Stop Sniffing Steam Decks!

Valve warns against that fresh Deck smell! Twitch reverses their decision about “artistic depictions of nudity.”, AMD open-sources FSR 3.0, W4 announces pricing for GODOT console ports, and Tim Sweeney explains why Fortnite won’t be coming to Linux.


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00:00 Intro
00:44 Vogon poetry
01:04 Back from Florida man
01:44 Pedro smells
01:53 A/B testing firewire
02:17 Steam 2024 event schedule
03:20 Why do you have a wishlist?
04:51 Steam sales were better (in my day)
05:43 robot dinosaurs in games
06:22 SEGA retro game announcement
07:38 Illegal Platinum modifier
08:48 Steam Deck tossed in bin
13:17 What would make you delete your Steam account?
16:24 PSA Don’t sniff Steam Decks
19:14 Epic CEO says no Fortnite on Steam Deck
23:06 Open-source script compiler for Neverwinter Nights
25:02 Open-source Neverwinter?
25:51 Twitch reverses nude art rule
29:00 What was Twitch thinking?
32:47 Twitch favoritism
34:35 YouTube live streaming
36:04 GOTDOT console port pricing
40:58 AMD FSR 3 open-sourced
42:35 What about XeSS?
44:16 Resolution scaling is a gimmick
48:32 Hypersomnia
53:56 Voicemail guarantee
54:21 Windows 12 saves the day
55:54 Going back to dumb terminals?
01:02:57 Credits

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Events & Sales in 2024

  • The next Next Fests are Feb 6 and Jun 10

  • I really hope midnight suns drops below 15 bucks for that deckbuilder fest

  • These are the dates you should buy the games, and only on these dates.

  • I had to check the Steam store Friday because two of my wishlist games were on Sale.

  • No sale, just another Steam day.

    • I had that reaction too


  • TLDR Postman decided to recycle this dude’s steam deck instead of delivering it and this is valve’s fault

  • Apparently the shipping company has yet to do anything about it and Valve isn’t offering this guy a refund or a new steam deck

    • Granted, it would be a sweet thing for Valve to do and would probably be a good PR move, they don’t need to. Parcelforce is on the hook here

    • Package insurance should cover this. Or hopefully he bought it with a credit card cuz you can have VIsa claw that money back

  • Going all scorched earf is something I can respect, but you do that when you’ve heard a “No” from the people you gave the money to.

  • From his own description, it looks like he lost his shit while VALVe was still investigating.

  • They’re not particularly quick about it, and given the number of these “lost” unit requests they probably get on a daily basis, I can absolutely see why.

  • I’ve had a mail person who left something in my bin and didn’t say anything or leave a card, nothing.

  • I only noticed because the wheely bin was almost full before they dropped it in, so the lid wouldn’t close with the package inside.

  • Dude gave Steam 4 days to unfk a problem they had nothing to do with or elks.

  • Then admits to requesting a refund after being told by the parcel company that he would be reimbursed.

Fresh Deck Smell

  • Where’s mythbusters when you need them.

  • Or Darwin.

  • Is it the same smell as a new graphics card, or is it an entirely new bouquet of carcinogens?

  • As an aside, having to be logged into reddit to access direct links is kind of a boo boo move

  • Yes, I too smelled the vent where the really loud fan noise was coming out of.

  • Much like cracking a pack of new MTG cards, but with more heat and molten plastic smell.

Steam: Game Updates

Fortnite on Deck

  • Man, Sweeny really needs to update his five year old talking points

  • He had the get out of jail free card to say “We don’t want to help support the platform we want to supplant.”

  • Instead he’s being smarmy and implying the Steam Deck to be a lesser platform because it hasn’t even sold “tens of millions”.

  • I really didn’t think I could like Epic and Timmy any less, and yet here we are.

  • Man, if they only had a few more programmers indeed.

Neverending Updates

  • The script compiler is now open source

    • That’s dope as hell

  • In university I wished I could have a standalone nwscript compiler to pretend like I was doing important stuff in class, then just import it to my little project modules which never went anywhere.

  • That’s not true.

  • A few Nordock multiplayer mods still have a couple of my areas in them… or used to.

  • HDR-Bloom, double Tab to leave the highlights on, and a buttload of bug fixes.


Steamer art

  • This Wednesday Twitch had a bright idea.

  • Allow drawn, animated, or sculpted depictions of the human body.

  • No banging.

  • Dexerto reported that it was immediately “overrun by explicit furry and anime content”.

    • Apparently the real reason it was walked back was AI generated images of real people

      • And other non real “people” who are really 10000 year old immortal beings

  • “Upon reflection, we have decided that we went too far with this change,”

    • Things got so unhinged in 24 hours that advertisers and payment processors started to complain.

  • To this day Genital Jousting remains a banned game on Twitch.

  • Everybody wanna blame the furries but they’re one of the more responsible groups on the internet. The stuff was appropriately labeled. It’s on twitch to censor that stuff from genpop

GODOT port pricing

  • $2,000 /yr for three console platforms.

  • Same as gamemaker.

  • For an 8 person team.

  • Team size includes everyone.

  • If your team has 6 devs, 2 arts, and a social media human? That’s a 9.

  • I’m already seeing a problem with yearly contracts.

  • If you update your game a few years down the line do you need to buy another full year of support?

    • Seems that way if you’re still using the w4 codebase

    • If you want more flexibility they push you towards enterprise

  • That’s a big FAQ with some very specific scenarios.

  • Very nice!

  • Starting off with switch and Xbox in Q1 and ps5 in Q2

  • Their FAQ indicates that they’re willing to be a bit more flexible with smaller companies re: the starter team limit but that’s going to be case by case

FSR 3.0

  • Dx12 only for the moment but they’re saying a vulkan version is in development

  • I think this is like FSR 3.0, so you gotta implement it yourself.

  • No gamescope or GE haxx.

  • MIT license so go ham.

  • I’m still on the lookout for an open-source project that has implemented FSR 2+.

  • I really wish there was a way to make DXVK/VKD3D more receptive to post processing injection like it is on Windows.

  • There’s a subset of people who would enjoy being able to force Anti-Aliasing externally and doing so would enable FSR 2 and 3 to work even if the game itself doesn’t support it.


  • Let me preface this by saying I love the idea of more free software games.

  • That said, when I started scrolling to the Text portion of the, I couldn’t tell what that picture was.

  • It’s such a “zoomed in” screenshot of a top down shooter it looked like random shapes until I saw a video.

  • Then I could recognize that as a character with a purple neon AWP and some butterfly type bugs.

  • Hey! Shipping the game as an AppImage, nice!

  • It’s only 28MB? Impressive.

  • It’s top-down shooty pew-pew but it feels good.

  • After you adjust your gerbil sensitivity to something remotely sane.

  • Wants to spread across both my monitors and that settings menu stays as wide as it was even if you change your resolution or windowed mode

  • Still, looks nice and plays decent

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