LinuxGameCast Weekly EP37 — Valve Time

On this LinuxGamecast Weekly; Stretch goals are rubbish, L4D2 is here, Jedi Academy goes native, and a quirky Polish game is quirky. Then we throw the review chairs at Frogatto & Friends. All this; plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro









Stonehearth kickstarter – linux $200k stretch goal (fk stretch goals)

“If you make Linux a stretch goal, then ask me to port it at the last minute, I will quote the full stretch amount. You have been warned.” –flibitijibibo

  • If you don’t plan Linux support from genesis don’t bother. Chances are you will hire someone for a one off port that will never receive updates A.K.A. half the Humble ports.

  • RTS Minecraft Clone #23765346 ?!


A Tiny Contest

Name one of the following for a chance to win a copy of Tiny and Big GLO. Winners announced next week.

  • Manufacture

  • Interface

  • Capacity

 Steam News :

Linux drops 0.13%

  • In all fairness it was a shite month for releases.

  • Will releases like Portal 2, L4D2 pick things up?

  • It’ll take a while for linux usage to really spike up once devs start bringing triple A titles.

  • We have perhaps some of the bigger valve games will help, but definitely they will start seeing some converts once DOTA2 shows up on the linux rep

  • That initial awe has blown over, and there were plenty of devs using it for testing purposes.



Portal goes native.

  • AKA: Portal?  On my linux?  Its  more likely than you think

  • And somehow; SOMEHOW hewhomustnotbenamed cocked up the story

  • Page-views whoring 101

L4D2 (beta) goes live

  • “Thanks to the efficiencies we were able to achieve with Linux, we skipped Valve time and are delivering the L4D2 Beta Linux build today as planned”

  • The trusty L.G.C. render boxen curb-stomps this game with everything on 11.

  • They cut the “next week” thing a little close.

  • Looking forward to playas on that sucker

Receiver now Available on Steam for Linux (64bit)

  • Steam is 32bit, all other steam linux games are 32bit… This one is 64bit only. Hurrrr!
  • Apparently it’s not working for all 64bit users either.
    • As of May 2nd, the 32bit binary is now available.
    • The game is as intuitive as tying your shoelaces with one hand
    • and as forgiving as baseball bat to the teeth
      • Can’t change key bindings, can’t change graphic options… this is an alpha build!

Stealth Bastard Deluxe comes to Steam 50% off

  • Uuuuugh stop with the faux interlaced pixel graphics already.
  • Has controller support but fk all if it works
  • You might think such a simple game would be fluid on a modern system. You’d be wrong.
    • Naa, turns out it’s based on the Game Maker 8 engine
      • Damn!
  • The rate of Faux-retro platformer games on Linux is way too damn high.


NVIDIA 319.17

  • Added support for the following GPU: GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST GeForce GT 720M GeForce GT 735M GeForce GT 740M GeForce GT 745M GeForce GT 750M

  • Fixed the X server crash when repeatedly enabling and disabling displays

  • Removed the X driver’s support for “CursorShadow” <-shite never worked right in the first place.

  • Probably gonna take a weekend to futz with the new drivers.   313.18 is still doing me fine

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters enters closed Linux testing

  • Unity game so it runs OOTB
  • Only has *.deb packages but it’s easy to work around
  • The game i$ free but ha$ option$ to purcha$e upgrade$
    • At least it works… Unlike Gear Up!

Jedi Academy (Single Player Linux Port)

  • Released on Apr 28 so I FKN called it ..bitches. Both ported by months end.

  • Still only single player 00

  • Binary included in the git

  • Have yet to finish the native Jedi Outcast version. Then I’m all over this.

  • Jedi games keep piling up.  Now that I’m moved in I really need to get going on those suckers

“Little Red Riding Hood” – small, but climatic game created by polish students

  • Just learned the FK out of some Polish.
  • Really dig the atmosphere and the switch mechanism is tits.
  • 100% open source
  • Okay kids, lesson #1: Learn how to make your game not F#$% with people’s multimonitor configs. There is absolutely no reason this game should even attempt to fullscreen into both my monitors.
    • They’re students so they get a free pass… this time.
  • They get an english version going, allow people to choose the resolution before the game starts and they’re golden!
  • It’s good to see LUA getting some more love!
  • Nifty Little platformer. I too like the mechanic they chose.
  • Dig that its student work.


– Nooope

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Frogatto


Engine: Custom

Price: $0.00

“Frogatto & Friends is a platformer video game with adventure-elements, created by a team that includes the creator of The Battle for Wesnoth, and three of Wesnoth’s department leads,[2] and was first released in July 2010. In Frogatto, the player helps Frogatto save his friends from trouble.”

Makes with the working


  • Cloned the git (all 1.3GB of it) and compiled without issue.


  • Cloned git, check out branch, compile.   Works pretty well.   Dinging it a chair because its not “out of the box”


    • A lesser man would have given up at the point when he realised the game needed libpng15 and he was stuck with libpng12 on a dead OS.

    • In all seriousness I had to compile the whole damn thing with libpng12 using some very dirty hacks, which I can only hope won’t bring me problems in the future…

  • Oh right! Dead OS, nvm. Carry on!


Shiny / Sounds


  • It captures the look of early SNES games without feeling forced. Dinging it for the repetitive background music.


  • Totally agree with Venn on getting the look and feel of old SNES games down pat.



Control / fun


  • Gamepad and keyboard work but sweet mother of FSM; input is wonky.

  • Everytime I jump it feels like someone kicked the game into turbo mode while walking feels sluggish.

  • I like the sense of humor (outhouse saves) but I gave up after 30min.


  • Reminds me of a more action/platfpormery earthbound.   I didn’t really have any input problems, but controller support would be nice


  • Does Linux really need another retro-looking, platformer/rpg, type game?


 Final – *



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