Unity Is Really Sorry and Linux Killed Stadia?

Microsoft dreams of buying Valve, Unity offers a heartfelt apology, open-source NVIDIA driver maintainer steps down, gamescope could be headed to OBS, and Linux killed Stadia?


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00:00 Intro
00:43 Everything is on FIRE!
01:35 Canadian RAID
04:35 Linux car cast with Pedro
05:58 Jitsi Pi project
06:49 DBZ character name?
07:29 Updated gyroscopes for Steam
09:29 Thinkpad nipples
10:07 No Steam Deck upgrades
11:57 Switch 2 vs Deck
12:56 NVIDIA & Nintendo meeting
13:14 Microsoft leaks
13:42 Microsoft was never buying Valve
14:03 You can’t buy Nintendo
15:28 GabeN will not sell
18:01 Microsoft handheld
19:28 Beacon Patrol
21:32 Hyperpriced Unboxed
25:06 Early access price changes
26:14 Unity is super sorry
36:34 Re-Logic gives $200K to open-source engines
38:45 Microsoft supporting Proton
40:44 Nouveau maintainer steps down
44:37 Linux killed Stadia
50:08 Gamescope powered OBS
54:00 Universal LAN for GOG
58:59 Unity derp-fest
59:53 How do you make Unity profitable?
01:06:00 Retro LinuxGameCast
01:08:58 Credits

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Gyro mode

  • This could all be avoided with a couple of strategically placed Deck Nipples.

  • Or a Deck Ball.

  • People on the Alpakka Discord are very much looking forward to being able to make use of this.

  • The Gyro feature is ironically going to be a bit unstable as they solicit feedback from real world testing

Old Decks

  • The moment the Deck released people were asking when the Deck 2 would come along.

  • Kudos to VALVe, their messaging has been consistent.

  • Yeah, this is kind of a puff piece.

  • I do hope we get one with an easily swappable battery though


  • Nintendo is a stable company. It doesn’t need constant growth to succeed.

  • Take notes from your elders.

  • Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo way back when, and got laughed out of the room.

  • The Xbox team comes across as disconnected from reality.

  • I want to believe Steam is safe as long as Gabe is around.

  • Steam AG? ¯\_()_/¯

  • Buying Nintendo and VALVe would open Microsoft to yet more antitrust suits.

  • Is this a curse?

  • Does Microsoft have to get sued for antitrust once every other year or the universe implodes?

  • They just can’t help themselves.

  • A gamepass based streaming service is basically Netflix at this point and Microsoft would just love to swallow up every company and just rent seek forever

  • I think they should just get broken up. If everything is just going to congeal together anyways we might as well make them work harder for it

Steam: New Games

Beacon Patrol

  • Dev reached out to let us know about this one.

  • Linux demo available.

  • If this had real time sailing like Windward and the tiles indicated much larger areas, I’d probably lose a lot of time to something like this.

  • Local multiplayer only?

  • If you’re making a digital board game having online multiplayer is a must

  • Which is sad cuz this looks like a chill little board game

Steam: Game Updates

Hypercharge price adjustment

  • This is good news, the high price was a barrier to entry.

  • I’m not sure those $5 are as good for the perception of value of people who now have even less money, relating to how much more expensive food has become.

  • This is a game that has not peaked over 80 players in the last 5 months.

  • $19.99 was a bit much for what it offered and I remember saying as much when it launched.

  • Yeah, I don’t blame them for increasing the price of the game.

  • It’s certainly not going to sell more copies

  • Maybe it can just mean a steeper discount when there’s a sale or a bundle?


Unity retracts

  • Devs will pay the lesser of 2.5% revenue or the install fees if revenue is above. $1,000,000 (self reported in both cases.)

  • No install fees below $1,000,000 at all.

  • Unity free can now remove the splash screen.

  • Fees only apply to 2024 LTS and later – nothing retroactive.

  • Users are going to be on the same TOS as their Unity version.

  • What they’ve backtracked on (retroactive and same TOS as unity version) are the things Unity would have ended up in court over.

  • Unfortunately the path of least resistance is kicking in and developers are praising the changes.

  • Well, the naive ones.

  • If you have a game in development I get it, but the next one?

  • You don’t have to be too cynical to see that this was probably what they wanted to do all along.

  • If they hadn’t shown just how bad it could be, people wouldn’t be happy.

  • But since they did, this looks positive by comparison.

  • Following the law and having people stay on the terms they clicked “I Agree” on without actually reading is probably something they wished they could weasel out of, though.

  • And might try again, because every single one of the scumbag leadership is still there.

  • They had to try, right?

  • So get your inflight unity games done by 2024, or don’t update to a newer version if you don’t wanna be subject to the newer TOS

  • Ultimately I think unity will be fine.

Relogic GODOT / FNA

  • Donating $100,000 to FNA and GODOT.

  • Keep Flibit in a monetarily comfortable position, that way he can keep looking extremely sexy for longer.

    • The boy needs to eat something

  • Terraria is an FNA joint

Actiblizzion UK (eMpTy)

  • The sweet, delicious irony of that ruling!

  • Does this mean that the UK is basically mandating Win32 as a standard game EXE format?

  • At least for ubisoft games?

Nouveau dev departs

  • Yeah, it does look like NVK and Zink for GL compatibility will be the way going forward for NVidia without proprietary drivers.

  • Would be nice if NVK properly supported Maxwell and up.

  • Would be awesome if it supported Fermi too.

  • Nouveau Stallwart Ben Skeggs resigned at red hat and thus is no longer gonna be working on it

  • He says he’ll still be around though.

Stadia leaks

  • Linux killed Stadia.

  • “The company considered going with Windows and DirectX, which would have made it a snap for developers to port games.”

    • Because those other Windows based streaming systems support streaming all games, right?!

  • Also, if you’re developing a fully streaming based platform you probably don’t want to be relying on Windows.

  • On top of the frankly stupid decision by some publishers and developers disallowing their games from GeForce Now, using Windows incurs a massive technical debt and licensing cost.

  • You’d have to have NVidia money to justify operating a subpar service like that.

  • Microsoft has been aggressively pursuing their own game streaming strategy. I don’t think google getting in bed with them would have been a good relationship

  • I’d be interested to hear from someone like flibit regarding actual platform difficulties porting stuff to stadia

  • Besides, we all agree the ownership issue was the real killer. Can only play your shit on stadia

OBS Gamescope

  • Joshy getting his first taste of OBS bureaucracy.

  • At least he didn’t get told to not even bother submitting the PR.

  • This is great for our Gamescope as a desktop compositor future.

  • With this OBS should be able to capture specific regions/windows within a gamescope context rather than just the parent Gamescope “window”/”screen”

  • Apparently a point of contention is the use of hole punching vs enhancing/creating a corresponding portal


  • Interesting idea if you’re using GOG for multiplayer.

  • It compiles on Linux but I don’t know if it could be used with an open-source Galaxy client.

    • I’m sure we’ll find out… very soon!

  • The project scope is intentionally limited as a lot of gog games support direct connect

  • Can you also use it with steam games ie shadow warrior 2

  • There are a big list of untested games, so if anyone wants to try it out, shoot them a bug report

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