Linux Gamers Outnumber Mac – Linux Game Cast 572

Linux overtakes Mac on Steam! AMD RX 7800 XT details leak, Lenovo has a Steam Deck competitor, Valve closes their merch shop, and Microsoft begins selling official replacements parts for Xbox controllers.


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00:00 Intro
01:01 Lost buttons
01:55 EW Apple updates
01:40 Apple remotes
04:39 Barbenheimer mini review
06:19 LinuxCarCast with Pedro Mateus
10:42 Linux gamers overtake MAC
11:32 MAC users installing alternate OS?
12:00 Hacking the system
12:33 How did this happen?
13:54 Top GPU on Steam
16:57 Steam removes old UI option
17:57 More room for advertisements
19:18 Switching to the Steam mini UI
19:55 Vann finds a bug in Steam small mode ™
12:17 Steam merch store closes shop
23:49 GINSHA
29:48 Jupiter Hell 1.7 MOD support and fixes
33:11 AMD 7800 XT leaked my PowerColor
33:31 WTF is anti-lag?
38:12 New enthusiast-class graphics cards from AMD
38:59 What does enthusiast mean?
40:59 ARC 770 one month challenge
41:11 Navi4 will not have high-end GPUs
41:59 Reasons for only shipping low-end Navi4
42:33 AMD & Nvidia relations
43:48 Lenovo working on gaming handheld
45:51 Why nothing competes with the Steam Deck
45:56 Overheating camera
47:10 Where are SteamOS ISOs?
49:48 XBOX controller parts store
50:21 Hello Kitty Island Adventure released
54:56 Mefh
56:55 $10 to get screwed by Microsoft?
01:02:51 A wee problem


Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Linux overtakes MAC

  • It only took 3 years of M-series to accomplish.

  • Remember, macOS 10.11 and 10.12 support nopes on September 1st.

  • Granted, the Steam Deck might have had a little to do with it as well.

  • Lord 1650 remains unthroned.

  • RTX 4060 Laptop GPU is almost at 1%.

  • Seems like that boost was caused by a .5% drop on windows 10 usage

  • I guess those users are the ones who bit the bullet and installed linux rather than switch to win11

  • Intel Arc GPU’s can’t even get out of “Other”

  • The Steam Deck is just over 42% of the Linux share

  • The 1060 is still the most widely used NVidia card on Linux and it’s now down to 9th place.

  • The 6700/XT/6750 is in 3rd place.

It’s official

  • Love it or hate it, the big chonker UI is here to stay.

  • No more going back to the old UI via the switch.

  • Let me tell you about Mini Games List mode.

  • steam -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist

    • You can also get there via the View menu and selecting Small mode.

  • A list of your games and the ability to play them.

  • That comment section is piiiiiiiiiiised

  • A lot of people talking about memory leaks.

  • Other than the scrolling and freezing a few months back I haven’t really had any issues with the new GUI.

  • Then again, GPU acceleration was just straight up broken on the Linux client for the longest time.

RIP Valve store

  • On behalf of everyone watching and listening.

  • Valve had a fkn merch store!?

  • The Valve Store opened its virtual doors in 2005 but has now made the difficult decision to close them, the last day anyone could place an order was the 31st of July 2023.

  • If you have one of those original Companion Cube plushies, now is the time to keep it well looked after.

  • It’s going to be worth some money before long.

Steam: New Games


  • So many buzzwords! Souls! RPG! Crafting! Metroidvania!

  • It’s a one person project by a dude named Adrian Zingg

  • It kind of gives me Kandria vibes.

  • Hopefully the gameplay is a little more unified

  • The only thing I ended up not liking about Kandria was starting out with all the abilities.

  • This is giving me NES Metroid on a budget vibes.

  • Also, crafting better be optional.

  • Looking at how the boss health bar on that gif doesn’t seem to be going down very much at all in the almost 30seconds it takes to loop, it doesn’t fill me with confidence.

  • That’s pretty much the reason I have yet to finish any Borderlands game.

  • The time to kill is stupid.

Steam: Game Updates

Jupiter Modding

  • Mod support here is the big one

  • They also revamped the easy mode to better reinforce the game mechanics by reducing enemy damage, not hit chance.

  • Early game gets some fancy new weapons

  • Bunch of bug fixes and

  • Your post mortems now are all in one folder. There’s also a backup

  • Shotguns no longer become useless after the 3rd hub

  • Nerfing the grenade launcher is probably good.

  • I blowed myself up with it so many times

  • 4 new weapons.


RX 7800 XT

  • Will AMD release a budget option that’s not laptop hardware glued to a PCIe interface?

  • Price to be announced

  • We’ll see how the performance is. Lately AMD’s been eking out modest improvements

  • Supposedly more midrange options are coming.

  • The 7600 wasn’t particularly good value for the performance.

  • It cost about $100 less than the 6600XT on release and performed about the same as a 6650.

  • Though that price drop needs to be put into context of the 6600XT releasing mid-GPU-pocalypse

  • Unless the 7800XT is priced well below $500, I can’t see people being all that interested.

  • The 7900xt GRE has the same number of stream processors as the 6900, but the 7800 supposedly has 3408 compared to the 6800’s 4608. I worry AMD’s new architecture doesn’t quite have enough oomph to make up the difference.

But wait, there’s more

  • Enthusiast is an interesting choice of word.

  • A person who is very interested in a particular activity or subject.

  • What was the internal classification for the 7900 series?

  • Suckers?

  • We are on track to further expand our RDNA 3 GPU offerings with the launch of new, enthusiast-class Radeon 7000 series cards in the third quarter,”

  • Plenty of room to slip in sub $800 GPUs for us peasants.

  • Mix that with the NAVI4 low-end only rumour.

  • AMD gonna prioritise making chips for AI.

  • That’s just going to be the 7800 that Powercolor jumped the proverbial gun on.

Lenovo handheld

  • It’s gonna have similar hardware to the ROG Ally

  • Lenovo had an android handheld that didn’t launch generally.

  • All of the pictures in the article are of that

  • Probably gonna run windows unless Valve has some backchannel deals to have it launch with SteamOS that we haven’t heard about.

  • If Lenovo can match the price of the most expensive Deck but with better specs, they may have a chance.

  • Otherwise this is just going to be dead on arrival.

Xbox controller parts

  • PCBs for input, and rumble.

  • Buttons and faceplate.

  • Parts for Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 & Xbox Wireless.

  • Make it so you don’t need a pry tool!

  • I will pay an extra $10 for some FK mothering screws.

  • Nobody likes to play spudger broken clip roulette.

  • Full PCBs only, no individual components.

  • Someone’s looking to make a profit out of the repair folks.

    • No building your own controller 4 cheap either

  • No replacement sticks, huh?

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