Linux Game Cast 493: Also Your Mom

Valve announces Steam Deck shipping dates! WINE 7.1 gets Vulkan 1.3 goodness, Nvidia 3050 reviews, rendering hipster-polygons with Tetra3d, and the head of YouTube gaming calls it quits.

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00:00 Intro
05:18 Steam Deck shipping date confirmed
09:38 Steam dynamic cloud sync
13:29 SteamDB browser extension
15:39 Space Quest: 2099
18:04 Reverie Knights Tactics
26:04 Nvidia Nsight Graphics
26:54 Nvidia 2050 reviews
32:09 Wiggle 3D render with Tetra 3D
35:54 WINe 7.1
37:14 YouTube gaming boss nopes
41:19 Review: Alchemic Cutie
52:24 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Getting shipped with minimum Valve time.
  • PC gamers really need this win after two years of overpriced / unavailable nonsense.
  • Emails get sent out in the order that reservations were received
    • Good, none of this lottery shit. FIFO FTW
  • You get 72 hours from the time you get your email to complete the purchase before you go to the backadda line
  • Now I get to see just how late I was with the store spitting 502s and 503s at me during that time.

Sync your Deck

  • It’s a setting that when enabled will, when you suspend your steamdeck, sync all of your saves to steam cloud
  • This will hopefully let you transition more freely between steamdecks and your main PC
  • Going vice versa on the other hand? Dunno about that
  • I absolutely support this!
  • However I would like games to sync just the saves, not the settings.
  • Looking at you Hotwheels Unleashed!

SteamDB extension

  • This thing nopes the age checks.
  • All time low prices, player stats etc.
  • We were talking about RES last week. Basically that for steam
  • Yeah, it’s a very nice extension.
  • It’s just a shame Steam logs me out of the website every 3 or 4 days, so I never use it.

Steam: New Games

Space Quest: 2099

  • Someone got hold of a green screen.
  • Priced to sell and le gasp, online multiplayer & PvP.
  • Gameplay reminiscent of the glory days of late 1990s and early 2000s cheese by Raven Software
  • No relation to the classic Sierra space quest
  • The Quake 3 hitmarker sounds are… revealing.

Reverie Knights Tactics

  • Same publisher as fell seal, different devs
  • Tormenta is one of the most popular tabletop RPGs in Brazil. Cool to see a video game adaptation
  • I likes me some grid tactics so I’ll definitely be giving this one a closer look



  • For those of you wondering what an nsight is, it’s a debugger and profiler
  • New release has “linux gaming improvements”, meaning you can run it on ubuntu and profile some linux games
    • Whether this is just for native or also covers proton is TBD
  • It’s using the steam linux runtime for dependencies
  • And to voice the comments, AMD’s GPU Profiler software is open sauce.


  • Team 2060 represent!
  • It outpaces the 6500XT.
  • If that ever comes close to 150 currency units it’ll be a good card.
  • Though, I guess with an extra PCIe connector power requirement it does lower some of my interest in it.

Wiggle 3D

  • 3D in go cuz why not
  • I remember the shader the other dude was working on but this is a wee next-level.
  • The goal here is a pretty basic n64/ps2/saturn style graphics, either for very simple 3d games or to add some spice to your 2d games
  • It’s pretty janky, but that’s what happens when you’re working from scratch

Wine 7.1

  • Vulkan 1.3
  • Better theming
  • A few fixes for intro videos which did not previously play.
  • Apparently Pokemon Banished platinum works. I might have to try that out
  • Sekiro no longer seki-blows on startup
  • Far cry 5 no longer far dies

Nowhere but up

  • I guess youtube gaming doesn’t have much going on
  • The current blockchain games are all shit because instead of making use of the blockchain for the decentralization and proof of stake, very important for games which involve collecting items or skins, they’re focusing on profits.
  • Much like micro-transaction laden shit games, this current implementation of crypto-games hampers gameplay for the sake of money.
  • Blockchain is basically a solution in search of a problem at this point, and it’s franky annoying to see seemingly every gaming company insisting on cramming it through
  • Right now it’s just a means of forcing people to buy into a scam that someone else bought-in earlier at lower cost. But hey, now you’re playing a crappy video game instead of working day job
  • 0xPolygon’s schtick seems to be trying to address the interoperability, energy efficiency and security issues. I don’t think they’ll succeed, but I’m more than willing to have my mind changed

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Alchemic Cutie
Devel: Vakio, Viridian Software
Engine: Mini2DX
Price: £15.99 / $19.99 / $22.79

Wazzat: Alchemic Cutie is a wholesome relaxing RPG set on colorful Wimba Island. While taming wild jellies, you’ll meet villagers, enter jelly competitions and uncover the secrets of the island.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • Everything worked OOTB including the controller, kinda.
  • Setting waypoints with the Xbox controlla was unpossible.
  • As you might imagine the 2060 / 1920x combo was able to deliver 2160p/60.
  • Windowed and fullscreen worked but I had to fight to get it back on the correct monitor after putting it in the window.
  • Toggle run, yay!


  • Oh thank FSM!
  • You can disable the moon speak gibberish sounds when people talk.
  • With that out of the way I have to admit, I really like the core mechanic of Alchemic Cutie.
  • Running about ripping jellies from the wild and forcing them into a life of factory farming.
  • You even get to force feed them a select menu to produce desired results, dark… but nice.
  • The trauma caused by life in captivity causes jellies to straight-up die if you’re not super attentive.
  • If animal cruelty isn’t your thing there are plenty of run about fetch quests.
  • After 70+ minutes of derping about I have to call this what it is, a something to do simulator.
  • Not a “home from a long day of work and need something to unwind” simulator, nay.
  • It’s the “I need something to fill the void of my existence” type.
  • Ya know, busy work.
  • If that’s your jam, Alchemic Cutie seems to do a mediocre job of delivering, well, according to the types of people who are into such things.
  • It looks alright, sound is appropriate for the genre, and it’s serviceable on a technical level… if you overlook not being able to set waypoints with a controlla.
  • It’s also $4 more than Stardew Valley.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Yeah, you’re gonna want to change the dialogue noises to either mute or JRPG.
  • The lovecraftian chattering that the game emits otherwise is the true survival horror experience
  • Pixel art is clear, there isn’t any character blindness, although there’s not a lot of moving to be had
  • Controls are sanely mapped


  • So I’ve spent about an hour so far making hot slime beats, fultoning slimes, feeding slimes, squeezing slimes, petting slimes, breeding slimes, training slimes, tooting at grass to afford slime training, flower picking and mail delivery
  • If this sounds like a rip roaring good time to you, Alchemic cutie might be up your alley
  • But to me this is a lot of assorted busy work
  • There is certainly a lot to do and for folks who just want to zone out and do fetch quests it might be fun, but not to me
  • It’s just grinding, but you don’t really get much in the end



  • It launched out of the box
  • Vsync is a lie, if it weren’t for the freesync window in my monitor it wouldn’t actually be able to sync to 144 FerPS.
  • 120 is as high as it can go, which tells me it’s probably just double buffering from 60.
  • Controllers work out of the box with the correct glyphs.
  • That’s right, a Java based engine game got that right.
  • Where’s your god now, Unity?
  • Music falls very much in line with the cutesy outlook of the rest of the game.


  • To my scrub sensibility, of someone who doesn’t really enjoy Slime Rancher or Stardew Valley, Alchemic Cutie seemed like a hybrid of the two.
  • So after I had reached my conclusion, that I don’t really enjoy the menial work genre for the sake of getting to experience more of it with no alternative to said menial work to make any progress or find my fun, I decided to have a look at the Steam reviews.
  • Seems like a lot of people had that same idea.
  • But those who claim to enjoy both Stardew Valley seem to think that this game only takes the boring mechanics from those games and focuses on them.
  • Which left me confused…
  • I thought the menial, chore-like gameplay was the point of this genre.
  • And Alchemic Cutie layers the chores into fractal-like layers of gameplay padding which, to my mind, was always what these games were all about.
  • I don’t know what to think anymore.
  • Well, I do!
  • I didn’t find Alchemic Cutie fun.
  • I liked that it is a java based game which has pretty good controller support and does a better job of High Refresh Rate VSync’ing than FNA, but that’s a topic for another time.



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