Linux Game Cast 548: Seven Deadly Santas

Celebrating 10 years of Steam on Linux! Natural Selection 2 developers call it quits, AMD open-sources FSR 2.2, Ludum Dare staff picks, and Team Fortress 2 gets a holiday-sized update in 2023. All this, plus your hate mail.

Special thanks to:
David – Patreon Pledge
Chloecatotter – Twitch resub


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00:00 Intro
00:49 Netflix show pitch
02:18 Gamescope on NVIDIA
06:08 Doors as currency
09:44 10 years of Steam on Linux
15:34 Steam in review 2022
19:48 Stealth TF2 blog post edit
25:16 ParaSHOTical ARKtiviBeatings
27:08 The Backrooms: Liminal Reality
30:20 Beep’s Escape
32:02 Auto cannons for Dome Keeper
35:02 RIP Natural Selection 2
42:26 AMD FSR 2.2 source code
45:57 Dolphin 2023 progress report
52:00 Ludum Dare top 10
55:02 Star Wars MIDI Force
57:44 Aurora’s Journey
01:14:09 Elder gaming

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Ten years old

  • As we all begin to crumble to dust
  • We sold out man!
    • Speak for yourself, I bought in.
  • Feb 14, 2013, it was a Thursday.
  • Half Life, Serious Sam, TF2, and a bunch of games from Humble.
  • We were 20+ weeks into Linux Game Cast and desperate for content.
  • Steam was bragging about having 2,000 games available in the post.
  • Times, they have changed.

2022 in review

  • I’m glad whoever it is in charge of webzone image graphics at Steam is a fan of Dome Keeper.
  • Outside of that Steam was busy during the 2022.
  • That little thing called the Steam Deck showed up, language support was expanded, steam next, and plenty of sales.
  • The big winnar for me was Next Fest.
  • Ayo, might wanna gloss over that mobile app. Woof.
  • New Big picture mode still eating poo on nvidia
  • The big winner here for me was the steam authenticator app. QR based log in is just so nice
  • Surprise, steam usage went up during the pandemic
  • Yearly reminder of what the 30% gets you.

TF2 content update

  • I suppose if the community is taking over, that would certainly explain the change in writing style.
  • I’ve seen some people say that if Team Fortress 2 ever got its shit together or if VALVe released a TF3 that the likes of Overwatch wouldn’t stand a chance.
  • I don’t think that’s entirely true
  • But even in the state of complete disregard that TF2 was left, it was always on the top 20 of most concurrent players on Steam.
  • Is holiday considered a standard unit of measurement?
  • It looks like TF2 is back on the menu this summer.
  • New items, maps, taunts, and war patins.
  • “other community contributed fixes”, what could that mean?

Steam: New Games:

ParaSHOTical ARKtiviBeatings

  • It’s a mash up of Paranautical Activity, Arkshot and Season’s beatings
  • Like an FPS super smash bros
  • I really wanted to like Paranautical Activity, but for some reason I never did.
  • By all metrics I should like it.
  • Procedurally generated levels for FPS, no.

The Backrooms: Liminal Reality

  • A horror take on the stanley parable
  • No monsters, just creepy oppressive atmosphere and non euclidian spaces
  • Not everything that comes out of 4chan can be a winner.
  • If you have a crippling fear of empty arse rooms that trailer will do it for ya.

Beep’s Escape

  • Nice zx spectrum game
  • Why does Windows only need 20MB and Linux needs 300?
  • That soundtrack is bad.
  • Hipster-pixel version of BEEP?

Steam: Game Updates


  • Oh shit new dome dropped
  • Three new gadgets to hurry back to upgrade
  • The autocannon, a second computer controlled gun
  • Something to point you in the direction of those mats you desperately need
  • And last but not least some point defense

Inactive Selection

  • RIP NS2.
  • You never worked well enough that I wanted to actually play you. Which sucks, cuz NS1 was pretty neat
  • 10 years is a pretty long time though. Longer than most. It outlived stadia
  • The servers are gonna stay up as long as they can afford to run them. Even after that, there is a dedicated server package
  • Nice job keeping the dedicated servers around for people to host their own if they want.
  • But I would say that if you’d like to support something like NS2 which seems to have a better chance to stick around, you may want to look at Unvanquished.


AMD FSR 2.2 is out

  • FSR 2.1 is already kinda close to DLSS, if you squint.
  • If that means more games will have it, great.
  • Historically, this has not been the case for a lot of things AMD open-sourced.
    • Yeah, FSR1 was huge cuz you could turn it on whether the game liked it or not via gamescope
    • This whole needing to implement it thing is too difficult

Dolphin 2023

  • Finally fixing some of the game-breaking bugs in Quake GX.
  • That’s right, until very recently Quake GX (a homebrew port of Quake Shareware to the Wii) suffered a massive graphical glitch making it unplayable.
  • Real fake bump mapping has been restored!
  • RIP boot from DVD backups.
  • This angered the seven people aware of this particular feature.
  • Using the new emulated Portal you can create blank Skylanders, or load real figurine data complete with save progress.
  • Oh the mysteries of software development. A new Vblank skip hack just seems to work pretty well. But only for gamecube. And nobody knows why * x files music*
  • Back in the wii-u days there was this game called skylanders that required you to buy physical toys to unlock shit in game.
  • This was supported via dolpin via using the actual USB reader thing, but now you can just spoof all of the toys natively through dolphin
  • Now supports the community made anti-cheat which allows online play in MarioKart Wii.
  • As it turns out, Dolphin made it real easy to cheat and spoof the Wii ID when the current one got banned.

Ludum Dare top 10

  • The theme this year was harvest
  • Daniel Mullins won this year.
  • The Inscryption/Pony island guy.
  • Bit of a ringer if you ask me.
  • Settlement looks cool but that’s just cuz I like hexagons
  • Fallowtide looks interesting

MIDI Force

  • No more external midi required
  • Some steam deck specific fixes and a fancy new linux binary name
  • It’s nice to see the 800p res for the Deck.
  • The exec is now names theforceengine because tfe was not long enough?
  • Yeah, all the old AWE sound fonts and midi stuff is in place now.
  • I don’t know why people are hung up on 80/90s PC beep boops.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey
Devel: the Not so Great team
Engine: Unreal
Price: £12.76 / $14.95 / $19.44

Wazzat: Join Aurora and the Lackey in this side-scroller adventure with Run and gun and platformer mechanics, mini-games and lots of enemies. In 1927, Aurora, a young astronomer, receives the journal of her father who disappeared four years earlier and embarks on a journey to find him.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • Your game does not launch.
  • I cleared off 90 minutes on a Friday and here we are.
  • That’s 90 minutes more than you bothered to QA the product before putting it up for sale.
  • 2023, Steamdeck has moved the Linux needle.
  • The few available options work.
  • Full and windowed.
  • Controller worked and that’s a bonus since the keyboard mapping is a mystery.
  • Far as the graphics, nice Gamecube Demo.


  • 100% my bad on this one everybody.
  • I should have double checked that the game actually ran on Linux before Friday.
  • Does it make with the fun?
  • Yeah, no.
  • This is babbies first “that game ™” as a sidescroller instead vs top-down.
  • It’s a laser pointer shooty pew pew with floaty arse-jumpping thrown in + the occasional puzzle.
  • I’m really stretching the word puzzle here.
  • This might have worked as a point-and-click or even some kind of 3D, something.
  • Platforming, na.



  • I tried to launch it and a wine dialogue button popped up
  • Apparently now they’re just shipping the windows binary in the linux depot cuz why not
  • Launches fine with proton experimental
  • Once you get in the game is another situation entirely. If steam input isn’t on, controller no worky.
  • Also the keyboard controls are a little opaque. Navigating the menu took a while until I settled on “f” as the “yes” key and escape as the no key. There are no others
  • Graphics here are very basic programmer art and some canned assets
  • The soundtrack is just kinda meh


  • Uh…it kinda sucks?
  • You got a little pea shooter, a shield buster and your little robot buddy.
  • The robot buddy is the only thing that does any real damage and they’re on dignity cooldown if you use it too much
  • There’s also some puzzling you can do with them
  • Between all of that are the unskippable exposition cutscenes that never end
  • Also, I like being shown a cute little town full of robots doing their shit and and not being able to explore it. It’s all relegated to background elements.
  • I think those two issues might be the core of my problem with the presentation
  • But I dunno, it doesn’t really click. We’ve been doing a lot of side scrolling adventure shooters/beat em ups and this one really doesn’t stack up
  • Like,the core gameplay of scrambling around while you wait for your buddy to feel better might work on paper, but it’s super annoying and unengaging
  • Combined with some incredibly lackluster movement, it’s not even all that exciting while you’re trying to kill minions to get parts for your minion to heal up their feel-o-meter
  • Also you can’t hit anything that’s remotely off screen
  • This feels like a third year computer science project. I’d actually probably grade it as a B from that perspective. But the chairquisition is the university of hard knocks, so it only gets one chair



  • It doesn’t launch out of the box
  • Quick analysis of the files in the folder indicate no Linux binaries present
  • Checking SteamDB and it doesn’t look like there are any Linux binaries there either.
  • Tapping the Proton button makes the game work as intended on both the desktop and the deck.
  • -1 chair
  • On the Deck it seems to not be able to maintain 60 FerPS unless you cut the visual preset down to performance.
  • On the desktop it only dipped below 60 when loading things.
  • Disabling Vsync and setting the framerate to unlimited made no difference, it’s all 60 all the time.
  • Controllers work but you can’t rebind inputs either on it or the keyboard/mouse.
  • And wouldn’t you know it, aim is the right analog and shoot is the right trigger on the controller.
  • Guess which two inputs my right hand can’t reach at the same time.
  • And on the keyboard only WASD is mapped
  • -1 chair.
  • The Alpakka actually helped, since I could use the gyro to aim and the right trigger to shoot at the same time.
  • The graphics are alright and the sound matches what the visuals indicate except for the voice acting or mostly lack thereof
  • Spanish voice acting for the protagonist was… surprising.


  • Yes, I’m pretty sure it would be a very fun game.
  • What I’ve been able to play of it, it seems very well done and got more than a few chuckles out of me.
  • Slapstick comedy is apparently what they’re going for and in my opinion, they nailed it.
  • Unfortunately I can’t enjoy the game because the controls are not rebindable.
  • I died a lot getting through areas which shouldn’t at all have been difficult but everything was made harder because I had to play in an uncomfortable position for my arms.
  • Right up until I remembered the Alpakka has a really nice Gyro implementation.
  • That’s right, you need either Steam Input or the world’s best DIY controller to make your game playable.
  • Though, the courier bit with driving the 1930’s pickup that does 120 speed units was fun to drive in because I could use my left hand to WASD it around.
  • I want to give this game top score but the lack of Linux binaries, while claiming to be a Linux game, and the inability to rebind controls makes it so I can’t really recommend it regardless of how fun and funny it would otherwise be.



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