LinuxGameCast Weekly EP86 — Dewitched

Coming up on Linux GameCast Weekly: Engines cry, Wastelands waste, Nvidia clocks, and Spates gonna ..well, we’re not really sure. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Shots fired

  • *glares at Unity*



  • Somebody watched last weeks PSA

  • Hopefully it comes back


Wasteland 2 Beta – Linux Version should be coming next week?

  • Yay!


Sanctum 2

  • Was this a bundle game or did I drunk buy it?

  • Enable the “Linux beta” and make /w the download.

  • Herky jerks …everywhere

  • Was 90% off, bought it and all the DLC for like €2.30

  • There’s a bug with having my controller plugged in. It’s like there’s something always pressing the right key on the d-pad and it makes the game unplayable.

    • Unplugging the controller is an effective workaround for the time being.

      • Same


T.E.C. 3001 Test

  • Running….THe game


  • Hope these are the same guys or lawsuit in 3.. 2..


  • Another Temple Run type game, because if there’s one thing desktop Linux needs are more Android games.


Future of Linux gaming

  • So, what the Planetside 2 spokesperson is saying is, the Linux market is so small it’s not worth the investment.

  • Let’s do some Math. Last I checked Steam had around 80 million active users. 1.5% of which are on Linux. By not porting your game to Linux you’re effectively cutting yourself out of around 1 million sales, right off the bat!

  • Also, the Linux game market has been so starved for games, most people will impulse buy each and every single one. Unless it’s an infamously terrible game but from what I hear of Ps2, you don’t have to worry about it.

  • The other problem is if you keep sucking Direct X’s dick, you will be less likely to support other platforms.   GL that shit and your game can run on pretty much anything


NVIDIA makes /w the clocking

  • Added the ability to over- and under-clock certain GeForce GPUs in the GeForce GTX 400 series and later.

  • Oh, and fan control.


Alpha 26. Batteries not included

  • Alas!   They have banished sticky keys!

  • improved textures for the dretch, trapper and acid tube, and improved textures and model for the drill

  • Added Team indicators to the HUD



  • Steampunk Liero FTL RPG?

  • For five bucks, if its your thing go nuts.   Imma give this one a pass


Stone soup 0.14

  • Roguey Goodness for those into Nethack

  • Compile takes a good long while.   best use that -j flag avconv streaming script, does desktop/mic streaming as well as logo overlays.


The Hit

  • Very interesting concept.

  • However, this looks like n64 level graphics.

  • “We want to remake GTA but we’re on a budget.”


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Spate (WastedLand Too)


Devel: Eric Provan – Ayyo Games

Engine: Unity

Price: $9.99/€9.99

Wazzat: Fueled by absinthe hallucinations and haunting memories, Spate delivers a deliciously eerie adventure as the main character deals with the tragic loss and grim reality of the death of his daughter.

Makes with the working




  • CHoppy as balls on the steamboxen

  • Runs well on the nvidia powered system



Shiny / Sounds


  • It looks like the standard Unity lot.

  • This Christopher Walken on a budget wannabe narrator can DIAF

  • I fired up the Slayer is tradition.


  • At first I was like “Yay!   Voice Acting”

    • …And then I realized this dude’s voice pisses me off

  • Atmosphere leaves much to be desired

  • Ended up listening to Rammstein instead


  • Flickering graphical glitches and texture distortion on the open-sauce drivers.

    • Taking a shot of absinthe to trigger the hallucinations stops the flickering from happening. I’m guessing it’s a vsync issue.




  • Controls are muddy and glitchy *glares at jump button*

  • Really. You would think something like jumping (for a platformer) might deserve a bit of focus.

  • Suggestion sticks


  • Venn’s right, you need d-pad

  • I like the absinthe drinking mechanic, but it seems a bit silly

  • Also, max fall height…


  • Even after reassigning the controller bindings to something more sensible, in both the Unity launcher and the in-game controls menu, it still refuses to use anything but the default setting.

    • Same goes for keyboard bindings.




  • After muting the audio it turned into a LOTR walking sim.

  • Achievements? Pffft!


  • Very dull.


  • It’s like LIMBO, only the child is already dead by the time you start. Where’s the fun in that?

  • About 30 minutes in it forces you to play Flappy Bird.

  • There aren’t a lot of games that make an hour feel like 2, this is one of them.

  • Boring! So very drab!


Final –

 Hate Mail:




  • Because fuck you that’s why?

  • There would be a lot of undeserving  4 chair games, otherwise.



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