NVIDIA Flexes On Linux

Hot reflex action comes to Linux! Steam has a Springy sale, OBS gets a PipeWire-powered camera, Suyu Switches up emulation, AMD enforces power limits, and [we look at] the top 100 games on Steam Deck.


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00:00 Intro
00:46 Dragon shirt
01:57 Pedro eyes
02:41 Hawtness
07:19 Steam Spring sale
09:37 The patient gamer
10:03 Your instabuy price?
12:21 Your last day-1 purchase?
13:59 14,000 games on Deck
18:01 Top 100 games on Steam Deck
20:59 Nvidia reflex on Linux
22:56 Raytracing sucks
23:49 Valve / Wolfire discovery
30:29 Bundles on the Switch
31:30 WRATH patch
34:26 AMD NAVI21 power limits limited
41:32 Sutu Switch emulator
46:51 Cloudflare drops .tk
47:13 OBS Pipewire cameras
52:25 FEX X86 on ARM updates
01:00:00 Syncing Free

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Spring Sail

  • Of the 43 games in my wishlist 10 are 50% or more off, that’s better than the Winter sale.

  • New low for It Take 2 at $9.99.

  • Bunch of 30 and 40% offs and that doesn’t get my attention.

  • Citizen Sleeper is 12 bucks and Inscription is 10 bucks if you don’t already have them

  • Grabbed some solasta dlc for cheap

  • Deathloop is 15 bucks and looked interesting

  • Midnight Suns refuses to drop below 20 bucks! Damn you firaxis I want my marvel dating sim card game!

  • I’m on page 4 of 90% off and not seeing anything I want but at least there are 4 pages!

  • One of the curses of getting older is developing hella patience.

  • What was the last game you bought on day 1?

Deck Digits

  • We don’t need no stinkin’ switch games

  • 3,924 games are considered officially unsupported on the steam deck so far

  • Article makes a good point about how Valve is going out of their way to flag games that play well on a hand held and making them work better, something their competition isn’t really doing.

  • 14,000 games that are either verified or playable… ish.

  • I’ll mourn the day Deck Verified comes to an end”

    • WAT.gif

  • Proton has went from an interesting little WINE thing from Valve to the way you play games on Linux.

  • It’s only second to Gamescope in terms of importance to handheld gaming.

Deck Top 100

  • Ranked by highest daily player count, Baldur’s Gate 3 leads by what I’m guessing to be a significant margin.

  • Elden Ring comes in at #5 followed by legally distinct (for now) pokeymans.

  • And Skyrim at #13

  • Coming in at 100, Rocket Cars.

  • Stuff like BG3, RDR, hollow knight, Elden ring, etc make sense

  • They’re huge games that take forever to finish and being able to pick up and play them pretty much everywhere helps a lot more folks find time to actually play their games

vkd3d-proton 2.12

  • Hot Reflex action courtesy of Nvidia.

  • Shader model 6.7 is enabled globally

  • Some work for exposing Shader model 6.7 on Pascal, with some exceptions

    • I wonder if this will help at all with the shite DX12 performance on the 10 series or if it just lets you run it period

  • No Ray tracing for Persona 3 Reloaded

U mad bro? (Rtheren)

  • At this point I’m just reveling in the confirmation bias.

  • Still, I got a bit more respect for Weeney for calling VALVe assholes to their faces.

  • I don’t necessarily agree with his reasoning, or much of anything he says, but I will respect that one instance of his behavior.

  • Yeah, Tim is positioning himself as the little guy

  • I do think these days 30% is pretty high though.

  • We get cool shit like the steam deck and proton, but if valve is making money hand over foot, they could maybe look at giving the devs, especially indies, a more favourable cut

    • They could and should, but they won’t cuz money

Steam: Game Updates


  • Couple steam overlay fixes on AMD

  • Fixed some other bugs that players ran into post launch

  • Like how they kept with the Quake map naming convention.

  • Native version actually launches reliably now, it didn’t on release.


AMD power limits

  • Oops. Hope that’s getting fixed

  • Kinda doing the opposite of what was intended

  • Everyone hated that.jpg

  • That whole thread immediately turned on Mario Limonciello after that comment

  • And with good reason.

  • The behavior to avoid a bug that happens when you set the power limit too low should never be to remove any and all limits and let the GPU draw as much power as it can.

  • The implication that power limiting and underclocking are the same thing also went down like the Hindenburg.

  • At least he admitted that forcefully denying power limits while at the same time allowing for overclock with little to no limitations is probably not the best look.

  • I’m on team let people set lower power limits if they want or, more likely, need.

  • Guess I’m staying on 6.6 for a little bit


  • The Suyu project arose out of “a passion for Switch emulation” and a desire not to see “years of impressive work by the Yuzu team go to waste,”

  • It will avoid monetization.

  • Avoid step-by-step guides.

  • I wouldn’t get too excited.

  • Reads like an Idea Guy ™ forked the repo and is looking for developers but people are showing up to help.

  • Someone really wants Nintendo-senpai to notice them.

  • they claimed three years of law school fills me with such confidence

  • So they’re claiming no monetization and they need to come up with a mechanism for extracting title.keys.

  • But they can’t tell you how to do it

OBS 30.1

  • PipeWire video sources are now a thing.

  • AV1 for VA-API and WebRTC.

  • PCM audio in (fragmented) MP4/MOV is now supported!

  • Changed default recording format to fMP4/fMOV.

  • No Twitch enhanced broadcasting har

FEX 2403

  • So Chromium crashes if you double disable the sandbox?

  • Can this be exploited?

  • Steam starting multiple threads and killing them apparently was causing FEX to leak memory, they’ve fixed it.

  • The Cycle counter on arm CPUs runs at a lot lower frequency than on x86 and UE5 Doesn’t like that and will spin for an inordinate amount of time cuz it’s expecting higher frequency. So now the emulator will scale those times to something more reasonable

  • More thunking!

  • A bunch of syscalls are now just passed straight through the kernel, removing a bunch of overhead

  • Again, by the time we really start dicking around with ARM flavoured desktop SOCs all this stuff will be sorted.

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