Linux Game Cast 568: SteamGPT

Valve explains their AI policy, GE Proton adds support for Gears 5, Hollow Knight fan-made DLC, online Amiga gaming done right, 0AD on Risc V, and a PS1 game from 1996 gets a Linux port.

Special thanks to:
DNSGJoe – Evil West
PtDave – Twitch Resub
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00:00 Intro
00:32 Android keyboards
04:06 Replacement MOBO
06:18 Pedro car upgrades
08:09 Valve clarifies their position on AI assets
10:31 Gears 5 on Linux with GE Proton
15:35 1996 PS1 “classic” Re-Loaded comes to Linux.
17:20 Legit card fighting with Yomi 2
19:37 A Dark Room
21:53 Hollow Knight Pale Court DLC
31:05 NVIDIA warns AIB partners not to make Intel GPUs
40:59 Aya NEO Kun handheld
45:41 Online Amiga gaming with AmigaLive
51:29 0AD on Risc V
57:59 It was Dreamcast
01:00:29 Extra Kicks

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Valve AI statement

  • Valve: We’re working on it, chill.
  • I would say that’s an improvement but it’s just the exact same MO they’ve always had.
  • Don’t talk about a damn thing until the media starts to kick up a fuss.
  • The fuss was kicked.
  • One question is how will Valve handle the verification.
  • Is it gonna be an automated solution or does something like this necessitate human review?

Gears 5 EAC

  • We’re not into grinding Gears but this made some noise.
  • The latest Proton GE (still calling it that) can run Gears 5 OOTB.
  • No cocking about required.
  • In fact, you need to remove previous workarounds.
  • Sooo, how many games are stuck behind the EAC wall this far into 2023?
  • Did Dead by Daylight ever get sorted?
  • APB Reloaded fix which doesn’t require either INI alteration or custom launch codes.
  • Two Worlds… wow…
  • How bad does your game have to be for it to have taken this long to sort?
  • 8-6 just got pushed out with a HotFix for ffxiv

Steam: New Games


  • 1996 PS1 “classic” comes to Linux.
  • Not to be confused with 2015s release of ReLoaded:
    • Or the Metallica Album
  • I really liked Loaded
  • Never played the Re version.
  • Scores for this in the day topped out at 4.675/10
  • With such memorable characters as C.H.E.B and F.U.B?

Yomi 2

  • Round one, CLICK!
  • That’s a legit fighting card game.
  • This is by the same folks who brought you fantasy strike. It even has the FS characters
  • Supports Online synchronous and asynchronous play, which is pretty neat.
  • Well, if the internet has deemed your fighting game to not be worthy might as well reuse those assets.

GameBoy Text Adventure

  • The PC port definitely has weird lineage, coming from a nintendo switch version that spun off into its own toolkit
  • There’s a web based version of this as well
  • It reminds me a lot of Citizen Sleeper, but using real time instead of a turn counter.
  • Seems like a pretty fun book to play.
  • Has support for a touch screen.
  • And MODs.

Steam: Game Updates

Hollow fan DLC

  • This is what happens when you don’t feed the addicts.
  • New charms, music, bosses, etc.
  • You got to jump through a few hoops to get it.
  • Download Scarab v1.31.0.0 and do the setup, then install the MOD.
  • Wine or not to Wine.


Nvidia vs Intel

  • The official nvidia partner program is dead! Long live the unofficial nvidia partner program!
  • This is all skuttlebutt and rumours, but Nvidia is sitting pretty at the top of the market and intel absolutely does have the funding to eventually become a major competitor if they stick with it
  • Were I in the position of NVidia’s board partners, I’d be looking literally everywhere else to find other GPUs to package.
  • NVidia have been basically hostile to their board partners to the point EVGA just said no.
  • And I can imagine Intel is very happy to not have to bear the brunt of the sales like they did with Archie.
  • True or not, this is 100% something NVIDIA would do.
  • It’s not like they haven’t pressured board partners in the past.
  • That said, pressuring their largest partners to refuse working with Intel on Battlemage requires Intel to ship Battlemage.
  • Latest rumour for the Mage is that it can sorta-kinda trade blows with a 4080.

Getting real close to Deck

  • Ironically, the Liliputing URLs are the chonkiest.
    • That has to win the longest (non ref) URL ever in the show notes.
    • For the record, it’s 186 characters. The max in chrome is 2048 characters so stop slacking news blogs!
  • Aya NEO is going all Deck like.
  • 8.4 inch display might be a wee large for a handheld?
  • That 75wh battery will help keep things powered while running Windows.
  • Bigger battery brings the weight to about 2lbs, so no toothpick arms allowed

Amiga Live

  • This thing is all kinds of slick.
  • Download, launch, play.
  • SFII and MK are on the list.
  • The Altered Beast port is baaaaaaad.
  • Most of these games support the two button gamepad and it’s as terrabad as you remember.
  • I want the NES version of this.
  • Can we have all of the multiplayer made online for 6th gen consoles and earlier?
  • Gauntlet 3 Final quest has a dope soundtrack
  • Having all the games in a list is nice, but a search box in the UI would be nice if you already knew what you were looking for

0AD on Risc V

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Extra kicks


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