Linux Game Cast 489: Hamsandwich Dot Com

The top Steam games of 2021! OBS gets super Flatpak powers, Intel ARC release dates leaked, SuperTux enters early access, and will AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution be a big deal for Steam Decks?



00:00 Intro
07:38 Linus Linux challenge finale
11:44 Best games of 2021
16:09 FSR is a huge deal for Steam Deck
20:14 Proton GE 7.0 RC3
22:14 Super Tux early access
26:41 Aeon Drive ground & pound
29:41 Paint the town REd teleporters
37:11 Intel ARC release dates
42:41 Icculus micro grants
45:01 Heroic game launcher 2.0
48:01 Open RGB gets Flat
51:01 OBS 27.2 is kinda broken
54:26 New NVENC for Linux
59:06 Review: Petal Crash
01:10:37 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Best of 2021

  • Skul and Wildermyth were the top Linux games which aren’t in Early Access still, and we threw chairs at both.
  • Valheim being the one that still is in Early Access.
  • It’s a bit sad to see only 3 Linux games make the top of the new releases.
    • Everything is a Linux game in 2022.
  • There’s also CSGO, DOTA, War Thunder, Euro Truck Sim 2, The Binding of Isaac, etc. which were released in prior years but still made very good sales.

Super Deck Resolution

  • Yes, FSR will be the biggest game changer for power limited, temperature dependent, portable gaming machines.
  • You’ll be able to set a lower resolution and since the screen is so small, you’ll still be able to have a good looking experience with less power used.
  • I dicked around with FSR a bit on the thursday stream.
  • FSR strength 2 might be a bit too much for dexter deshawn.
  • Squeezing out as much pretty as possible on low settings is what is really going to be the real difference between this and other handhelds.
  • Dude has issues getting DLSS to work on Linux? How?
  • FSR does work with HZD but you left out that is looks bad and the bonus RGB plants.
  • Member, FSR works with Lutris.

GE 7.0rc3

  • ESO doesn’t crash on launch anymore
  • Neither does STEEP. Which I guess is just SKIIP
  • It fixes the RNG of trying to launch Path of Exile.

Steam: New Games

Super Early Access

  • Listing ReactOS under the windows system requirements is *chefs kiss*
  • I really hope valve mails their project head a nice $100 gift card
  • I look forward to throwing chairs at it when it’s no longer in Early Access.
  • WHAR SuperTuxKart!??.
  • This is a super good way to keep track of FLOSS software.
  • Just ask Blender or GODOT.

Steam: Game Updates

Drive updates

  • Input buffers for a game all about speedrunning and pressing the right buttons at the right time, that’s going to make a marked difference.
  • Any of you cheaty cheaty mccheaters who have the 100% glitch will have to earn all your stuff legitimately now.
  • Input buffers?
  • Ground pound animation can now be canceled.
  • Better wall jump.
  • Ctrl+f online coop.

Red Teleporters

  • They added Portals to the level editor
  • You can throw things, bodies, bullets through the portals and they behave as you expect
  • Also lady pirates


Intel dates

  • Planned for the very end of Q1 and may possibly even slip into Q2.
  • Plans to tango with the 3060/70.
  • Put them on shelves and you win, Intel. You win.
  • Yeah, if you can match the 3070 or the 3060ti for under 400 currency units, I’ll buy an Intel GPU.
  • The big problem I see is that the prices of the already existing cards in this article do not reflect reality


  • This is a way not just to get a bit of cash but to get people talking in between projects.
  • Get involved if you got some open sauce going!
  • Never underestimate the power of small scale donations. Show a project that you care

Heroic 2.0.0

  • That uhh…that release name. Huh
  • Select a wine prefix
  • Now uses 100mb of ram in linux. Half that of the windows version
  • Unreal marketplace is hidden by default now.
  • Added Wine prefix selection on game install.

Flat RGB

  • But can you get the low level access to control the RGB for the RAM for example within a flatpak?
    • Do you normally need to run openRGB as root?
    • Genuinely asking
    • Not if you set the udev rules correctly, which I guess answers my question.
  • Container access to hardware is a thing.
  • Simplifying setup for blinky stuff is a net good.
  • People don’t like to give up their blinky stuff.
  • Things like system utilities (i’m counting RGB as a utility in 2022 FML) make sense in containers.

Flat OBS

  • I’m impressed dude got everything working with Flatpak.
  • There is a game breaking bug with Nvidia drivers on Linux.
  • This was known well before the beta release.
  • Support for AJA devices.
  • AOM AV1 and SVT-AV1 encoders!
  • Fedora is moving towards a ostree/flatpak first model soon, so I guess now’s a good time to sure up that flatpak version and ensure everything works with that security model

New nvenc

  • It builds and has “new” on the menu.
  • Still need to see how well it works.
  • …and remember to post the findings on the Draft so it can become a real boy.
  • Alright, I tested it and fk me if I can detect any difference in CPU usage.
  • Could someone with a more regular system give it a test?

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Petal Crash
Devel: Friend & Fairy
Engine: Chowdren (Construct 2 based)
Price: £7.19 / $9.99 / $11.49

Wazzat: Crash blocks together into huge chain reactions in this frantic arcade action puzzler! Pick your favorite character and experience their tale in the Story Mode, solve tricky brain teasers and make your own in Puzzle Mode, shoot for high scores in Solo Play, or go head to head in Versus Mode!

Mandatory Disclosure: TheSyldat gifted us copies



  • How do you quit?
  • No fullscreen.
  • Yep, it keeps running.
  • Holy menu navigation batman.
  • Has a SNES vibe to the graphics and sound.
  • Online connected but it’s a bit ghosty.


  • First off, thank you for letting me skip that cringy cueitsy dialogue.
  • As far as the game, well, how do it put this…
  • It requires your full attention and you will be hammering hard on the D-pad.
  • I’ve played action platformers that required less input from the play but you know what, that’s not a bad thing since it keeps your arse engaged.
  • That said, I have a suspicion I would fk this game all kinds of up with a touchpad.
  • Imagine a pokemon battle in real time but with blocks and a little bit of psychic foresight.
  • I say imagine since I know fk all about pokemon but I assume it’s something along those lines.
  • If you like chess, stay away from Petal Crash.
  • If you like speed chess, give it a look.



  • It launches
  • Controller works OOTB
  • The options are quite scant. You got your drag a window resolutions
  • Alt f4 to pay respects
  • The soundtrack is very tinkley
  • Fullscreen that pixel text is borderline unreadable on a UHD monitor
    • Probably why I skipped the story


  • Slide similarly coloured blocks to line them up, slide a similarly coloured block directly into them to fire away
  • This game wants you to make big combos
  • I’m still at little combo mode, which is enough to get you through the easy campaign
  • I’m also still not 100% on what the specific PVP mechanic is. I’m just trying to get rid of squares
  • There’s a lot of different modes in this game in addition to network PVP so you get a decent amount of game for your 10USD
  • The puzzle mode stuff is OK. mostly about trying to teach you how to see combos when they appear
  • I”m sure the fact that it implements rollback netcode also makes it pretty popular for those super puzzle fighter fans who are very hardcore about their block pushing



  • It launched out of the box
  • It seems to only do 60 regardless.
  • You can Fullscreen by Alt+Enter and there’s some other options you can tweak, though the interesting bits are the different ways you can control the game.
  • Each input device gives you 3 or 4 different ways to interact with the game
  • Compare that to other so called puzzle games which give you exactly one and fuck you if you happen to have some manner of incompatibility with that one control scheme.
  • Very shouty beep boop music, not a fan.
  • No, I didn’t play 7.5 hours of this.
  • It just didn’t shut down and I didn’t realise it.
  • Weird thing is, Steam doesn’t usually let you start another game if it thinks another is still running unlike with Petal Crash.


  • Something about the competitive aspect in some puzzle games doesn’t do it for me.
  • The way you’re required to set up chain reactions in any other difficulty beyond the starting Easy mode, seems to work counter to what I find fun in puzzle games.
  • It’s basically removing any and all other ways of solving puzzles for the sake of the winning strategy.
  • Kudos, you know what the meta is. Use it or lose the game.
  • I don’t like that.
  • Same reason I didn’t like the Jumpala.
  • I don’t hate some of the things this specific game does, especially when it comes to all the different control schemes
  • But I don’t like the actual game that it’s giving me.



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