Linux Game Cast 565: Straight to Minidisc

Big improvements for the Steam Desktop client, holograms at home with Tilt Five, a new $299 card from NVIDIA, and in-game ads come to American Truck Simulator.


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00:00 Intro
01:30 Assassins Creed burnout
02:32 Office Tetris
03:40 Facebook headgear
05:33 That funky new Steam look
11:08 RetroDECK v0.7.0b
31:39 Cat Souls
16:37 Kingdom Eighties
19:01 Last of Us Steam Deck fixes
22:34 Ads in American Truck Simulator
35:11 Nvidia 2060 in June for $299
44:17 Alpakka PCB for sale
47:47 Tilt Five Linux drivers
54:28 Graph Dungeon Generator
56:59 Spring Lisp game jam
01:00:13 Open-source Diablo multiplayer
01:06:49 RISC-Y the future

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

New Steam

  • No more beta for the new look.
  • It took some massaging but I think the new steam is pretty solid
  • I especially like the changes to overlay.
  • I don’t know if it’s the new Nvidia drivers or the latest beta update but the visual wharrgarbl is gone when mousing over the Store/Library/Community.
  • Nory let out a “What the hell is that” when she saw the new login screen.
  • They’ve also added the option to copy the system information from the dialog window, which they removed the ability to select the text inside when they launched this interface.
  • I look forward to what other changes they make
  • And now the scaling is all jacked up. Good job, Valve.
  • I triggered this by enabling GPU accel.
  • I have JUMBO or small with non resizable window.
  • GDK_SCALE=1 steam or steam -forcedesktopscaling=1

RetroDECK v0.7.0b

  • Better bios checker
  • I like having the emulated games show up on the library like EmuDeck does
  • But at the same time I can totally see why you’d just have the one shortcut for Emulation Station with a nice theme.

Steam: New Games

Cat Souls

  • Is not actually a soulslike
  • Done using openGL
  • A 45 level platformer where you play as a kitty with 7 lives
  • Using Souls in the title to indicate that they make use of death as a mechanic not just as a failure state, clever!

Kingdom Eighties

  • This is Kingdom Two Crowns but with fixies.
  • Northgard meets ET. You got the leader, the whiz, the tinker and the champ
    • I’m glad he got work after slay the spire
  • I do like the enemy design

Steam: Game Updates

Last of Deck

  • Look at that, Steam Deck fixes.
    • Gotta survive the fungi-pocalypse on the toilet
  • Iron Galaxy did both TLOU and the latest Uncharted that came out.
  • Apparently they’re still wrapping their heads around porting playstation games.
  • We’re about halfway into the 6 months until Sony game works cycle.
  • Should be running AOK by Sep / Oct.
  • Keep that in mind when Ratchet & Clank drops.
  • Uncharted worked pretty well after the first big patch.
  • It seems it took a bit longer for this one to click *hint hint*

Billboard Simulator

  • That’s called targeted advertisement, Brad.
  • Spin it all you want.
  • Should you care?
  • Thats some vertical integration right there
  • In this one case it doesn’t seem like that big a deal but it opens the door for a lot more types of native advertisement in games
  • We’ve seen how that basically killed the blogosphere by making basically everything sponsored content
  • And will this new revenue stream result in reduced cost to customers? Certainly not
  • This is a $20 game with a couple of hundred $$$ of DLC.
  • There are not one, but two locked threads on the topic.
  • Community is less than ecstatic about the addition.
  • ABP MOD for Truck Simulator in 3.. 2..
  • You can disable dynamic billboards in the online options. For now.


Jun 29

  • $299?
  • That poor card is going to be so slow.
  • Granted, it’s going to whoop the RX 7600 but still.
  • No mention of the memory so it’s 8GB.
  • 60 is the new 50.
  • I guess after announcing the super they gotta rush these out so that someone panic buys one.
  • The rumour is they are pushing this out a little faster so they can start pooping out Supers.
  • Moral of the story? Buy a 3060Ti.
  • In the UK you can get a brand new 7600 for £250 and up while the second hand 3060Ti’s go for about the same “buy now” used.
  • The 4060 is showing a list price of £290.
  • Honestly, kinda spoiled for choice in the sub £300 category over here.
  • Sub £200 the RX 6600 brand new or a 6650XT used are by far the better option.

Alpakka PCB

  • Prepopulated with the SMDs and available to buy directly from Input Labs.
  • Pi Pico and the through-hole components not included.
  • About $37.
  • A complete kit will run you $161.19.

Tilt Five

  • This thing started life at Valve.
  • Complex, multi-piece tabletop games without the up-front expense or setup.
  • This runs on ubuntu but they do give you a non-debified option
  • 3-pack runs a grand or the cost of 1 Index.
  • That is around 63.97 Hollow Knights.
  • The glasses are USB 3.0.
  • Currently you can only buy glasses as part of a kit.
  • About 30 games available at launch.
    • Ho ho home invasion indeed
  • Will Be interesting to see what people come up with.
  • $360 for the full 1-person kit is not bad
  • And it has infinitely more content than Microsoft’s Holodeck already.
  • Of course there’s already a Catan port
  • Through stuff like tabletopia there are a lot of board games already implemented. You still gotta buy individual ones as dlc
  • Network multiplayer with this would be dope as hell
  • The controller wand thing is a little weird

Look at this graph

  • It’s a neat little dungeon generator
  • It makes some damn linear maps though. You want interconnectedness. That’s what made quake maps so good.

Lisp Game Jam 2023

  • Thanks to projects like Kandria LISP is starting to get a bit more game dev love
  • Eval-em-Up got robbed!

devilutionX 1.5

  • OG Diablo build for modern operating systems.
  • They got all the multiplayer bits sorted out!
  • Even sorted some of the desync issues.
  • Better latency handling.
  • Added support for the original Xbox because reasons.
  • I want to hack through this in multiplayer one day.
  • You can get the data bits on GOG.

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