Linux Game Cast 541: Blanket Goblin

The best Steam games of 2022! Mortal Kombat 2 source leaks, GPU sales hit 20-year low, Steam Deck exclusives, and crashing into planets at 30 FPS. All this, plus your hate mail!

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00:00 Intro
01:21 Steam Wrecktangle live build
04:52 Hawt APC UPS
08:07 Steam best of 2022
12:49 Steam Deck Exclusives
16:35 FutuRACEtic
20:01 Flight Of Nova
22:19 Runner Party
25:19 Big Boy Boxing
31:13 GPU sales hit 20-year low
40:19 Dev snapshot: Godot 4.0 beta 10
43:03 VCMI 1.1.0
45:03 Naikari 0.5.0
47:53 Mortal Kombat II source code leak
54:39 Foggy Jordan
57:57 Copy them rights

Colour key – Venn Jordan NotPedro

Steam: News

Best of 2022

  • Usual suspects at the top, dota, csgo etc
  • A few surprises, yu gi oh and monster hunter
  • Cp2077 up high thanks to edgerunners
  • Surprised stray is not higher
  • People really like them childrens card games
  • Vampire survivors is the top of the early access pile
  • Hardspace shipbreaker made the EA gold list and that one looks neat
  • Nice little breakdown of top sellers, new releases, most played, and most played on Deck.
  • The Deck list includes the most played games on the Steam Deck, measured by their daily active player counts throughout 2022.
  • Most played game?
  • CS:GO followed by *spins wheel* ARK?
  • Like, more people were playing ARK vs Elden Ring.
  • Dying Light 2 and Elden Ring are the top sellers.
  • The least most played game of 2022 was Stellaris.

Deck Exclusives

  • Can I get an exclusive for my Acer laptop?
  • No?
  • Then I have bad news for you.
  • Will we see PC games with optimized Deck settings?
  • If it ships enough units, yes.
  • The Steam Deck already has exclusives.
  • Nintendo exclusives, Sony exclusives etc.
  • I’m trying to think of a way of locking a game to the Deck that wouldn’t be trivial to bypass.
    • Yeah not going to happen
  • Seems someone didn’t get the memo of the deck being portable PC
  • Or is linux not classed as PC?

Steam: New Games

FutuRACEtic (RTheren)

  • I do like me some sim racing
  • But this is not a public demo, or even a tech demo, this is a demo you pitch to your higher ups for a new game idea
  • The potential is there, car design is nice, physics are spot on, but brad, you should have kept it in the oven a few months longer
  • And be careful with the reflections, glare is a real thing.
  • It’s a sci-fi racing sim and the demo runs OOTB but it’s bare-bones.
  • Touch wall =’s die so we can call it the Dark Souls of sci-fi racing sims.
  • The first thing I noticed was the G metre so I have to assume all cows are spherical.

Flight Of Nova

  • Launches OOTB
  • No graphical options
  • In space, buttery 30fps at 1080p , on planet , 15fps
  • Yet another game that reminds me i am a rubbish pilot
  • But enjoyable…in space, landing can eat all the dicks
  • Very much simulation and even has a story
  • Faith of the heart intensifies
  • Yeah, it’s a flight sim. In spaaaace. I landed a plane
  • Demo takes a while to load but everything works.
  • Yo, put some graphics options in your game, Brad.
  • The 3060 was able to crank out a solid 30fps on what I assume to be 2160p.
  • It looked like something I might be able to get into but I’m not attempting reentry at 30fps.
  • It runs decently well in gamescope, which’ll get you by until they add a windowed mode

Runner Party

  • Someone has played speedrunners
  • Character blindness at 300kph
  • No online multiplayer, why brad why!?
  • Apparently online multiplayer is a promised feature
  • Steam already tagged it as “lan PVP” so do you need something like a vpn currently or does steam just have it wrong?
  • Yeah, this is Speedrunners minus the polish and online multiplayer.

Big Boy Boxing

  • Hipster-pixel Punchout.
  • Worked out of the box.
  • Had a fun time booping around.
  • Not bad, pretty short demo
  • Snappy and responsive
  • Cool animations
  • There is such a thing as too chunky of the pixels
  • Please oh please let the coach be action hank
  • Kinda reminds me of a hipster pixelly dragons lair at least from the animations
  • The windows system requirements are spicy



  • The amount of shipped GPUs is down damn near half from last year.
  • This could be down to price or APUs getting better?
  • Spoiler, it’s price.
  • Two years of unobtanium followed by $1K cards.
  • 7 years ago the top of the line (980) Nvidia offering was $500’ish.
  • 70 series was $300 followed by $199 for the 60 and the 50 clocked in at $150.
  • $999 was reserved for the Titan, a completely unreasonable card made of want.
  • Adjusted for inflation the prices for the current gen AMD and Nvidia cards fall in the category of bullsh*t.
  • Hell, Nvidia accidentally confirmed the RTX 4070 Ti is indeed a rebranded RTX 4080 12GB earlier this week.
  • Remember, the one they unlaunched?
  • Literally the same card but they shaved $100 off the price tag.
  • With crypto tanking, its not viable cost wise
  • With only small gains with each generation, the hype is just not there
  • Article kinda blames the lack of notebook sales as the cause
  • Intel managed to squeak out 4% of the market share this quarter I’m genuinely surprised they made a dent
  • For most folks, 1080P60 is honestly good enough and right now most of the cards on the market will do that swimmingly. Sure you have weirdos like us, but that’s not a super reliable market segement
  • Higher resolutions and more fiddly textures and shadows will only really go so far. We’ve kinda stalled at how pretty we can make games look.
  • Thanks to Intel we know it’s possible to break even somewhere around the $350 point.
  • Do you want people to go back to console gaming?

Dev snapshot: Godot 4.0 beta 10

  • Support for autodesk files (FBX)
    • Using a 3rd party program
  • Radian haters rejoice! You can use degrees again
  • Defaults for settings, praise sane defaults
  • No need for an extra navigation object for your tilemapped levels
  • Navigation can be defined in your tileset
  • Basic ASTC support for real time texture decompression and loading

VCMI 1.1.0

  • Oh shit son online multiplayer is working
  • Cross platform map editor
  • The AI is a bit smarter and will try to run away to live another day

Naikari 0.5.0

  • Holy release notes batman
  • Elite on a budget
  • Not really my cup of chainsaw, but colour me intrigued
  • Bonus points for providing appimage
  • Programmer art as far as the eye can see
  • Apparently a 14 year old bug finally got fixed
  • The game universe has been completely redone. Different planets sell different stuff. Some planets have moved or been removed
  • This is to create a more consistent experience and removing redundant planets
  • Fewer dead end systems, and the ones that remain have good shit

Mortal kombat Deux

  • Goku, Pennywise, and Boss Baby are coming to MK2.
    • Give me peter griffin then we have a deal
  • Slap some rollback netcode on it and let’s gooo.
  • MK2 was the last fighting game I would consider myself okay at.
  • WHAR “nudalities” !??
  • Some unused animations are floating around in the source.
  • Shang Tsung’s backflip among others.
  • Good thing that ed boon knows how to comment his code
  • All in assembly, hard mode
  • WB take down in 3…2….1
  • Yeah, there’s too much IP in there
  • I kinda hope they let this just exist so that a beloved video game can be studied and dissected.
  • And yeah, crazy fucking MK2 mods. I want DOOM in MK2
  • I poked around a little. There are a few makefiles so you could reasonably get this compiled.

Hate Mail:


  • As mysterious as a canadian can get
  • Need to setup dmx over IP


  • Just to clear this up and for future reference.
  • I put up dry stem exports for people to practice with.
  • Released under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.
  • Says that right on the page.
  • Do what ye will with them as long as it’s non-commercial.
  • Using them to sell your services is commercial.
  • But kudos for asking.

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