Linux Game Cast 476: Liquid Shame

The Steam Deck gets benched! Vermintide 2 developers share their thoughts on Proton powered EAC, Carmack unlocks the Oculus Go, Twitch is testing boosts, and Linus (not that one) prepares to Linux.

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00:00 Intro
04:48 Leaked Steam Deck benchmarks
08:58 Wireless Valve VR Deckard
13:03 Limits on downloading old game versions
18:13 Better shader caching for Vulkan
21:38 FukTopia 3
24:03 Pawnbarian
26:28 Vermintide 2 developers nope Proton EAC
31:48 Trackmaster Motorsport
39:53 Carmack unlocks the Oculus
43:58 Ddos DDrace Network
47:58 Fly Dangerous Alpha 6
50:28 Twitch phone & email verification
52:43 Twitch boosts
59:27 Can Linus & Luke Linux?
01:01:34 Linus dismisses Fedora
01:12:14 Review: Skate Bird
01:23:29 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Leaky Steam Deck Benches

  • DOTA @ 80 low and 2077 @ 20 on high.
  • DOOM @ 60 medium.
  • The back heats up to 42.6°C.
  • After about three hours of playing, the power of SteamDeck dropped from 100% to 46%.
  • Cyberpunk crashed so we know Proton is accurately emulating Windows.
  • 29ºC around the handles, that’s about right for holding it in your sweaty, sweaty hands.
  • Them numbers also allow me to see how the Ryzen laptop fares in comparison.
  • Article is a wee unclear what resolution they’re running these at, although I’d assume it’s 800p

Valve Deckard

  • Standalone would make things interesting.
  • But something tells me the price will still be… prohibitive, at best.
  • Valve has been known to leave red herrings in code. Who knows what’s being recycled where

DL Old games

  • I really want that 8TB drive now.
  • 600GBs of manifests alone is a lot!
  • And it still only covers going back to 2013.
  • I’d very much like to keep a copy of those manifests, especially when certain publishers of online games decide to kill them.
  • And removing access to the old builds means if a publisher decides that no, you can’t get the game anymore, there’s no way to preserve the game.
  • The technical details of this are kind of neat. The new beta client introduced a new API call for accessing manifests that require a password in order to get the file locations, etc
  • The stable client doesn’t have this implemented yet, and steam’s API gateway isn’t enforcing the password requirement, but it might eventually
  • Should Steam have an option to roll back specific versions? I could see that being a UI problem for games that have lots of updates

Better caching

  • Datasets will start from scratch for this Beta.
  • I guess at the beginning they didn’t have much choice but to ship the kitchen sink
  • Per proton version and whatever they consider “Driver capabilities”

Steam: New Games

Fuktopia 3

  • Fuktopia Throne? Enter the Fuktopia?
  • You know what, I’m okay with this.
  • It’s pretty like watching someone throw shit at a wall to see what sticks, but there may yet be an interesting game to come out of that cathartic experience.
  • Better this than Biscuitts…
  • Speaking of, did you know the developer for Biscuitts has priced all the games in the “series” at $20?
  • Going from brawler to twin stick is definitely a bold move.
  • It has online multi.
  • Random generated levels.
  • The grammar is getting slightly better on the store page.


  • Now we see the dominoes fall like a house of cards. Checkmate
  • So it’s a chess card game huh.

Steam: Game Updates

Vermintide 2

  • To the surprise of absolutely nobody.
  • Well, I had to ask, didn’t i?
  • I look forward to the incipient dick sucking to get developers to click a box and press a button
  • Brings up a question.
  • If you click the box are you free of any & all support obligations?
  • Where should the support requests go?
  • VALVe did say when they released Proton that all issues running the games via Proton should be sent to their Github rather than the developers or the Steam forums.
  • Remains to be seen how long they plan to keep that up.
  • Maybe until that mythical 100% compatibility goal?
  • Linux users running Linux on their Linux boxes from the Linux store on Linux boulevard head right to the forums.
  • We’ve all seen it.
  • What I really hope doesn’t happen is companies that do hit the switch using it as a stick to keep the linux community at bay

TrackMaster 0.8

  • Yay, silly racing game
  • Boo, local multiplayer only.
  • Tried the demo and woof.
  • It’s Early Access but right now you can consider it a semi-functioning prototype.
  • No resolution options and zero love for the controller.


Rooted Oculus

  • Will be interesting to see what people come up with.
  • Carmack had to fight for that one.
  • Carmack’s point of randomly discovered shrink wrapped headset twenty years from now will be able to update to the final software version” is a super real concern for a lot of bespoke hardware
  • So good on you John
  • It’s good to see that even if he’s working for facebook, he’s still Carmack.


  • Going after an open-source F2P game.
  • And that’s a smallish 1300 concurrent people.
  • Imagine how much League of Legends in its heyday or PUBG/Fortnite nowadays with millions of concurrent users get hammered on.
  • There’s some very sore losers on the internet with a lot of free time.
  • This is a big problem space that we don’t see a lot of small gaming projects explore from a technical level, so it’s interesting to see DDrace provide some insight into what they’re doing
  • This is a tick in the “Steam networking pros” column. Having all your shit obscured by valve’s VPN does narrow your susceptibility to these kinds of attacks. Unfortunately, as an open source game first and foremost that solution isn’t super universal

Fly Dangerous A6

  • If you wanna get better at racing in Elite Dangerous, this is for you
  • There’s a new ship
  • Time trials are now implemented. Splits, medals and some maps

Twitch reactions

  • We are set to Email, period.
  • Email + Mobile if the account is -1 week old.
  • Twitch is also testing a system that will allow people to boost their streams visibility by creating an Alt account and giving Twitch some $$$.
  • What’s the viewer cutoff?
  • They tested this last year but used channel points.
  • Legal viewbotting with extra steps.
  • How many boosts are required to remove Hoss Bots from the stream?
  • If you’re a prominent enough streamer that you’ve attracted a dedicated following of haters, this is something you want to look at.
  • Oh hey, here’s a thing that should have been implemented years ago
  • Yeah, trying to double dip by making folks pay for promoting stuff in your own advertising ecosystem is pretty scummy

Can Linus Linux?

  • Fair warning, it’s a painful watch… but.
  • Linus will be attempting to work / game on Linux with his sidekick.
  • They had a vote to see who would run what.
  • Fedora is not a valid distribution according to Linus but Gentoo and Arch make the cut.
  • I’m curious about next week when dude is planning to stream the show from home on Linux.
  • How well will Windows desktop experts deal with modern Linux on the Desktop ™.
  • Linus can’t use fedora, cuz that’s too smooth an experience. Y’all need a real fucky desktop, like SuSe
  • Still, Pop is pretty polished, and mint is…fuck if I know anymore. I predict it’ll be boring save for a couple moments of deliberate obtuseness
  • What are the odds on the winner and what the split will be? I think the loser is declared, the winner’s gonna jump back into Satya’s ferrerrio-like embrace
  • We use CC live because sound doesn’t work on Linux.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: SkateBIRD
Devel: Glassbottom Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49 / $19.99 / $22.79

Wazzat: Grind on bendy straws, kickflip over staplers, and carve killer lines through cardboard and sticky tape parks. Above all else, skate birds try their best!

Mandatory Disclosure: Stride PR sent us keys



  • On a technical level I don’t have any real complaints.
  • Windowed / full work and the XcloneSx picked up without any fuss.
  • Wait until Pedro finds out that it creates a dir in Pictures.
  • And why does it have a 200MB video file in it?
  • Performance is an easy 60 @ 1080p and 30’ish at 2160p. Both on 11.
  • It’s locked at 60 once you go above fugly in the graphical settings.


  • Out of the gate I need to admit that this is my first skateboard game.
  • I have no preconceived notions about how things should work.
  • Fuck that camera right in its little birdy beak.
  • Thank FSM I dodged the “bad” camera.
  • I’m not kidding, that’s my biggest takeaway from this game.
  • The auto-snap anytime you begin movement caused me to stop playing the game last night.
  • You have smooth freelook until you dare initiate movement then hold the FK on.
  • It’s going to snap behind the birb. HARD.
  • Outside of that it’s a fun little game.
  • You are on a mission to clean a room and during this endeavour you learn some skatebirb tricks.
  • The controls and minigame were simple enough and I had a good time for the most part.
  • Progression was a bit confusing at first but once I learned to pause the game to use the minimap things were a bit more clear.
  • At the end of the day when you mix in the colourful environment, cute characters, and fun little skateboard trick….
  • I’m kidding, fix the damn camera.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds almost 60 @UHD with the 1080TI
  • I had to readjust the controls to use the D pad, cuz trying to skate with the analog stick ain’t great
  • I like the remixed bird documentary soundtrack. Like your tony hawks of old, there’s quite a number of tracks to unlock


  • The download depot was “<dramatic voice> SkateBird”
  • I spent a lot of childhood trips playing Tony Hawk’s pro skater 2 on the GBA. It was a cut down port, but it did kindle my love for extreme sports games
  • It’s fun to just dick around on a field as spiderman, busting out some sick kickflips without the risk of mangling your meat shins or getting arrested
  • This game doesn’t quite capture that. There are some issues when you get into corners
  • The skate mechanics are almost there but oh man, the camera is the real boss of this game
  • It’s so fucking bad. The devs say they are going to fix it, and I hope that comes sooner rather than later
  • The rest of the game is very cute. You can build your birb and have fun skating around some dude’s bedroom.
  • Although, I gotta say, your first level really doesn’t hold up to THPS2’s hangar level.



  • Launched out of the box
  • Doesn’t hold 144 at 2560×1440, it tries but the longer you’re in a level the lower the FerPS seem to get
  • I don’t actually mind it creating that folder in the pictures directory because it’s actually respecting the XDG directory.
  • Instead of creating a folder called “Pictures”, because the developer assumes everyone has their system in English, it actually finds the XDG defined pictures folder and creates one for screenshots in there.
  • And that’s how you should do it!
  • Both DualShock/Sense and XInput controllers worked, probably something to do with Steam Input being enabled by the devs out of the box.
  • But this is a skate game and the keyboard is where my muscle memory is.
  • Even if I was a bit smaller at the time and my arms want to be further apart on the keyboard.


  • Speaking of the keyboard… What is wrong with your face the default button layout on the keyboard?
  • Seriously! Putting all the trick buttons around the movement buttons?
  • Do you really care to use the mouse in a skate game?
  • Especially since you have to hold down the right click to look around?
  • What in the actual fuck kind of decision making motivated that?
  • I was having a hard time enjoying the game for what it is until I just rebound all the keys to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 defaults.
  • The moment I did that I could actually start to learn the new mechanics
  • I could actually enjoy the lighthearted birbs who clearly don’t take themselves very seriously
  • They just want their human buddy to have a good time and they’re using finger-skateboards to help them do it!
  • It is very much what I remember enjoying from THPS2 and 3 to some degree, but with chirpy, scremming birbs!
  • It gets dinged a chair for the frankly terrible keyboard defaults.



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