insane

  • Only 8X slower and dude is right, that’s amazing.

  • No audio, it was even slower.

  • This is a proper damn benchmark.

  • Will a CPU exist in the next decade that can run this at full speed.

  • This is is your brain on virtualization kids. The breakdown is so far over my head

  • Although apparently this isn’t a perfect emulation, because some stuff in the original gameboy had limitations and bugs surrounding the physical distance and even temperatures of the transistors that can’t really be modeled like this

  • Theres also a visualization tool called Plait

  • Emulating an entire physical platform, accurately, in software is not necessarily the best if all you want to do is run the software available on that platform.

  • But if you want to have a completely working, 100% true replica of a gameboy in 100 or so years, doing it in software will save a lot of money in the long run.

  • And eventually we’ll be able to get to the point where we can have everything preserved.

Take-2 GTA

  • Pssst! EULAs are not legally binding.

  • In the states cleanroom reverse engineering is totes legal and that has been settled in the courts. SEGA case. And IBM.

  • This was not a cleanroom reverse engineering.

  • They could get them on that.

  • The piracy bit it’s nonsense.

  • I want the EFF to take this up and go ham in their arses.

  • There is a special place in hell reserved for companies like Take-Two Interactive.

  • Right down the hall from RealPlayer.

  • I really want someone to take them to court and destroy their shitty little marketing campaign, which is so flimsy that they think re3 reVC will stop people buying GTA 3/Vice City on the Switch.

  • Fucking idiots.

  • At this point they’re swinging for the fences. The very best they can hope for is to drown the re3 team in legal fees, since they actually have no standing

Gamedev Twitch

  • No more sorting through random animal cams.

  • A much easier way to stalk Scott Michaud

  • Stuff like this is good cuz it really demystifies the process. There’s no magic. Just missing semicolons

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Splitgate


Devel: 1047 Games

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Price: Free2Play

Wazzat: Splitgate is a free-to-play, fast-paced multiplayer shooter that features player-controlled portals. This sci-fi shooter takes the FPS genre to a new dimension with its portal mechanics, delivering high-flying, multi-dimensional combat. IGN describes Splitgate as “Halo meets Portal.”



  • Outside of having to feed Steam the -vulkan command everything mostly worked.

  • I say mostly since in windowed mode you have to do a Atl+Tab x2 at the start of the match if you plan on turning right.

  • These kids made a F2P game using Unreal Engine 4 and released a solid build on Windows and Linux.

  • It’s pleasantly multithreaded and has zero issues maintaining 120 with everything on 11 @ 1080p.

  • That’s with my gen-1 Threadripper and a non Super 2060.


  • Curse you FartMan25!

  • Granted, that’s the name of a bot because I kept my embarrassment limited to forever alone mode.

  • But speaking of bots, damn.

  • Even on easy they can pop you clear across the map.

  • That was giving me some Unreal Tournament flashbacks.

  • It’s a free game so I’m not going to waste time telling you to buy it or not.

  • It’s a FPS with 14 game modes and some of them are fun even for someone like me who is burnt out after 30 years of playing FPS.

  • Team Oddball, Teabag Confirmed, Team Shotty Snipers are entertaining.

  • And no, I didn’t forget about the PORTALS!

  • I’m kidding, I completely forget about the portals when playing unless I need to get my capmy sniper arse somewhere out of the way.

  • All of the $$$ bits are cosmetic.

  • You can create private servers.



  • Launches out of the box

  • Can hold 60@UHD, which is pretty nice

  • The graphics….well, considering your contemporaries here in the free to play/lootbox shooter, it’s about on par. Definitely less cartoony than your forknifes

  • It wasds, and it feels good. I’m not a fan of q and e being the portal buttons. Your mouse side buttons are probably a solid remap


  • It’s pretty good. I was originally hesitant because I had to play with randos on the internet for a few rounds, but hey, it works well enough as a game

  • Also, you can feel a bit better in casual as a bunch of people are playing on console with controller and it SHOWS

  • It’s a bit of tribes + halo with a leeetle bit of portal thrown in.

  • The gunplay is very halo 1, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a beloved series for a reason

  • The various modes are entertaining enough. Nothing too revolutionary, just your standard riffs on deathmatch, ctf, etc. I’ll give another boat for shotty snipers. I’m always a fan of having to deal with extreme range stuff

  • I found myself not really using the portals all that much except when I really need to traverse, but I figure those strats come with time and fluency. Still, when you can fall back on tried and tested FPS skills, it becomes less of a handicap

  • And then there’s all the free to play stuff. All cosmetic, although I gotta admit it’s actually a bit worse when everyone on your team looks different as I kept mistaking a dude with a red skin as someone on the red team

    • Fortunately, there was a red teamer behind him so when I shot him I killed the dude chasing him



  • Launched out of the box.

  • Mostly holds 144 at 2560×1440 in game, in the menu it limits it to 60 but only on High

  • On Ultra it has problems maintaining 60 in game at 2560×1440.

  • The mouse isn’t locked to the window in Fullscreen, or in any of the other options either.

  • That’s a pretty major flaw in < current year argument >


  • It’s a lot of fun actually.

  • The shooting reminds me a lot of Ballistic Overkill but without the forced class system and an even bigger variety of game modes.

  • I find myself forgetting the portals exist most of the time.

  • Except for a few maps where I’ve figured out how to get the other team from behind if they’re not paying attention.

  • It’s fun and the jetpack allows for some bullshit kills while also making you very vulnerable to anyone who takes the time to aim.

  • Not a big fan of the stupid amount of money everything costs but it is free to play, so I can excuse it, somewhat.

  • What I can’t excuse is how your first person shooter released in 2021, in early access since 2019, is still failing to do something so basic games in the 90s had figured out.



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