Valve ❤️ Skins and NVIDIA Still Confused by Wayland

Steam rakes in a BILLION bucks on skins! Black Mesa gets a GoldSrc remake, ULWGL unifies launching Windows games on Linux, and NVIDIA Still Confused by Wayland.


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00:00 Intro
01:34 Soundcard reboots
02:51 Pedro vs Nobara
03:44 Jordan vs sushi robot
05:31 Proton 8.0-5c BG3 and FFVII fixes
06:59 Finding obscure games in updates
07:40 Monster Hunter DRM breaks Steam Deck support
10:20 Adding DRM to old games
11:35 980 million in CS skins
14:57 Black Mesa: Classic
17:16 Dungeons and Robots
19:12 New old games
20:22 New NVIDIA beta drivers
23:41 SUPER bad value
26:17 ULWGL WINE Launcher
33:30 GODOT on the Nintendo Switch
37:52 Games don’t need VC funding
48:10 YouTube comments
51:47 Lutris correction
57:22 Toilet UPS

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Proton 8.0-5c

  • The ol’ proton experimental roundup

  • Will elite dangerous finally work for me?

  • That BG3 launch fix is nice.

  • Otherwise you gotta start deleting game files to make it bypass those checks

  • Audio improvements for FFVIII, I wonder if I can play without it sounding extra crunchy now.

Rise Fall Rise

  • Capcom introduced Enigma Protector as a part of their stupid campaign against mods after the Chun-Li incident.

  • Monster Hunter Rise was the first major, currently supported game to introduce it, but Resident Evil Revelations was the first to get it a few weeks back, and it was retracted that same week.

  • They still haven’t retracted it for MH Rise, but the review bombs haven’t stopped.

  • DRM broke Monster Hunter on the Deck and Valve had a workaround in a day.

  • It’s not going to work automatically so you need to add hotfix.

  • Steam Deck is not part of the CAPCOM QA process.

Billions of skins

  • The moral of the story here is CS players really want to shoot people on wednesday nights

  • $980,000,0000. Jeez

    • Gives a whole new meaning to “having some skin in the game” when you can rake in that much money

  • 400 million cases were unboxed in 2023.

  • Counter-Strike 2 in September caused a massive boom in case openings.

  • Like, it’s hard to fathom how much money Valve must have kicking around.

Steam: New Games

Black Mesa: Classic

  • So we’ve finally come full circle. Remaking black mesa in GoldSRC. The ouroboros

  • That’s pretty meta

  • Half-Life remake Black Mesa, which rebuilds the Half Life, is now also being remade.

  • ReDeMake? DeReMake?

  • Half-Life 2 Classic is also a thing.

Dungeons and Robots

  • Dungeons and Robots? So, Wharhammer?

  • On, damn, line, coop.

  • There were two other games I was going mention this week that had multiplayer.

  • One was couch only and the other used remote play.

  • Looks like a standard Action Shooter RPG for 1-4 players.

  • And it hasn’t been updated in 6 years?

    • 2050 days since the depots were last updated, despite the game coming out on the 23rd.

  • That looks like FORCED a little bit.


Beta Green

  • The wayland fixes, they are a comin’

    • Maxwell and Pascal fixes too, I expected them to not care since they’re likely going to drop support for Maxwell at the end of the year.

  • And a bunch of copypasta from the last release?

  • Running them, no explosions.

  • Fixed intermittent Xid errors on Horizon Zero Dawn, Metro Exodus,Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite.

  • Added support to the NVIDIA VDPAU driver for running in Xwayland.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Gamescope from running when using the NVIDIAOpen GPU Kernel modules.


  • Proton minus Valve. Sort of

  • This uses Steams Soldier/Sniper runtime and proton, but the goal here is to create a standard entry point for launching windows games on linux

  • This theoretically can allow for stuff like centralized protonfixes that lutris, heroic and others can all pull from

  • It also can abstract the game away from the store it was purchased on, so you can use the same config for the EGS and Steam versions of the game

  • The other main advantage is that it doesn’t actually REQUIRE STEAM to launch the game. It’s doing the same thing, just outside of valve’s app

  • XKCD 927

  • That said, having a grand unification moment for Lutris, Bottles, Heroic, etc., probably benefits all of them.

  • Then they can all focus on what their grand vision is without having to worry about continually supporting and ensuring the basic functionality is still working.

  • This is the Steam Play button.

  • One of the biggest boons for Linux gaming.

  • This will allow launchers to implement just that.

  • No cocking about with per-game scripts.

  • As someone who used to enjoy the WINE minigame, I’m excited to see it go.

  • The average person wants to play their game, and that’s it.

  • One of the reasons I don’t mess with other launchers is that damn Play button.

  • This is going to be even better in the sense that it will be integrated with ProtonDB.

  • Also, good to have in a world full of Decks.

GODOT Switch

  • This is by no means a replacement for a W4 contract

  • This is mostly just a project made by switch developers trying to expand support of godot to their console of choice

  • Functionality is limited to just GDscript, and it’s not super well optimized, but it does work

Games don’t need venture capitalism

  • VC backing can be pretty treacherous for games, especially once you need to start turning a profit

  • You don’t need VC funding if your team is made of doers.

  • We’ve seen a solid run of indie breakout hits of late.

  • Small teams and single person studios.

  • Then again, if you have an idea and someone shows up with the dumptruck.

  • If you’re selling your game to some investor/publisher before it’s even out, they better pay well enough to make up for it.

  • Developers don’t want to do the marketing and marketing people don’t want to waster their time on what they perceive to be a pointless endeavour… unless you pay them.

  • I can see why it would be tempting, just like making your game Epic excwoosive for the guaranteed monies.

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