Gaming on the Raspberry Pi 5 and Valve bans AI translations

EA’s new anti-cheat doesn’t know how to Linux! Counter-Strike 2 exits the Danger Zone, Valve bans AI translations, gaming on the Raspberry Pi 5, problems with VR sickness, and KDE is for kamers?


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00:00 Intro
00:57 Pet lizard
02:04 New camera lens
03:33 Studio One on Linux
04:58 Mom vs Dad
05:32 Where the sidewalk ends
09:02 Steam VR 2.0
10:33 Steam Deckard confirmed!
11:06 AI text banned from Steam
15:17 AI detection systems
15:54 Valve vs regional pricing in the EU
24:12 New EA anit-cheat breaks Linux support
29:28 Counter Strike 2
32:27 15 hours of CS:GO
33:43 What is CS Prime Status?
34:33 Half-Life the movie
35:27 Gaming on the Raspberry Pi 5
39:15 Pi 5 preorders
39:49 Are you buying a Pi 5?
44:34 Extreme Pi cooling
47:10 Gameboy with modern power
47:56 Vulkan performance gains
51:41 VR still makes you sick
53:33 What makes you yak?
56:52 Apple iFanny
59:39 Dreaming of boat sickness
01:00:26 KDE gaming
01:04:17 Venn uses KDE
01:07:30 KDE desktop effects
01:10:24 peanut butter facial
01:11:51 RIP open-source nvidia drivers
01:13:49 How long until nvidia open-source drivers are good?
01:15:15 nvidia getting serious about wayland

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

VR 2.0

  • Update to sniper runtime because sniper no sniping

  • Most of the updated UI features have got ported into this.

  • Ostensibly it’s the same codebase as the regular client so that should make maintenance easier

  • But does it make you want to vomit more?

  • If only facebook could be assed to properly support the Quest on Linux.

AI Text-a-nono

  • Yeah, Valve is a little spazzy about AI anything at the moment.

  • This will lead to people not disclosing the use of it.

  • There’s no way of telling what language model was used to train that particular AI, so if the people who put it together came after VALVe claiming pirated content they probably could.

  • And VALVe has other legal issues to worry about.

  • I’m usually not an AI apologist, but I can kinda empathize

  • Machine assisted translation has been a thing for a good long while now, and most methods these days use some form of “AI” to do this

  • See: Google translate

  • I get Valve’s stance is just a hardline no, but that sledgehammer approach could disqualify a lot of existing games on their store NOW.

Region Locking Bad

  • The EU was investigating VALVe and a few others about the practice of region-locking keys.

  • VALVe had a chance to defend itself.

  • The court says no.

  • “In agreeing bilaterally to that geo-blocking, the operator of the Steam platform, Valve and five PC video games publishers unlawfully restricted cross-border sales of certain PC video games that are compatible with that platform”

  • A precedent was found to already be established in these cases and VALVe, Capcom, Namcai Bando, Focus Home Interactive, Koch Media and Microsoft… I mean Zenimax, were all found to be deliberately “restricting imports” between member states of the union.

  • Good!

  • Australia got us refunds, maybe the EU can get us price parity.

  • That’d be fucking nice!

  • The conclusion of the court is while copyright laws gives Valve and other publishers the right to sell licenses to their software, they have no right to attempt to restrict the legitimate sale of those licenses to ensure higher margins

  • This is a good thing.

  • A lot of software has what is effectively a bullshit region tax placed on it for no real reason.

  • Using a VPN to legitimately purchase a valid license literally hurts nobody.

  • The solution to this will be to remove regional pricing in the EU.

  • Now that €60 game in Iceland is €60 in Greece \:D/

  • Because that’s how this plays out.

EA on Deck

  • EA wants to bring back StarForce.

  • Their new inhouse DRM requires kernel-level access.

  • This broke EA FC 2024 and Battlefield 2042 will be getting the treatment as well.

  • Aphex Legends uses EAC but who knows for how long.

  • Apparently they never enabled the EAC proton integration for battlefield 2042 so it wasn’t playable with proton anyways

  • Wildcard EA still keeping everyone guessing. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get a steam deck version of it in the future

Steam: Game Updates

Counter-Strike 2

  • That’s it, all Valve games have a 2 on them.

  • No, that one doesn’t count.

  • People angry about smoke.

  • They noped Danger Zone.

  • You can still play the old new one.

  • On the “Beta Participation” menu, select “csgo_demo_viewer –”

  • Over 1 million current and active players according to the Steam charts.

  • About 10 minutes of shader compiling and it’s all Vulkan.

  • The 3060 could squeeze 60 at 1440p high, just BUT IT WAS REAL SHOUTY ABOUT IT.

  • How the absolute hell do I have 15 hours in CS?

  • They updated CSGO.

  • They didn’t even pretend they had to update servers, Blizzard…

  • No Mo CsGO

  • I wonder if they’re gonna add a legacy mode for people who prefer CSGO’s gameplay

  • Or are we gonna get people not updating their binaries and running on custom servers IE CS 1.5 -> 1.6


Pi 5

  • Want to give this a mention since SBC gaming is absolutely a thing.

  • SOC is a Broadcom BCM 2712, not quite as fast as the RK3588.

  • Prices are at $60 for the 4GB model, and $80 for the 8GB model.

  • Requires active cooling unless you want to live in thermal throttle land.

  • Funky ribbon PCIe connector.

  • Damn thing can play DOOM3.

  • No Vulkan support in PSPP right now.

  • Dreamcast is solid but N64 is a little rough.

  • Go watch the ETA Prime video on it.

LLAP Queue

  • A couple of tiny performance gains.

  • So this means 1000% FPS boost in all my games, rite?

  • Between 50 and 1000% more semaphores, which I assume means about the same increase in actual ops, for AMD

  • Intel doesn’t get quite as many gains in some scenarios but in the 50noop benchmark it increased by 5000%.

  • That’s beyond just optimization and Mike says it is still Vulkan spec conformant.

  • Submitting 50 cmdbuffers 1 time is no longer faster than committing 1 cmdbuffer 50 times

  • Mesa had a pretty rudimentary method of handling cmdbuf submissions, this one is waaaay faster.


  • The latest figures gathered in 2022 estimate that between 40-70% of users experience sickness within 15 minutes of exposure.

  • As Apple gets ready to release their $3,499 face-toaster.

  • Neuralink will solve the problem by shoving spikes into our brains! There! No more motion sickness.

  • Are people who yak in VR the same ones who suffer from motion sickness in general?

    • Or like the folks who vomited during cloverfield?

  • I don’t get motion sick in general and yet playing anything which requires you to move around the virtual space on the Quest gives me a headache and I start to feel a bit queasy after an hour.

  • The teleporting mechanic helps

  • Though the headache happens regardless, I think it might be the lenses and my astigmatism disagreeing with each other.

  • If you have any vision woes, VR headsets are going to find them

    • I wonder if this is something VR accessibility folks are working on, cuz you could have each display output a slightly different image to compensate for different eye qualities.

  • I’ve played Meat Saber a couple of times on a few different systems with no ill effects.

  • Don’t know how well I would do after a few hours of Half Life not Half Life 3.

  • Sickness aside, people still don’t enjoy getting face-fkd by a toaster.

  • That, and you’re still looking at $500 for acceptable (low end) VR gear.


  • Granatier needs to get with the krogram.

  • Get hype for Aisleriot

  • Can we replace gamers with gaming?

  • I feel like that would look less desperate.

  • Also, “Yeah! KDE for gaming! Here’s Bottles” clearly screaming GTK from the visual design alone

    • Kottles.

  • I play video games. I use KDE. I should be the target demographic, and yet all I’m getting is kringe.

  • KDE is for lovers.

  • I had to use the KDE desktop for a few hours this week.

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