Linux Game Cast 500: Episode D

Microsoft brings Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Steam Deck!? Vermintide 2 experiments with EAC on Linux, AMD announces FSR 2.0, DOOM on the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the developer of Lutris shares his thoughts on our Deck-shaped future.

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00:00 Intro
04:50 Installing Windows 11 on Steam Deck
10:06 Official Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Steam Deck
15:41 SteamOS 3.0 Btrfs converter
17:46 Couriers of Darkness
20:07 Meat & Greed
23:17 Vermintide 2 EAC on Linux
25:32 Ion Fury: Aftershock
28:27 Skull Girls beta mode update
36:42 AMD supports Ryzen 5000 on 300-series boards
40:42 AMD FSR 2.0
45:07 TuxTrain Linux trainer
47:52 DOOM on the Pi Pico
50:27 Interview: Lutris developer talks Deck
01:31:00 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

11 on Deck

  • Wacky kids. Installing a hacker OS on their Linux console.
  • Let’s hear it for everyone wanting to install an unsupported OS on new hardware.
  • AMD provided a driver for the GPU and WiFi but no audio and things kinda run like poo.
  • Then you have to deal with Windows on the small screen and that’s a whole other can of nope.
  • Ah yes, modify your proprietary OS to run windows on your steam deck.
  • Very user friendly
  • A lot of these articles keep bringing up the dual booting potential, but I truly look forward to seeing a bunch of media people lament about half of their disk space missing and the annoying bullshit that is having to reboot your computer to start an app.
  • Again, I’m enjoying the catharsis here.
  • For years, Linux users have been using these very same arguments and get shit on for it.
  • Well, dear Windows fanbois, this is what that felt like.

The Edge of My Deck

  • Microsoft literally put Edge in a flatpak and they run through the necessary steps on how to make it play the XBox streaming thing.
  • You know, that thing that some of the aforementioned Windows fanbois said would never come to Steam Deck because why would MS support the competition.
  • Money! There’s a lot of money to be made on a brand new, seemingly very popular, platform.
  • Embrace extend baby. All for $10/month.
  • Doing it like this Microsoft doesn’t have to give a percentage of the revenue to Valve.
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming service.
  • $14.99/mo.
  • Installation as it stands consists of installing a flatpak, setting a bunch of launch options and changing a shortcut
  • 14/mo for this, 9 for EA play, another 9 for GeForce now. These subscription services are gonna start getting expensive unless someone starts bundling

Steamos-btrfs converter

  • If you wanna use the btrfs for the games partition
  • Going from ext4->btrfs is possible as they are related file systems, but it’s still a wee janky
  • Words like hopefully and attempt don’t really sell me on the advantages of a file system which, while neat, would net only marginal improvements.

Steam: New Games

Couriers of Darkness

  • Another isometric RPG inspired by icewind dale and it’s infinity engine ilk
  • They stole the dwarven greed mechanic from burning wheel, so the game has a “morality system” of sorts
  • Supposedly it’s relatively open world
  • That really does scream Throne of Bhaal or Icewind Dale 2.

Meat & Greed

  • Bovine University: The Game.
  • Finally, a puzzle platformer where you can play as food.
  • You can switch between steak and nuggets.
  • Cowandchicken.jpg.

Steam: Game Updates

War is back on the menu

  • At least they are playing with it.
  • Same goes for the Dead by Daylight team.
  • As much as I enjoy watching the VT 2 guys eat shit I do actually want to play this game
    • It’s been sitting in my inventory for so Long
  • I want to know how long it took them to rebuild the entire game to include this one .so they dumped in the depot.
  • Also, why didn’t they upload that rebuild?
  • Seems like a waste of resources.
  • That or if they’re all done eating the crow.
  • They are probably busy looking for something that doesn’t work.
  • Would be one hell of a success story for these naysayers to easily get it working

Ion Fury: Aftershock

  • Three years after launch we’re getting a new expansion.
  • 13 all-new levels, one entirely new weapon, new inventory items, and several new enemy and ammo types.
  • New skill level 5.
  • Mixup mode for the original campaign.

Life for the Skull Girl

  • Well, after all of that creepy labzero nonsense has faded out of public memory, time for a skullgirls update
  • Lots of stuff that really applies to people who are super deep into skullgirl’s mechanics
  • Most importantly, their new character, Umbrella, is almost done
  • With all that BS they went through, I’m very happy to see continued development under the name.
  • I liked Skullgirls, liked it enough to beat the game with all characters on the difficulty level below Nightmare.
  • Beating Filia with Filia was the hardest bit.


AMD 300

  • Tossing this in because Linux users love them some AMD.
  • We can thank Intel for releasing their recent budget oriented CPUs.
  • After a future AGESA UEFI update, AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs will be supported in 300-series motherboards.
  • Assuming that your board vendor issues such an update.
  • While I wouldn’t recommend plopping a Ryzen 7 5800X3D into a budget board from 4 years ago, you could.
  • Jackbox, the PC running the audio for the show has a B350 board and the biggest baddest APU it can handle is the R5 3400G.
  • These little guys still demand $200+ on the used market.
  • Welp, for a few bucks more I could snag a AMD Ryzen 7 5700G if MSI does the thing.
  • That’s where things get a wee sticky.
  • Motherboard manufacturers would much rather you buy a new mobo.
  • Even if they add support things could be a bit squirrely.
  • I guess this is a good thing for folks living that APU life
  • There’s a lot of people out there doing that since neither AMD or NVidia cared enough to provide graphics cards at acceptable prices for 2 years.

FSR 2.0

  • I’m glad they included a video.
  • Your brain fills in a lot of nonsense when the image is moving.
  • Ulinke FSR 1.x this will require extra work on the development side a la DLSS.
  • Yeah, I can’t really tell the difference, which I guess is the point. Looking prettier with lower system requirements
  • I look forward to this getting shoved into gamescope/proton-ge
  • Motion is the big killer for FSR1.
  • If you’re standing still, you can make 1600×900 look very good on a 2560×1440 screen.
  • But the moment you start moving, you’re not fooling anyone.

Linux trainer

  • When you need to hax the EAC with seven boxxies.
  • Big danger disclaimer bears repeating: If you get VAC/EAC/Whatever banned while using it, that’s your own damn fault
  • That said, generic trainer is neat, with some nice options for autostart and configuration
  • I’m usually the first one to ask for a GUI but I really really don’t want you to make one for this.
  • Really don’t want to attract that kind of attention.

Doom pi (Rthren)

  • Bonus blog post on how Graham did it
  • Yup, OG Doom running on a microcontroller.
  • I still want one of those $15 handhelds just because of stuff like this.
  • Coming in at just 2mb for all of the code and levels
  • Deathmatch over i2c is neat

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