Linux Game Cast 553: Uncle Slappy’s Nicotine Shack

The Counter-Strike 2 limited test is underway! GE-Proton adds support for Diablo on Linux, Windows updates for Steam Decks, Raja Koduri leaves Intel, and smashing the Vulkan button on Asahi Linux.

Special thanks to
Mir x41 months
Dubsy_GG x 7


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00:00 Intro
00:52 Venn on drugs
03:11 Handy damage
04:43 New Thursday game
05:59 Pedro vs Apogee II
08:03 Windows on Steam Deck updates
12:08 Proton GE Diablo fixes
15:57 Resistance 204X
18:57 Ambitions pulls Linux support
22:19 Counter Strike 2 on Linux
27:41 Revhead on Steam Deck
36:52 New NVIDIA drivers
40:07 Raja leaves Intel
47:17 Big MAC with Vulkan
51:01 Heroic game launcher Snaps
55:37 Apocalyptic Vibes
01:09:19 Teenagers

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Still no dual boots for the Deck.
  • The SteamOS installer that provides a dual-boot wizard isn’t ready yet.
  • To enter your product key during installation, you’ll need internet. Because there are no Wi-Fi drivers at this point.
  • Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 are supported.
  • A year later and Windows on Deck is still an absolute dumpster-fire.
  • Yet another example of Big Linux ™ keeping indie OSs from gaining traction.
  • If you really, REALLY need to play Destiny on the go
  • Audio works on Windows now, that’s a positive.

GE 7.52/3

  • I thought that Outlaws protonfix might finally allow me to change the controls and play through the game once more.
  • Still doesn’t, unless you set WINE to to run the game in a separate X Window.
  • Maybe the open sauce Dark Forces engine will support Outlaws one of these days.
  • Diablo 4 beta was working
  • No longer need to mess with your hosts file for star citizen to work

Steam: New Games


  • It tried to lock up Steam on exit.
  • Click on the button and you should get right in the playtest.
  • It has That Soundpack ™ with the beats and record scratch menu movement.
  • No online multi in the demo so it’s kinda useless.
  • Xbox Controller picked up and reminded me I need to get a fight stick.
  • It’s a nidhogg like with some fancier fighting game mechanics
  • It got that rollback netcode

Steam: Game Updates

Small ambitions

  • It’s not fair that we have to spend time fixing our broken linux build that we sold to people for money
  • I hope those bugs the Linux version exposed don’t come back to bite you in the future.
  • Unlike a LOT of “we’re no longer supporting Linux” posts this game has a playerbase.
  • Grated, it’s a small player base because I’ve never heard of it and that’s kinda my thing.
  • Linux was exposing bugs in the game and the developer was not a fan of that.
  • Smash that Linux export button, fam.
  • Steam will issue refunds to all Linux players who don’t see Proton as an option.

Limited CS:GO

  • The rumors were true.
  • Oh my god the rumors were true.
  • Valve confirms release of long awaited sequel!
  • No Linux for the closed beta but there is a depot.
  • It’s a free upgrade to CSGOfuckyourself. So that’s nice
  • I wonder if Valve is gonna add any new monetization options? Or just straight up embrace being a slot machine
  • People went all data-miney on the files and found references to L4D3.
  • You know what else had references to L4D3? DotA2 when it was updated to Source 2.
  • If I ever get to visit a parallel world, I’d like to visit the one where VALVe released HL2:E3
  • I for one look forward to playing Left 5 Dead 1.
  • A new 5 player experience from the team that brought you Firewatch.

RevDeck (RTheren)

  • Now Steam Deck verified.
  • Sent them another email just in case.
  • Hungarian build your own car in the Australian outback simulator.
  • This is still in the “Fixed duplicated controller issues” phase of development.
  • The trailer is a smorgasbord of pop-in and low fps.
  • This is impressive considering the graphics are straight out of the 90s.


NVIDIa driver

  • Makes with the working.
  • Setting the icon location to …/icons/hicolor so it can be properly overridden by your own choice of icon theme.
  • That’s only over two decades overdue.
  • Now everybody gets to enjoy the fast decompression speed.
  • Anyone who uses the .run anyways


  • The mind behind VEGA and ARC has left the building.
  • Intel pulls the plug on Arc by the end of summer?
  • If Intel can’t break the duopoly, who can?
  • China is WAY behind on the GPU tech.
  • Maybe his work on Battlemage was already done.
  • Raja is moving to a new startup. Could be for any reason really
  • As much as I’d hope that Intel’s corpo overlords aren’t gonna fall victim to shortsightedness…who are we kidding
    • Surprise us! Prove us wrong! PLEASE!

Big MAC with Vulkan

  • I love this trend of Asahi using the M1/M2 hardware better than MacOS
  • Asahi OpenGL passes more compliance tests than OSX Lol
  • 800 FPS xonotic
    • Vs rosetta, but whatever. pssh
  • The many challenges of trying to implement explicit sync in a primarily implicit sync world
  • Proper graphics acceleration and support is the big one for Asahi.
  • Maybe once the M1s start showing up at more agreeable prices on the used market I’ll be able to use it properly with Linux.

Heroic Snaps

  • Flatpak, Snap, or regular.
  • But why?!
  • Unless Canonical is actively paying for it, why would you?
  • Now it’s even more available-er on Linux than any EGS offering

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Apocalyptic Vibes
Devel: Amanito Computing
Engine: GZDoom
Price: £16.75 / $19.99 / $25.99

Wazzat: A vintage immersive first-person shooter on GZDoom. With an atmosphere of a cold and melancholic postapocalypse, elements of dieselpunk, mix of a retro-style and realism and romantic shoegaze as a soundtrack.

Mandatory Disclosure: The dev sent us keys



  • BAM! Middle monitor.
  • Gamescope to the rescue.
  • Click on the screen when you’re done waiting for something to show up.
  • It had options galore because gzdoom.


  • 33 minutes to figure out that first bit leading to the baddies.
  • The levels are empty, big, and chocked full of absolutely nothing to do.
  • Even a bit of world lore (old photos / papers) would have gone a long way.
  • All of this time was spent alone, pursuing the emptiness and collecting ammo and coffee.
  • Then I went through the magical door and got killed to death by a smudge.
  • Seriously, I was walking straight up to two guys trying to figure out WTF they were and BLAM!
  • Yeah, you die a lot, and with a quickness.
  • Save scum to the rescue!
  • It took another 30 minutes to live die repeat my way through the next area and all I was feeling was tired.
  • Tired of reloading the game over and over and oh, save, alright, back to reloading.
  • Yeah, the AI is old school murder bots that go full T800 the second you are within 0.0089% of their vision cone.
  • I enjoyed my time with Metro on Ranger difficulty but this was the bad kind of punishing gameplay.
  • This OTOH was like playing a really cocked up deathmatch level filled with the same 90s era murder bot.
  • Best I can tell from the reviews is this is 2.5 hours of that and that alone.
  • Coming in a 1.12 Hollow Knights, yeah, no.



  • Launches OOTB. it really does just pick whatever monitor it wants
  • There isn’t really much of a soundtrack. More of a soundscape. Mostly empty one that startles you when it suddenly makes a new noise
  • All of the configuration options
  • Visually, it looks like a GZdoom game. That is all
  • The colour palette is pretty muted. I actually missed the revolver in the apartment cuz it looked like a smudge


  • I’ve been wandering around aimlessly. I have no clue what I’m doing.
  • Video games are supposed to provide an escape from reality. It’s too real!
  • Ok, after finally caving I watched a video of someone playing through it and the door you were supposed to go to looks suspiciously like a background texture that is usually a locked door
  • I guess it’s trying to be metro: gzdoom edition
  • And yeah,it really does capture the punishing environment of the post apocalypse. You might get one or two shots off but then you get deaded
  • And that’s when you start abusing the autosave feature
  • My experience is mostly similar to Venn’s. Advancement at a snails pace
  • Some people like that sort of methodical challenge, but I don’t really like it in my shooters



  • Much like every other GZDoom game, smack in the middle screen.
  • But it does work out of the box on the Desktop and the Deck on the Beta Branch.
  • It defaults to WASD config for Steam Input.
  • But that also means controllers will work out of the box if you have Steam Input enabled already.
  • It’s GZDoom, it’s gonna work everywhere.
  • As for the graphics, Strider likes to give me stick for liking desaturated things.
  • Apocalyptic Vibes manages to be just over the line for me.
  • It is all brown and grey, mostly grey.
  • And the sprites are probably the devs or their friends.
  • Those cans have some real high res mud texturing.
  • The music is nice when you’re near a radio to listen to it.


  • I don’t think it’s supposed to be fun.
  • Just like not everything that quacks is a duck, not all GZDoom games are boomer shooters.
  • This one falls squarely into the STALKER subgenre of FPS/RPGs.
  • Bleak, lonely, and unforgiving.
  • I’m playing through it on Hardcore because that seems to be the recommended way to get the full experience.
  • When you die, your max HP gets dinged and you can only recover it by consuming “the tea”, lighting bonfires, and hitting certain milestones in the story.
  • Yes, you can go and add the Souls-Like tag on the Steam Store page.
  • I liked STALKER for its semi-open world and semi-metroidvania style going back through places you’d already visited to do more things once you’re properly equipped.
  • Apocalyptic Vibes is a linear experience with the occasional deadend with some goodies.
  • Nothing against strictly linear games, but this time it feels like it could have used something, anything, to feel less bleak.
  • I like what it does but it doesn’t look as good as it could and it’s a little sparse in content.



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