Linux Game Cast 566: Street Corner Red Hat

Intel nukes the ARC A770 LE, Steam Next Fest picks, SDL2 reaches EOL, new games added to Proton Experimental, and Discord opens a meme store. All this, plus your hate mail! 


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00:00 Intro
00:55 Button reminder
01:17 WHAR NVIDIA Video Effects SDK?
02:53 Red Hat pulls the plug
03:29 Microwave update
05:17 Pedro played a game
07:45 New games for Proton Experimental
11:17 Steam Next Fest
17:52 Olliefrog Toad Skater
19:42 Demonic Supremacy
22:12 Motordoom
24:12 Stunt Derby
26:12 TMNT Dimension Shellshock
34:03 Intel nukes the ARC A770 LE
40:15 NVIDIA 4060 benchmarks
45:16 SDL 2 enters maintenance mode
47:15 ALVR 20.1.0
51:25 Discord opens a meme store
01:03:51 LGC Vibes
01:06:31 ESDF is better

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Proton Experimental 2023/06/24

  • Enabled nvapi for a chunk of new games.
  • For the most part they have done a good job avoiding regression hell but it’s an ever looming problemo.
  • 18 new games added.
    • *21st Century Basketball, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD.
    • Why yes, I do agree they could use a slightly better system for tracking updates with experimental.
  • Nothing terribly exciting, though at this point it’s hard to find games that don’t already work that aren’t encumbered by anti-tamper systems and bass-ackwards-minded developers.


  • Next Fest is here and this has become something I look forward to.
  • Not only does it bring back the idea of demos, it gives us a look at what’s coming down the steamy pipes.
  • 123 Linux native games, 40 more than MAC.
    • Ever think you would see that?
  • Here’s a couple to keep your eye-organs on.

Steam: New Games / Next Fest Picks

Olliefrog Toad Skater

  • This is roughly eleventy times more fun than Sk8Birb.
  • Makes Goku noises when he falls.
  • I look forward to more games coming out inspired from the moderate success of SkateBirb
  • Oh yeah, this is the Tony hawk frog skating I was looking for.

Demonic Supremacy

  • Boomer-shooter with the chuggies.
  • Reminds me of trying to run Quake with a software render.
  • I know it says it has “few gamer-friendly features” but did you need to be actively hostile with that god awful motion and radial blur?


  • PS1 DOOM on a bike.
  • Controls are bad.
  • Oh they work, just bad.
  • Dave Mirra’s Freestyle Ziggurat
  • ‘Member BMX?
  • Motocross Madness meets Painkiller?

Stunt Derby

  • That’s… a prototype.
  • THat’s a swarm of cars
  • Drive into boxes. With friends! Cuz it at least has the thing
  • If they can deliver that experience with a bunch of Online peeps, I’m down.
  • Maybe give us an option with a looser camera.
  • I do like the jank a little.

Steam: Game Updates

Turtle DLC

  • Miyamoto Usagi is now playable.
  • New game mode.
  • Would adding a price be too much to ask?
  • Adding different turtle paletes will really help with the insane character blindness that 6 person co-op can offer. By how much? Shrug emoji
  • More turtles is good!


Limited 770

  • Guess it really was limited, ha.
  • This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence for AIB partners, both of them.
  • That said, Intel will continue to provide silicone to AIBs for the 770.
  • RIP a surprisingly stalwart dark horse. Get them while you can.
  • In true Intel fashion the radio remains silent.
  • They did call it limited edition but still, fucking really?
  • Right when people were starting to not just warm up to but seeing the point of it?


  • That’s about as terrabad as I was expecting.
  • 17 to 18% faster than RTX 3060.
  • PCI Express 4.0 limited to 8 lanes.
  • Getting beat by the 3060Ti from last gen.
  • Remember when the 60 series would at least match the 70 series from the previous gen?
  • $300 for some last gen performance.
  • The 3050 performs about on par with a 1080, that was what sort of justified the MSRP.
  • Releasing a 3060 SUPER for $30 off the MSRP of the 3060 is not the worst, but at that point people are better off getting last gen’s for even cheaper now.


  • SDL2 Is going into maintenance mode
  • SDL2-compat is also being worked on concurrently so that old SDL1.2 stuff can use 3 on the backend
  • Heeeey! Backwards compatibility!
  • Boy am I glad to see at least one of the major open source projects give a shit.
  • I’m worried about the code bloat in SDL 3.
    • That could have been accomplished with 3 a’s.

ALVR 20.1.0

  • Use your Standalone headset for PC based VR games
  • Currently works with the Quest and Vives, other hardware is still in progress
  • Done in rust. There’s also an appimage
  • The firewall script has been fixed under linux, as has the audio menu dropdown
  • Works with the Quest 2, the bitrate is still shit but it’s a lot less absolutely awful than the previous version.
  • I’m sitting right next to the router and the headset is literally the only thing on the 5GHz band, it’s still not what I’d call a pleasant experience streaming any kind of SteamVR game.
  • Progress is very welcome and I genuinely hope these fine folks keep at it.
  • Linux support is still in beta. Expect to build bits from source.

Discord Store

  • I look forward to the Inception levels of Discord piracy on Discord
  • This is also when we’ll see how many of the moderators in Discord servers are just complete power junkies.
  • What the fuck are “exclusive memes”
  • Enshittification continues
  • As long as they’re not breaking regular chat things will be fine for the interim, but tech companies are being especially extra stupid these days.
  • A new thing is coming to Discord, media channels.
  • They are designed to host subscriber-only content like memes and wallpapers.
    • Tier Templates: Formalized subscription tiers with prices set by Discord ($3.99, $4.99, $7.99, and $9.99)
    • Downloadables: One-time purchasable digital products or subscriptions sold by server owners, which will be accessed via…
    • Server Shops: “A single home for server owners to sell Server Subscriptions, Downloadables and Premium Roles”
  • Can we break the exponential growth cycle?
  • Be more like Craigslist.

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