Where The $H*T Is SteamOS?

The NVIDIA (beta) driver learns a new trick, AYA has a dual-screen handheld, Baldur’s Gate MOD management on Linux, Monster Hunter gets Steam Deck verified, and where the $H*T is SteamOS?


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00:00 Intro
01:03 YouTube adblock crackdown
02:41 Ad-free for Patrons
04:04 Making friends in Trackmania
05:01 Babylon 5 cartoon
06:02 Pedro vs copyright
07:58 Kona II
10:53 Kona in Portugal
11:59 Soulblind Tales of the Underworld
14:06 Where is SteamOS?
16:07 Linux Devop Cast
16:49 Ghostbusters Steam Deck verified
19:37 Fist Full Of Frags
20:51 Vintage special effects
23:29 Monster Hunter On Steam Deck
24:02 “well” as a performance metric
27:19 Space Whaling
27:46 NVIDIA beta drivers
31:38 Improving NVIDIA drivers
33:15 NVENC on Linux
35:55 AYA Neo Dual Screen
37:42 Uses for dual screen handheld?
41:07 Jordan unboxing
42:41 Lutris 0.5.14 cloud saves
47:49 Slay the Spire dev tries GODOT
53:08 Baldur’s Gate 3 MOD manager
55:45 Open-source Pharaoh 1999
59:59 LBRY / ODYSEE is dead

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: New Games

Can’t call it that in Portugal 2

  • All I remember from the original is boredom and ice.

  • I remember the ending being kinda meh and the driving being a little too restrictive.

  • It was one of those walking simulators that got real popular after dear esther and firewatch‘

  • Nice of them to release the sequel on linux

Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld

  • Out of curiosity I went to SteamDB and searched for games with the word “soul” in the title.

  • 229, with 149 just for the plural.

  • For no particular reason I also searched for “dark”

  • 680 games have dark in the name on Steam

  • I genuinely thought there would be more.

  • With 88’495 games listed publicly on Steam (at the time of writing), I genuinely thought there would be more!

  • Salt and skellyboi.

  • This one isn’t a pixel game either

  • Lists steamOS as a system requirement.

    • Where is SteamOS?

    • Like, the open-source bits that Valve has to put out because license.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Ecto Edition

  • I want to give this mention since it launched as Steam Deck verified.

  • From the creators of Friday the 13th: The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

  • Epic looked at those two failed games and yoinked this one as an exclusive.

  • Yes, it’s been out a full you and you’ve never heard of it because Epic.

  • Speaking of, people are already mad about needing an Epic account for crossplay.

  • Bust By Daylight looks pretty fun.

  • Bustin’ makes me feel good.

  • 4-way co-op will be fun to derp around with when this is in a Bundle for $5.

Steam: Game Updates

Pass the Spoopy Whiskey

  • Somehow, the devs of Fistful of Cowboys are not letting go.

  • I wish I could go back into it without running into the people who have only been playing this for the past 9 years.

  • Around 100 people are still playing this.

    • And ONLY play this

Monster Hunter: World – Steam Deck Verified

  • Speaking about Deck verification.

  • CAPCOM is getting in on the game.

  • Controls are set up OOTB, interface is readable, and the default graphics setting performs “well”.

  • Now I want to do a bar chart benchmark with well, alright, okay’ish, acceptable.

  • I tried to get into MHW but it’s too much of an AINSTDS.



  • Updated nvidia-installer to allow installing the driver while an existing NVIDIA driver is already loaded.

    • Oooooooooooo

    • How many fucking years did that take?

    • Only the six of us installing drivers from *.run files would know.

    • Lots of scare text when you run it in a terminal session

  • If you want vulkan, openGL and vdpau in xwayland you’ll need to have modesetting enabled, be on xwayland mainline , be on egl waylaynd 1.7.0+

    • If you’re on gnome you’ll also need gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features [\”kms-modifiers\”]

    • Is also experimental

  • Experimental support for framebuffer consoles provided by nvidia-drm!

    • No more 800×600 TTY.

    • Gonna miss that a little bit.

  • I’ve been using it this week, so far, no funkyness.

  • I want next buttons and email requirements.

Flip Floop

  • Ask and you shall receive.

  • Can’t think of any PC games that would make use of it.

  • Nintendo sure as hell can.

  • AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor with Radeon 780M.

  • Trying to think of another use for that screen outside of the obvious.

  • That looks a lot like an Open Pandora/Pyra or a GPD Win 1 or 2.

  • Honestly a programmable touchscreen is a pretty good idea for a handheld

  • A lot of 3DS games didn’t really even use the secondary screen as anything other than an inventory or action hotbar which can be useful or handling controls that don’t port super well to Controller

It’s never Lupus

  • Easy migration of Origin games to the new EA app.

  • No reverse engineering required for strider.

  • Hardware detection for Older GPUs that can only use older versions of wine/DXVK

  • Nextcloud based cloud saves is hopefully coming up!

  • I’m glad someone is finally implementing something like that.

    • $5 patrons also get a lutris hosted option as a potential revenue stream

  • Steam account switcher is now a thing.

  • Auto DL DXVK and VKD3D versions based on GPU PCI IDs.


  • Haha, bunny poops!

  • I really like that game, Slay the Spire

  • It’s always one of my go to examples of how to do a proper roguelite

  • Into the Breach and Rogue Legacy also.

  • Very glad to see the devs expanding beyond Unity and onto maybe, possibly, Godot.

  • This post opens with a strong “this guy gets it”.

  • Held a 3 week game jam to see what working with GODOT was like.

  • Turns out you can make a 2D game after all.

  • No massive roadblocks and GODOT is building the community knowledge base.

Baldur’s Gate Mods & Profiles

  • After taking several unwanted dips into lava, I think I need this

  • Lamp looks kinda slick.

  • Needed to install pugixml on Debian to get it up and running.

  • The precompiled version works too

  • If tells you where to look for your BG 3 folder, so why not default the game settings to that location and let you change it after?

Pharaoh (1999)

  • Open source reimplementation of Pharaoh, which itself was a game based on the caesar engine and therefore much like the Pharaohs, they take after julius

  • Ok they did the right thing!

  • I wish the OpenMW folks had an official Oblivion/Fallout3 engine fork already.

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