Linux Game Cast 478: Trapped in the Void

Steam bans games built on blockchain tech, Lutris adds initial support for Epic Games, HTC announces the VIVE Flow, DOOM with check boxes, and a Twitter account full of Deck pics.

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00:00 Intro
06:46 NFT & Blockchain banned from Steam
10:10 Dedicated Twitter account for Deck pics
14:30 Dystopian Army Builder
16:20 A RegEx Puzzle
18:30 Warp Frontier comes to Linux
21:10 Skate Bird updates
31:00 Nvidia (beta) Wayland drivers & BARS
33:30 HTC Vive Flow
38:30 Lutris 0.5.9
43:00 Heroic Launcher 1.10.02
44:50 Lionheart remake
46:50 DOOM via checkboxes
50:00 Gaming on Fedora
56:28 Review: Raster Prime
01:05:16 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Blocked through the Chain

  • There are numerous games on Steam that currently tie NFT and cryptocurrency into gameplay, apparently.

  • Valve seems comfortable about easy resale of digital property as long as it’s tied to accounts in games they publish.

  • Well, yeah!

  • If it’s not profitable for VALVe, it’s easy to justify getting rid of them and still makes them look good in the current socio-economic climate.

  • Valve recently got into some hot water for inadvertently supporting secondary economies, so this tracks

    • They really don’t want financial regulators looking at them


  • Your number one source for videos and screenshots of stuff running on a deck.

  • Free Deck pics and video, no registration or CC# required.

  • I’m using it as a wall to see the developers who shunned Linux in the past gleefully showing off a Linux computer running their game.

  • But that’s just me.

Steam: New Games

Dystopian Army Builder

  • Hipster pixel overlord

  • You can murder people with a pretzel.

  • Roguelike pixel battle sim, I’m not sure I’ll like this one.

  • I’m curious but I’m not sure just how Overlord-y it is, as per Jordan’s description.

  • Kinda like the Saviours Gang with better graphics?

A RegEx Puzzle

  • Is it a good thing to teach people some regular expressions? Absolutely

  • Are you going to convince me to play a game where I need to write sed and grep statements for fun? Fuck no!

  • I don’t see anyone actively inflicting this on themselves.

Steam: Game Updates

Warp Frontier

  • Point and click scifi adventure with a mid-2000s PC graphics aesthetic

  • It’s coming for linux, but the dev put out a call for people who already own the game with a linux box for some feedback

  • The art looks very good.

Birb 1.0.5

  • Yes, petting the bird should be top priority.

  • I’d like to request an option to play the uncensored version of the songs.

    • Since I’m the only one here who actually liked the game.

  • I hope someday they fix the actual skateboarding.

  • Old Sterling seems to believe it needs a bit of work as well.

  • Birb on a skateboard can’t be the entire selling point of a game.


Nvidia BARS

  • I can’t find the bars.

  • Suck it 2.6 kernels

  • GBM support is nice. It’ll definitely make moving to wayland a lot simpler now that Nvidia is playing ball with the way MESA is doing things

  • Progress!

  • Haven’t run into any issues with it.

  • Weston launches, that was an odd experience.

Toaster Flow

  • I’m here for the rocketeer googles look

  • Aimed at phones, it’s all over USB C

  • Apparently if you pre-order you get something called infinity vista. You’d think by now folks would realize that people in software have a very understandable aversion to the word “VIsta”

  • $500 is right in the middle of the two oculus quest model prices, but it only comes with 64 GB of storage.

  • Way less than oculus’ base model.

    • Also, please stop using ROM to mean onboard storage. That’s not what that means

  • Hot swappable battery is nice

  • Someone please plug this into a steam deck.

  • That should provide just enough freedom to properly mame oneself.

  • This is a LOT closer to hmmmm pricing than the Vive or Index.

  • 75 Hz will be a hard na for some.

  • Active cooling goes brrrrrrrrrr.

  • Plenty of nice 3D renders but what does it look like?

Lupis 0.5.9

  • DLSS may or may not work according to the lutris twitter account

  • RIP gallium9. It was a beautifu dream, but d9vk is just better

  • Support for the EGS which may or may not have been stridered’ from heroic

  • Gamescope!

  • The fix for launching a Lutris game as a non-Steam game is finally in!

  • Esync by default, be ready for the increased “The game is crashing now” reports.

    • Looks like someone was paying attention, it throws up an error if you don’t have the limit set to 524288.

  • And someone had a brilliant idea of spawning a lutris.log in my fucking home directory.

  • Lutris is now version locked and doesn’t update unless I fucking say so.

  • Strider says that’ll be gone in the next point release, I look forward to it.

  • In the meantime, I commented out the entire log bit in the lutris-wrapper file.

Heroic Launcher

  • Adding command line launch options for games that use’em.

Lionheart remake

  • I’m a very big fan of the peeps out there ensuring old games don’t die in oblivion!

  • This lot seems to have gone above and beyond in that respect.

  • But they used Java…

  • It couldn’t be perfect, I guess.

DOOM Check

  • Quite impressive.

  • I can’t see anything else anymore after sticking knives in my eyes to cleanse the checkboxes, but it’s still impressiver.

  • I still get a kick out of running DOOM in a fk mothering browser.

  • My 486 SX struggled with it back in the day.

  • This is a case of fk it, why not.

  • Can’t really see what’s going on but it’s neat to clock around with.

  • Webassembly over javascript.

  • 160×100 because “Higher resolutions work but FPS drops off dramatically”

  • Javascript isn’t terribly well optimized, huh?

Gaming on Fedorf

  • For the love of FSM do not install OBS with Flatpak.

  • Using the RPMfusion nvidia drivers are good if you wanna simplify your setup, but negativo’s stuff is just packaged better and gets slightly faster updates

    • Same for the Steam repo

  • I get the push for using flatpak for software installation, what with Fedora being a gnome based project and also not requiring people to use sudo to install stuff

  • There’s some other cool stuff fedora does on the gaming front as well:

    • Solid libratbag integration for gaming mice

    • DXVK on wine by default

    • They even keep a reasonably up to date lutris in the default repos

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Raster Prime [REMIX]

Devel: Punk Labs LLC
Engine: Godot
Price: £3.99 / $4.99 / $5.69

Wazzat: Your mind will short-circuit in this atmospheric pixel sci-fi puzzler with eight (8) levels of increasing difficulty. Decipher each binary sequence to travel further into the unknown, and unearth a deeper mystery that may never be fully understood.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • Everything worked out of the box, mostly.

  • Not much in the way of options, sound on/off, fullscreen & windo.. welp that locked up Steam.

  • Xblox controller worked out of the box.

  • Smashed buttons until something started to happen.


  • Oh look, a mobile game.

  • That’s a looong way to travel to click L/R on a 43” monitor.

  • Contalla it is.

  • 123, 123, 123, 123, 123.

  • 1234, fuck.

  • It’s a puzzle game where you press left and right trying to decipher the direction of a shape.

  • It’s simple and priced accordingly.

  • Granted this all hinges on you defeating the first boss, figuring out what the hell you’re supposed to be doing.

  • This might work as a quick pickup / putdown mobile experience but it’s too little for the Desktop.



  • Launches OOTB

  • The options here are mute and windowed mode

  • Controller works, but you’re just using the shoulder buttons. Not button prompts to speak of

  • The soundtrack definitely synthwaves and the graphics are good enough to get the puzzle mechanic across


  • This is a counting game.

  • You gotta count how many of one shape vs how many of another shape make up the shape in the middle of the screen

  • That’s it. That’s the game

  • Pedro does have a point about the conveyance of the game’s core mechanics. It took a minute to figure out what the fuck I was doing, but once I did, it felt good.

    • And then I realized exactly what it is I’m doing and was significantly less enthusiastic

  • I’m not opposed to simple mechanics in puzzle games. But they have to be fun

  • Counting squares isn’t super fun for me. Not without some other mechanism attached to it. I gotta be counting towards something

  • Do you like counting squares and only counting squares? You might really enjoy this game then



  • Launched out of the box

  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440, as well it should

  • Took me a bit to figure out the controls but it shouldn’t have, they were clearly laid out on screen.

  • The graphics serve their purpose well, but nothing spectacular

  • The sound on the other hand…

  • When the yellow symbol thing starts spinning and the big crescendo noise happens, the first time it tickled my ears so much it gave me goosebumps

  • Very good!


  • Yeah! It is pretty fun.

  • And it’s very well made.

  • You could argue that I’m just biased because I seem to like puzzle games, but it’s not my fault that puzzle game developers seem to grasp the fundamentals much better than others.

  • Everything you need to know to solve the puzzle is on screen, there’s not a single word ever on screen, there’s no voice over telling you what to do, you can figure everything out by playing with and playing the game.

  • 75MB and they’ve accomplished more in terms of pure game design than most several billion dollar budget games.

  • It’s not as mind fucky as Baba is You, but being able to present the puzzles with no words at all and still allowing people to figure it out all the same, that’s commendable.



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