Linux Game Cast 556: DBZ Over SSH

Steam limits user accounts for liking a review, NVIDIA 4070 is a pile of meh, Mangohud gets a retro button, leaked Microsoft handheld experiments, and Valve has shipped an estimated 3 million Steam Decks.


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00:00 Intro
01:19 Dragon Ballz & DRM
02:59 Android diet
03:34 APB cheaters
05:31 3 MILLION Steam Decks
13:06 Leaked Microsoft handheld experiments
16:29 Steam limiting users accounts for reviews
21:21 Photon engineer
23:21 AQtion Q2 assets
26:03 Factorio goes Wayland
27:49 Grounded gets support for Steam Deck
35:07 NVIDIA 4070 is a thing
45:35 NVIDIA Remix open-sourced
51:35 Mangohud gets retro
53:53 Minetest performance bumps
58:31 Goblin and Coins II
01:10:05 Problems with Gamescope

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

3 Million Decks

  • In the interest of comparison, the latest xbox series sold about 26 million units by end of 2022 after about 2 years of GA
    • Let’s not bother talking about switch numbers.
    • We wanna compare apples to oranges, not blue whales
  • You can walk into any drug store and walk out with an xbox.
  • The steam deck’s availability and sales channels were always gonna hamstring it’s adoption, but 3 million is still respectable.
  • Dedicated handheld gaming devices are niche.
  • Granted, the Deck ™ is a bit more versatile.
  • For comparison the Switch sold 2.74m during the first 3 months of release.
  • The base Deck is $100 more than the original Switch at launch.
  • 3 million is not bad for a new platform to get to in under 2 years.
  • I look forward to what those numbers may mean for VALVe’s continued investment in Linux.


  • Gimme an Embrace!
  • If you were on the internet this week, you probably saw the “leaked” internal hackathon talk about a gamepad UI for Windows.
  • Would be interesting to see Microsoft give a damn about gaming on their OS for the first time since the XBox released.

Bad bad review

  • The review in question brought up several concerns with the anti-cheat technology of Warlander, a free to play game
  • People who marked it as helpful had their accounts restricted so that they can’t vote or leave reviews.
    • All 2500 of them.
  • According to the devs, this seems to be a thing on steam’s end as they don’t even have a facility to do this?
    • They said only Steam moderators can do it.
    • Moderators are randoms that Valve picks based on, something.
  • Any bad reviews mentioning anti cheat tend to get this treatment
    • Allegedly this is to protect against review bombing.
  • Reading posts on the forum thread from today it looks like Valve is reversing the bans.
  • Thanks Slashdoot.
  • You would think a company the size of Valve would have created some type of customer advocate position by now.
  • Someone who could monitor this stuff and have it taken care of before we do the Valve thing.
  • The Valve thing is waiting until a problem Blows Up ™ before addressing it.
  • Proactive vs reactive.

Steam: New Games

Photon Engineer

  • Cell Shaded Talos Principle?
  • The engine is open sauce. C++ based, OpenGL
  • Big thank you to the developer for sending us keys.
  • It has some heavy Portal vibes but that’s not a bad thing.
  • Does it have a psycho robot to keep you company?

Steam: Game Updates

AQtion v1.3

  • No more Q2 assets.
  • TIL about action quake.
  • Quake with “realistic” weapons and damage.
  • Has options to launch with X11 and Wayland.
  • Fails to start on Debian Testing.

Wayland factory

  • Brought to you by SDL2! Game devs: use it!
  • Minor memory corruption bug got fixed on linux too

Grounded on Deck

  • Deck updates from team Xbonx.
  • Mostly you can get past the launcher and you can use the onscreen keyboards on the text prompts.
  • It’s a good way to get eyes on an older title.
  • Them bullet points are basically what every dev should check for if they want to entice Deck owners.
  • Although, that XBox login window mention is worrisome.
  • Though I suppose I still have my hotmail account that I use for Minecraft and Github.


4070 Time

  • All of the performance of a 3070Ti for the price of a 3070Ti.
  • Yeah, $600 mid-range can eat all the dicks.
  • NVIDIA has somehow managed to prevent their AIB partners from putting 30 series cards on firesale.
    • They were also pretty aggressively limiting stock as well
  • 12 GB is a wicked low amount of memoryram.
  • The only reason this looks remotely reasonable is three years of the dark times mixed with recent FK YOU pricing on the high-end.
  • $500 8GB 4060Ti incoming with a $400 6GB 4060 to follow.
  • Looking at the Windows numbers, AMD just needs to bring the 6800XT down to $500 and all of a sudden that 4070 isn’t looking great for rasterization performance.
    • Amd just needs to release a fucking midrange card already
  • I agree with the article that this should have been a $500 US card
  • 810 CAD is steep for a 12 GB card when you can get a 6800 16 GB for $100 less
  • In the ‘say something nice’ department: It uses very little power.
  • Reminder, we’re no longer the customer.


  • Only works with directx 8 or 9, for now.
    • Neat, uses DXVK under the hood
  • Nvidia has 300+ repos on github.
  • I want someone to get that Morrowind showcase they got working with OpenMW and something other than NVidia cards.
  • This is done via omniverse, which plugs into your 3d editing software of choice and gives you a bunch of nvidia AI black magic to play with


  • Now with a retro option.
  • Eggy fans rejoice as nobara has official support in the install script
  • It’ll properly detect your 64 bit wine now
  • Low latency vs frame smoothing FPS cap is very nice to see.

Minetest 5.7.0

  • Better performance on modern hardware in 17 easy steps.
  • OpenGLES is now the default on Android.
  • Reduce server CPU consumed by occlusion culling.
  • Flatpak, eww.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Goblin and Coins II
Devel: Nikola Bulj
Engine: GameMaker Studio
Price: £4.29 / $4.99 / $ 6.49

Wazzat: Years have passed, decades maybe. Little goblin moved on, all but forgot about the great coin trouble, not even realizing that a new trouble is awaiting behind the doors!

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • It launches.
  • Do you like 30 FPS?
  • No controller support on Linux.


  • I didn’t play platformers with a keyboard on the C64 and I’m not doing it in 2023.
  • This falls right into the ‘you had one job’ category and you cocked it right up.
  • I’m tempted to tell you that’s my review because it’s so important.
  • However, I tried playing this bad boy with a keyboard and as Jordan said, up is jump.
  • LOL, no.
  • Cracked open a copy of Proton and behold, the xclone picked right up.
  • It’s, playable.
  • You jump, collet coins, and die due to the sloppy platforming mechanics.
  • The auto-grip is frustrating and it straight up misses jump inputs while running.
  • We play little games like this because discovery on Steam is HARD and you never know.
  • Sometimes you run across absolute gems like Vampire Survivors.
  • A retro pixel game made by a single developer.
  • And sometimes you run across people learning to gamedev in production.
  • That’s the case with Goblins and Coins II.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Controller support is completely borked
  • Setting it it to WASD in steam input is necessary, but there is some futzing you need to do
  • Up is not “jump”. We live in current year. People who do this need to stop
  • It also genuinely seems like the dev wants us to use a keyboard for this. There’s even an option to disable controller input entirely. But hwy?
  • Graphically you can be in fullscreen or no, w/ a side of vsync
  • The music is probably the least unpleasant part about this game


  • In a word: No
  • I don’t share pedro’s complete disdain for platformers. It’s not my faviourite genre and it certainly isn’t one of my strong suits but I can respect a well executed one
  • And there’s nothing wrong with making a barebones pure platformer, especially for that $5 and under price tag
  • The thing about that though is that you actually have to make a good platformer.
  • The controls are kinda ass, which definitely detracts from the fun
  • Miyamoto kinda nailed it back in ‘85 and if you regress from that, you’re gonna have a bad time,
  • And this is kinda that. It’s bad mario. You can spend the coins you collect, but that’s kinda it.
  • It feels like one of those old flash or DOS platformers, and according to the Dev’s bio that’s the kinda stuff he’s into
  • I’m certainly not



  • Launches out of the box
  • It’s locked at 30 FPS
  • Controllers don’t work, despite the fact that Steam Input is enabled by default for everything.
  • Setting Steam Input to WASD mode works.
  • The background music sounds like the kind of music I’ve created on the Music Editor in APB: Reloaded
  • And the graphics are fairly simple.
  • It’s a shame then, that when I start moving the background scrolling at 30FPS is blurry as all hell.


  • I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it as often as I need to.
  • I don’t like platformers for the sake of platforming anymore.
  • During my early childhood and early in my Linux gaming years, that shit was the bulk of what I played.
  • Until I got Neverwinter Nights working but that’s another subject.
  • If you want to sell me your 2D platformer in <current year argument>, you better have Blasphemous, Salt & Sanctuary, or Hollow Knight level of credentials.
  • Clearly Goblin and Coins 2 is the second venture for this particular developer.
  • And thank you for sending us the keys.
  • I just don’t like this genre anymore and your game keeps reminding me why.
  • Pair that with broken controller support and 30 FerPS on my 144Hz screen and you get 1 chair.



Hate Mail:


  • Some games do not know how to Gamescope.

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