Linux Game Cast 474: Make a Fish Foundation

Steam Deck dev-kits are on the move! Team Fortress 2 nature & wildlife preservation measures, new software for Stream Decks on Linux, Ryzen 4700S benchmarks, and Quake in 13 kilobytes or less.



00:00 Intro
05:20 Steam turns 18
09:43 Steam Deck interface leaks
12:53 Steam Decks in the wild
16:33 Skate BIRD
19:36 ATOM RPG Trudograd
22:16 RetroArch exits testing
24:26 Black Mesa workshop fixes
26:26 TF2 updates
32:25 Ryzen 4700S benchmarks
37:45 New Stream Deck Linux software
39:45 Veloren 0.11
43:35 Fish Fight goes open-source
45:24 Draw & Guess
47:24 Quake in 13K
50:08 Review: Cathedral 3-D
59:23 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Sandy

Steam: News

Steam-chan can vote

  • 18 years ago Steam arrived and fractured the Counter Strike community.
    • For riggedy real
  • While I didn’t begin using Steam until relatively recently I do remember the naysayers.
  • Who in their right mind would download games instead of getting a disk?
  • A good case of being ahead of your time and sticking with it.
    • Agreed
  • Steam has certainly changed the course of what valve is as a company
  • And it’s certainly strange to look back and think of steam as an inconvenience.

Drip drip

  • A snek peck at the Steamdeck UI because leaked.
  • Guessing the initial Steam UI change started when the SeamDeck got out of the idea phase.
  • An image of SteamOS 3 leaked and people are already getting it running on other portable consoles.
  • Makes sense that this is just an update to to the existing UI JavaScript
  • I think we’ll probably see the rest of these updates trickle out to the main client eventually
    • The honour system on the internet? lul

Decks out

  • Lucky bastards.
  • That’s right kids, if you were lucky enough to snag one you have 3 months and some change to get testing.
  • This will be several devs first time playing (or even launching) Proton.
  • Should be fun to watch.
  • One could get alot done in 3 months.
  • The ‘porting’ process, as it is, isn’t as extreme as an entirely new platform.
  • This is gonna be a test of what some pretty unoptimized games can squeeze out of the low settings.

Steam: New Games


  • Birb or not people take their sk8boarding games seriously.
  • Apparently the camera is still butt
  • Still, we desperately need more skateboard games on Linux
    • Agreed. One compliment I will give the design. The birds flapping during the trick is effing adorable.

ATOM RPG Trudograd

  • Turbo Grad? Trogdor?
    • I’ll say this, The UI for this looks nicer than ATOM. Maybe some movement animations look a little better from the trailer. But I would definitely need to play it and see the changes visually.
    • I originally read it as turbograd too. Why not just call it that?
  • If you’re gonna recommend people play the first game before this one for story reasons, you should probably have some way to import your old save to the new game
    • I totally agree with you. Or at the very least Have a big warning on the store page that tells everyone. “Hey dickhead, Play the first game before this”.

Steam: Game Updates

RetroArch out of testing

  • I love the fact that Retroarch is on steam now.
  • Now it’s a matter of getting those damn insane retroachievements the community have set for all the games I own.
  • Well,. it’s the easiest way to keep your retroarch up to date these days

Mesa workshop fixes

  • Goes to show how much I use the workshop.
  • In other news, Black Mesa has a workshop.
  • Not hanging on linux when you hit escape is nice

TF 2 Updates

  • Nature & wildlife preservation measures?
    • Apparently some trees on the map are now stumps
  • Also,


Steamy Box?

  • Welcome back to Linux hardware cast.
  • You peasants can use googs translate.
  • A Ryzen 4700S desktop has been benched.
  • 8 Zen 2 cores and 36 compute units of RDNA.
  • It’s a PS5, mostly.
  • Unless Google translate has failed me, apparently the GPU is fused inactive
    • So probably the binned PS5s whose GPUs didn’t cut the mustard
  • So you get the ps5 cpu.
  • And nothing else.

New software for Decks

  • This comes in two parts, Streamdeckd and StreamDeck UI.
  • DBus for your Deck.
  • People are going to get confused since the current working solution is called, ya guessed it, streamdeck-ui.
  • The OG streamdeck-ui had some issues with Wayland due to pynput so I wonder if this sorts things.
  • The UI looks roughly the same and hey, 100% GO.
  • Unfortunately this still requires xdotool aka xdoot.
  • This will cause you to lose focus on the active window.
  • Moral of the story?
  • If you are using a Deck for OBS stick with Bitfocus Companion.

Veloren 0.11

  • Good to see an open source cube world style game out there.
  • Okay so they support Flatpak as well Aur repositories. I just used flatpak and away I went.
  • Account creation doesn’t require your email which is very refreshing in this day in age.
  • The game itself has a very RPG gameplay style which is pretty neat.
  • This release has a bit of an overhaul on the combat system. They’re trying to make it so that dungeons can’t just be overwhelmed
  • There’s now a PVP switch for servers
  • It looks like they’re also experimenting with terrain persistence
  • So after testing the previous build and this build. Seeing the difference of how the town and guard NPC react to “accidentally” slashing a friendly in the throat. Can confirm that the warning text is better than them straight up mercing you.

Fish Fight

  • 2-D Super Bass Brothers.
  • Online multi.
  • The gameplay seems a little fishy if you ask me.
    • Also if you want to support them. Send them some money via the Make a Fish Foundation…(.. yes.)
  • Towerfish: Ascension


  • So now people can play privately “What kind of penis can I draw”. I am not the only one, right?
  • Hehehe dick-tionary. Wait a second
  • Self hosted Pictionary/ is a nice option to have

Quake-lite in 13 kilobytes

  • Alright, that’s impressive.
  • The levels are basically made up of axis aligned cubes which simplifies collision detection and response considerably.
  • The textures are also made using procedural generation.
  • Yet it lacks strafe jumping.
    • It also lacks difficulty. But hey, It is already a good start.
  • It’s minified to high hell and back to pack it down to 13KB, but still
  • It was part of game jam about making browser games in under 13KB and it’s certainly one of the more ambitious entries

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Cathedral 3d
Devel: Unfinished Games
Engine: Custom
Price: 5.99 CAD / 4.99 USD

Wazzat: Cathedral 3-D is a fast-paced, arcade, single-player, endless arena inspired by the early 3-D shooters of the 90s. Become a terrifying Monster and protect your lair from endless waves of human enemies. Survive as long as you can by using your fiery breath and incredible agility.

Mandatory Disclosure: Made with the keys via curator connect.



  • Everything launches and makes with the running.
  • Windowed mode is limited to 720p and that’s a wee tiny even on a 43” monitor.
  • Keeb and gerbil work as expected.
  • Controller support was a no-go on this end.
  • It’s for the best, tried it with proton and it’s using the Steam virtual keyboard thingy and that’s a hot mess.
  • Had one spite crash when watching other people’s replays because I wanted to know how the hell to play the game.


  • Yeah, fun, let’s talk about that.
  • Kitty 3D does a hella poor job explaining what you need to do.
  • Had to watch some replays to figure that out.
  • Run about with pacman chest, dump it in a safe stop, commence murderating.
  • Repeat.
  • Kinda like tower defense but the tower is mobile and wants snacks.
  • It’s an arena-survival FPS with an extra fky bit thrown in for good measure.
  • I lasted 25 minutes before tapping about.
  • It looks better than the original Ludum Dare 33 entry Save the Chest but still plays like a prototype.
  • It’s priced the same as Devil Daggers so if that type of game is your thing, pick it up and add it to your not quite finished but maybe one day game collection.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Controls are fine. Wasd wasds and the buttons do what they say they do
  • They were going for an old FPS aesthetic and it certainly looks old
  • The game slows to a crawl if you leave too many people alive, and that’s not good


  • This game makes you walk a tightrope. On one end, there is no ammo, on the other end is all of the enemies and no ability to respond
  • Your goal is to run around with your chest, stuff stuff into it so you can blast more fireballs, rinse and repeat.
  • I imagine there’s a certain rhythm you need to get in to not be completely overwhelmed
  • I’m…. not into it
  • It’s a little too chaotic, cuz you’re basically just bounding around shooting fireballs until you run out of juice and then lose your chest
  • Or jump off one of the cliffs of the ONE level



  • The game launches fine,
  • There is no Direct Gamepad input. Just Xinput sadly.
  • Framerate takes a huge dive for me on the second wave due to the amount of enemies present.
  • The feel of the gameplay reminds me of Unreal tournament.


  • Unless you are a high score whoore. I can’t see this being a game that you would spend endless hours playing.



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