Linux Game Cast 567: Planets ‘n Sh*t

BIG updates for the open-source NVIDIA Vulkan driver, GDP releases a Steam Deck competitor with a physical keyboard, System76 announces open-hardware PC cases, instant games headed to YouTube, DPI scaling issues with the latest Steam (beta) client, and Valve sets some ground rules for AI generated game content.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 How to grow your YouTube channel
01:32 Elgato Wave Mic Arm LP mini-review
03:41 Free Amazon motherboard
06:00 Pedro on wheels
07:41 Steam bans AI games
14:12 Steam beta fixes DPI scaling issues
19:47 Driving Strikers footballs with cars
21:34 New levels for Extraneum
23:56 Soccer mode for Wee Tanks
28:04 New support page layout
28:40 New “obey-me mode” merch!
30:28 GPD Win 4 Ryzen 6800U upgrade
33:23 Physical keyboards on mobile
37:06 System76 DIY Nebula PC cases
49:16 Open-source Nvidia driver updates
51:40 Should we support old GPUs?
54:23 Alpakka DIY controller racing firmware
58:52 Instant games coming to YouTube
01:05:56 Great vibes at LGC
01:07:38 Will Kick bring down Twitch

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

AI games on Steam

  • So Valve has rejected this guy’s game because it has AI generated assets and they don’t seem to be able to verify whether or not the training data contained copyright information and don’t want to risk being sued
  • The dev insists the training data is all stuff he has permission to use, but that hasn’t swayed valve in this case
  • But this doesn’t seem to be a consistent ruling…yet
  • Tracked down a second data point.
  • Part me wants to believe that AI generated assets can be great
  • If you’re a lone game dev and can’t afford to pay others to do art, music, etc, you just feed the AI the prompts or data and go about doing what you do know how to do.
  • Unfortunately that’s not all that’s happening.
  • Much like the ennefftees, the bulk of the games are very low effort cash grabs.
  • I’m sure a developer that actually puts in the effort can easily justify and prove where the data set came from.
  • It was made clear the dude needed to remove the assets but he tried to cheat the system.
  • What if you have something generated with Adobe FireFly?
  • Anything that poops out is blessed by Adobe.

DPI scaling fixes

  • Two weeks later.
  • You can launch the UI with extra command glyphs.
  • Do NOT enable GPU accel.
  • Disabling “scale text and icons” still prevents you from scaling the window down to a reasonable size.
  • Hey you no longer have to set the sharing mode for each and every single screenshot individually, again.

Steam: New Games

We have Rocket League at home

  • Can it beat stux kart football?
  • It’s got the online multiplayer according to the steam metadata
  • Pretty modest system reqs too
  • The little thumbnail art used to have 2 not quite legally distinct Celicas
  • So did they change it of their own accord because having the soccer ball is more representative or did they get told to change it?

Steam: Game Updates

Extraneüm 0.11

  • New level is out. E2M2
  • No more high speed noclip
  • No escape from boss rooms either. It got a little too cheesy
  • I really like Extraneüm but I don’t want to play anymore until it’s finished.

We have Rocket Tanks at home

  • One ball of foot.
  • Two maps with gooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllls.
  • It’s easy to set up a match.
  • I REALLY want FP mode.
  • I specifically said it didn’t have to be soccer!
  • That said I do appreciate that they’ve listened to the idiots like me who suggested other, more varied game modes.


Phony SPS

  • Physical keyboard is one way to run Windows on a handheld.
  • It’s a line refresh with the new fancy 7000 series apu
  • Were they waiting for Sony to reveal their Playstation WiiU abomination just to be sure?
  • Where’s the Anbernic Win600 on that little comparison table?
  • Anbernic, call me!

Nebulus Cases

  • System 76 has released 3 DIY cases. Nebula 19 36 49.
  • System76’s open-hardware PC case is designed for builders to learn from, customize, and elevate their skills.”
  • These look like solid, well engineered, well built cases.
  • For prebuilds.
  • I’m in the market for an EATX case.
  • The nebula49 is limited to a max air cooler height of 123mm.
  • The NH-U14S TR4-SP3 is 165mm.
  • How about some high-quality H2o?
  • I’m not going to be able to mount a 360mm rad because it only supports a 120mm radiator.
  • Not cooling an EPYC with that.
  • There’s a reason we don’t see DIY cases from HP / DELL.
  • Lot’s of engineering goes into those cases as well, but that’s not what the DIY market is looking for.
  • The DIY market (for the most part) wants to do their own engineering / customizing.
  • Then again, they want transparent windows… for some bizarre reason. Ick.
  • Maybe in the future we could see something along the lines of the InWin MOD Free?
  • That said, they are nice looking cases and if they fit your requirements, go for it.
  • 330 USD for a full tower? Are you smoking crack?
  • Also if you’re gonna offer a bunch of accents and junk, shouldn’t the selector update the image so you can see what you’re buying?
  • £300 keyboard and £300 case.
  • As much as I’d like to support people making Linux things, those are not good value propositions.
  • One of these days I will get a System 76 something to play with but I don’t think it will be this.

NVK updates

  • They were able to hack in support for Kepler and Maxwell GPUs
  • Some games actually work with dxvk.
  • The ones mentioned are Hollow Knight and F1
    • Emphasis on “WORK”
    • The focus has been on “Correctness” over speed, which I think is a good approach
    • Performance bottlenecks include a ton of stalling and less than stellar memory management and
  • Currently only supports vulkan 1.0 but 1.2 and 1.3 are not far off
  • 60% more of the vulkan conformance test suite can be run. Completing this is one on the big hurdles to actually be considered a full vulkan implementation
  • There’s still a bunch of compiler and kernel work that still needs to be done
    • The new compiler NAK is written in rust and wil only support turing + GPUs
  • I still have hope this will eventually make older cards Vulkan-compatible or at least fix VKD3D on Pascal.
  • This will be upstreamed to MESA along with a new kernel API.
  • No exact timetable for when the new API will be ready.
  • This year, maybe.

Will it Blend

  • The Beta firmware with a tentative racing profile is now up for people to test.
  • The PCB can now be bought as we mentioned
  • And the 3D models have been restructured with wider compatibility in mind.
  • You can now also export Alpakka STLs from Blender models if that’s what you really want, the blend files are on the latest release.

YT Gaming

  • Because rolling Stadia into the Tubes would have made too much sense?
  • I guess this is going to be more light game/ style stuff given Gamesnacks’ current output
  • We have seen a lot of cool browser games and browser gaming tech come out of the woodwork so google funding it for ~3 years could result in some overall progress before they shelf it\
  • Oh, so that feature that was supposed to have been a part of Stadia is finally done?
  • What, did the dev threaten to kill someone if they just scrapped it without even trying?
  • Being able to jump into a game at the point you were watching in a video would still be cool as hell.

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